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  1. I see, and okay. Mmm, would be interesting for sure.
  2. Boogie was talking about it. 🤔
  3. Yes, I did. My last apology was very weak. and, this is the last time im going to bring it up. I wanted to make my apology better. And, I am sorry. Being racist is just wrong. I dont want anyone to flame me. or be that kind of person. Im not just saying it, I mean it.
  4. Hello Everyone, I owe you all an apology. When I was filling out my profile, I clearly wasn’t thinking. I now realize that what I wrote was offensive to some of you, as well as racist. It was never my intention to cause drama on PSNProfiles or hurt anyone mentally. Looking back however, I can clearly see that I didn’t think things through before I decided on describing my profile. Next time, I’ll be sure to keep my profile friendly. and, be very cautious on what i say on this forum. I will acknowledge the rules of PSNProfiles in mind. I hope you’ll forgive me for making you feel unease. Please accept this massive apology as a sincere peace offering. All the best, -SlaveBeastTaka PS, I love all races. And, I am looking for legit gaming friends. Regardless what race you are. The reason i'm making this apology, is because im starting some projects in the future. I don't want anyone to attack me to the point were i can't do my project's properly. I promise I wont be racist on pnsprofiles again or towards anyone. And, if you don't accept this apology, I understand. No hard feelings. But, thank you if you do. Very much appreciated.
  5. Mm, what about Catherine. It's basically a relationship driven puzzle game. And, awesome Lol.
  6. (Using save files from someone else? NO.) What If I just use someone file for fun. I like using 100% file on YuGiOh Millennium Duels. All 6000 cards. Plus, there's no trophy for collecting all cards.
  7. PSN ID: SlaveBeastTaka Systems: Mostly PS3, So I Would Highly Prefer People Who Only Game On Their PS3. Accept Blank Friend Requests: No, Let Me Know That Your From PSNPs. Just Some Rules: O You Must Be At Least 21 O Live In USA/Canada O Have The Same Personality -Watches Anime. -Listens To Crunkcore, Metalcore, Deathcore. -Emo, Gothic, Punk. O Looking For Legit Awesome Friends. Who Will Stick With Me No Matter What.
  8. He is? That's good. I meant RIP, because his not in the band anymore. I guess I should of said that better.
  9. Hello Boys And Girls, To Be More Specific. Im Talking About Getting Trophies/Achievements On Steam/PlayStation/Xbox. Im Not Really A Hacker Or Cheater. I Have This Mindset Of Being Semi Legit. Like For A Example. If I Play Diablo 3 On PlayStation. And, Im In A Modded Game With People. A Trophy Pops Up. That Dosnt Really Bother Me. Because Video Games Are Meant to Have Fun, Right? But, When It Comes To Platinum's. That's A Big Hell No Lol. I Cant See Myself Hacking A Platinum. So Yeah. I Do My Best To Get Trophies/Platinums Legit, And Have Fun Doing It. What Are Your Guys Intake On This?
  10. I'm Listening To Divine Hersey: Bleed The Fifth Album. RIP Vext!
  11. Ive had my ps3 for about 8 years. And, I just cant imagine sony just forgetting about PS3. There's still alot of people who play on their PS3's. Me included. Its still a main gaming console. PS3 all the way for me lol. I love my PS3. Well, I love PlayStation in general. But, yeah. I guess it is that time.
  12. I see...
  13. I know there's still alot of units left. but, what will happen when they are all gone. Will Sony make PS3's again. I know also they will stop making PS3 games.
  14. Sorry, i've been little busy lol. My PS3 is a PS3 Slim. And, it still works. I just really want to clean the inside of it, and replace the thermal paste. The other day, I was playing Dragon's Dogma. I died at the beginning and when i tried to load up the game. my screen went black. But, my ps3 does shut off and turn back on. So im thinking its the hardware. Not all the time. But, when I try to update a game or something like that. It seems to do that. It's hard to describe it, because I dont really see it happen alot i guess. Last thing, I have a PS3 fan cooler. So, I try to keep my ps3 from being hot. And, thanks everyone for replying to this thread. I really appreciate it. ^ ^