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  1. Its a hidden daily bonus you get more after 24 hours.. after thar you get to 40-80 coins again so answer to question is olay the game.. races take only around 2and half minute
  2. Hello, as mentioned in title this started to pop up from yesterday i update my profile every 2-3 hours never had this issue. Any help? Thanks
  3. This! I was talking to a friend About trophy progression it would be cooo to have it like everyone else...
  4. Yes because you started to play after the patch, people that played before, like myself must play on another continent server to get trophies thats why i gave up on it
  5. Yeah i had to finish some trophies
  6. Like 5 years old game deleting anyways
  7. Where can i find arena? What do i have to do?
  8. Yeah and sly 4 too
  9. Hey guys i never tried it but i hear a Lot About this. If game supports cross Sáve and have separátne trophy lists how do i get the Platinum withojt playing the game again? And does it work on sly cooper trilogy? (Just finished 1st one on vita and then conpleted it again on ps3) thanks in advance for answers!
  10. Yeah this game is totally fun but im really sad that it doesnt have Platinum it would be great addition and maybe it would sell better
  11. Yeah me too im glad its back
  12. So i just updated my profile as usual and now im level 1 and it says i havent played anything. Any help?
  13. Just dane Acrobat that specific spot so i gave it a try. 5 Rocks and i got it thanks a Lot!
  14. Thank you will try it if it wont pop until i finish everything else
  15. Hey guys i cant malé this trophy pop i play stealthily, throw Rocky wait Gill bad guys go to the plače but Erik no trophy any help?