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  1. so, do you want to know who cheated in the monthly giveaway? He is saying I did... He won't show any proof, but wants to say shit about me!!

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    2. DanielVT


      Anyway, Grimy has named me the winner for November on the Giveaway which was really nice of him. I crammed my college work till late in the night and played the full day on the last week of November. If you had any self-respect I should think you would either give me the codes to a PSN card or repay Grimy. I just have to say you screwed me over and anyone else who could have won the giveaway.

    3. daftprophet
    4. DanielVT


      @daftprophet, I did not think this was public. With all due respect, just please stay out the conversation please as you were not involved. I don't mean to be rude, and I am sorry that these messages were public. I was simply replying to Dragon.

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