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  1. On 4/15/2020 at 9:12 AM, theSpirae said:

    Some of my friends prefer to "start fresh" when a new console comes out and I've considering trying the same once PS5 comes out. What it means is basically you create a new profile for PS5 and keep playing your PS3/4 on your current profile.


    Has anyone done it in the past or is considering it doing it now with PS5?

    Um no seems like a terrible idea. Ive put thousands of hours into my account from the ps3, vita, ps4, and then the ps5. I dont see a remotely good reason to scrap 10k trophies 200 plus platinums for a new console. I've always loved the carry over across generations for my account. I hope it stays that way for as long as playstation is a thing.


  2. Ive played grindy games before........this may not be the worst but its fucking terrible. Like the sheer lack of shit to do at the end is terrible. I'm bored to tears of playing the same level 1 over and over and over and over again. Developers that add stupid pointless grinds for no reason are pathetic and this is coming from a huge fan of what machinegames has done with wolfenstein.


  3. 15 hours ago, MattinumTrophy- said:

    try clearing out one room and then the other, you don't have to do both at once and it makes it so easy on recruit 

    It was a joke on recruit! lol

    13 hours ago, XxIsa-GxX said:

    I have a theory in my mind but highly doubt if it's going to pop the trophy. In MW2, you could melee the frozen characters and then press the red button. Since there'll be nobody alive, you pretty much going to survive the attack. So if we do the same for MW2: Campaign Remastered, for the both rooms/buttons... Then you'll pretty much survive the two waves. As I said, I highly doubt if it's going to work but idk...

    Haha I tried that first but it auto respawned all the enemies. 


  4. So I just completed the campaign on Veteran. I immediately went to the main menu and started the Museum. I'm getting destroyed on it because the difficulty is clearly Veteran. How on earth do I get the difficulty down to recruit? There is absolutely no difficulty select button from what I can see in the menu or from the pause screen while in the Museum. Any help would be great. I'm sick of trying with this dumb Museum. I didn't like it in 2009 and I don't like it in 2020. lol


  5. I will definitely buy the PS5 at launch. I have a coworker whos like you should wait a year for the bugs to be ironed out but I got the PS4 at launch and literally played the hell out of it for like 5 years till it fell apart. As such I have no concerns about jumping on board day 1. That is if they ever freaking reveal it!

    On 3/2/2020 at 2:05 PM, trojbrown40 said:

    I'll wait until they release The Last of Us 2 Remastered with multiplayer on the PS5.....then I'll buy it.

    Ill honestly be annoyed if they do that. I also think they possibly wont since backwards compatibility will be a thing and its releasing like 5 months before the ps5 comes out.


  6. On 3/3/2020 at 3:51 AM, RenrewHeisen said:

    Same scenario for me. As of now I still haven't got any notification or whatsoever 1f62b.png

    Edit: Restarted my PS4 and the notification popped out. Got the shapes theme and shapes avatar.

    Yeah it popped for me as well. Guess I had nothing to worry about. I only really care about the avatars and the last theme lol.


  7. I signed up a week before this started. I checked a billion times to determine that I was successfully registered and it said 2/2 tasks complete. However, now that community goal 1 and 2 is complete I have received no notifications for the rewards. Why could this be and is anyone else dealing with the same thing? 


  8. This is probably the one of if not the best first-party franchises ever, and perhaps one of the greatest franchises of all times. Uncharted has changed video games for the better and I think has been instrumental video games finally receiving some respect. I hate to rate these, as I don't want the last place ranked game to seem like a negative. Each title is fantastic in its own way. Simply put, there is no such thing as a bad Uncharted game. Anyway without further ado:


    #1: Uncharted 4: A Thieves End (Quite possibly probably the greatest video game ever made. Wrapped everything up so well. Utterly gorgeous, captivating, and moving.)

    #2: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The spectacle, the action, the story). 

    #3: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Underrated, but not quite as stupendous as Among Thieves which set an impossible bar only to be exceeded by A Thieve's End)

    #4: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Impossible to forget the start of it all).

    #5: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Criminally underrated and underplayed).

    #6: Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (Not a bad game, but uh.....it's a card game. Nuff said).


  9. I never planned on coming back to Destiny after putting over 1000 hours into it. I really thought I was done. This expansion has me hooked. Gally is back and we get more Earth content, a new campaign, and A FALLEN RAID. Ugh. Damn you Bungie! Damn you! I'm just a sucker apparently.


  10. So I've never seen the Star Wars movies before.  I went and saw the new one with a buddy of mine recently, and I liked it.  I think I'd like to get into the franchise.


    Not sure how many die hard fans are around here that would know the difference between the various DVD/Blu Ray releases... but worth a shot.  Seems every release has it's ups and downs with the number of changes that get made, uncomfortable edits get made, things get added and taken out.  Obviously the most recent Blu Ray's would be the best in terms of video/sound quality... but I don't mind giving up some of that (and saving a little money xD) if older DVD releases do a better job of maintaining the integrity of the original films.  Though if the Blu Ray's are without a doubt the best way of enjoying them, I may suck it up and throw a little more money at it.


    Anyone with a little knowledge on the topic want to help steer me in the right direction for the ideal Star Wars viewing experience?




    PS... I am going to get them all, so even if you hated Eps 1-3 as it seems people do, I'd prefer if this didn't turn into a conversation about skipping those.  Thanks! :)


    Just buy the Complete Saga on Blu-ray. Going into it with an open mind. All 6 are great and all 6 have their flaws. I love each and every episode equally. People are thankless and spoiled and its cool to hate popular things.


  11. I ABSOLUTELY, 1000000000000% would and am pumped for this! Have wanted a legitimate WW1 game since I was a kid. Like for over a decade! If this is true I'm all for it. Sick and tired of futuristic shooters. Want COD to go back to WW2, and if Battlefield 5 was WW1 (and had a campaign)......I just can't even. So much excitement on my end.


  12. Wow, really didn't think this would happen.

    It was pretty much confirmed when they made the announcement and they had to calm down angry fans. This was expected and is zero surprise. 

    Keeping the Console Wars fanboyism to a minimum, I think this whole thing is an incredibly silly decision for Microsoft.


    They've paid $40 Million (IIRC) to make ROTTR a timed exclusive. This was most likely done to rival Uncharted 4's Holiday release before it got delayed, as Xbone has no game in a similar vein to Uncharted. Now that Uncharted has skipped off to 2016, Tomb Raider is left with the behemoth that'll refuse to share sales - Fallout 4, while not everyone's cup of tea, it is undeniably going to leave a huge impact sales wise for other games in November. 


    So bottom line, Microsoft has paid however much to advertise a game as an exclusive, when a year later, the same game will probably sell better on the competitors console. Hopefully all this controversy deters them from ever making a decision like this again.

    Very true. They should delay this game. The plan is gonna backfire Fallout 4 will demolish it. Also Xbox has almost 10 million less console sales than the PS4. No doubt tomb raider 2 sells way better on the PS4 even a year later. Microsoft's game division is crumbling. They have to pay for timed exclusive titles to have a chance at survival. PS4 is lapping them time and time again. PS4 has all the good 1st party exclusives (Uncharted, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, Infamous, Killzone, Last of Us etc. etc.) and all the relevant and big time timed exclusive dlc or exclusive content. I.E. Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefront etc.