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  1. You didn't win the November comp, I did.. tell me how you won?

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    2. DanielVT


      He is a rational guy and would not be as angry as he is with you unless he had proof. For the record when you got the Supremacy plat in around a day I thought you cheated because everyone said it took 40 - 50 hours to plat. I showed him evidence and made my case, and he defended you. He said you were a great guy. He said he played with you before and you were clean or else you would not be on his friend list. He verified with his friends to see if it was possible to get it as fast as you did,...

    3. DanielVT


      and he confirmed it was possible. He defended you, and yet now he and everyone else in the competition is angry with you. Obviously there has to be proof. Grimy would not be irrate with you for no reason. I won November ( LEGIT ) thank you very much.



      ah that is nice and all, but I don't need defending.. my trophies time stamp speak for themselves... but don't you think he should prove it? You think it is ok for somebody to call another a cheat and not show people the proof? Or are you just too gullible and believe anything anybody says to? No you didn't win the Comp, I did. Show me how you won... I would like YOU to show me the proof that I cheated, otherwise stfu.

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