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  1. Thanks guys for the advice and feedback!! I did little bit of research and supposedly purchasing a item from France takes about two months. the way they shipped purchase items from ebay is kind of shitty. But, Where as china takes about 4-6 weeks. So i should get my ps4 some time next week. or the following after that. I bought it on the 16th of April. I'm just going to keep my hopes up.
  2. I'm uploading a Demon's Souls Walkthrough later. If anyone is interested! But, here is my Welcome video! What do you guys think?
  3. Wazz Up Peeps This might sound little crazy lol. and, a little wierd or awkawrd to ask this kind of question. But, then again. I feel like this is the perfect place. If you guys wouldnt mind giving me some advice on this situation. Thank you. a ton. I bought a PS4 Pro on ebay. Through PayPal. It's post to come today or tomorrow. Because i bought it over seas. and, it takes couple of weeks. to come to the US. On paypal. it said i already purchase it. But, i remember. i called my card. And, it didnt go through. i still had the same amount of money. But, now im little worried. because, i cant contact the seller. he deleted his account on ebay. right after i purchased it. then little bit later. he sent me a message. saying, they will do their best and such. in their future endeavors lol. No but, in all serious. I'm thinking i should just wait. I cant' complete the purchase. And, I get paid this weekend. Do i just wait. or will get my ps4 today. and pay it in full. come this Friday. or do i have to contact the post office. I have the money for it. but, its 20 cents short. And, it's been 2 weeks. starting today, would be the 3rd week. On paypal he wants 69.70 dollars for it. but on ebay its 67.26 dollars. I have 69.55 cents. Also, the crazy part is. I only paid 67 dollars for it lol. I'm not BSing. i'm very lucky. here is some proof. The images are little big. but, i want to make sure you guys can see it.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am making a gaming channel very soon. Kind of like blastphamoushd's gaming channel. But, mainly like LPDarkSoulsHD! Pretty much, my gaming channel is going to be the best it can be. And, I will do my best to make it Legit, Professional, Fun. Also, I will try and not make my gaming channel like everyone else's. if that's possible. Because, that would be kind of boring. I will have a patron too. if you guys want to support me. I don't expect anyone to give me donations. But, if you feel generous. then yeah. that would be very very appreciated, and thankful. Or donations from YouTube. Whenever i live stream. And, in the future. I will have a gaming website. So yeah. I will keep you guys updated! I get paid every week, and i will be working every week.
  5. I don't know about you guys. But, im that kind of person. Where, I can't see a band live lol. Except Parkway Drive. And, maybe Slipknot. I heard that Parkway Drive get's crazy when they are live. Is this true xD. O.O πŸ€— I just love Parkway Drive. ! ! πŸ’– I loved to know yours! πŸ˜™β˜ΊοΈ
  6. Im sorry, has life been hard for you.
  7. Pretty self explanatory. Im not sure if Sly will approve of this. Because, I feel like this will get little X-rated on PSNProfiles. xD. But, I thought this would be a nice, and fun topic! So if possible, down below. If it's a bad song lol. Just a post the title or cover and describe it, little. Viewer Discretion Is Advised! Mine would have to be Pink Season Album lol. To be more specific, I love PINK GUY - GAYS 4 DONALD TRUMP. I've listened to this song so many times. I wish i could do a remix of it lmao...
  8. Yeah, and why are you disappointed. Well, I guess they could of gave him a better nickname. But, I think joker is a cool name. It kind of fits his character in a way. I think. ^ ^
  9. I can't wait for it lol. Even though, I havent played the game yet. And, I saw Rurikhan on YouTube. Play it. He did a play-through of it. Not all the way though. The game looks amazing. The fact that you don't have to make games, with fancy graphics. I don't know, its little mind blowing. Are you guys pumped for it.
  10. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay! PSNProfiles is, if not the best gaming forum on the internet.
  11. Why stop playing the PS3? Unless your one of those people. Who just trashes last gen consoles lol. Which is just wrong, because last gen is still amazing. If i am to be completely honest. I've had my PS3, for about 8 or 9 years. If I really wanted to, I could've bought the Xbox 360. But, I don't think I would enjoy it as much as I do PlayStation. I don't know why, but PlayStation has a special place in my heart. And, im sure everyone here can agree with me too. Me personally, I will never playing stop my PS3. No matter how many different consoles they make. And, a another reason. There's tons of games I haven't played yet. For me to name them all would take to long. Im sure i'll get little bored playing the same game. Over, and over again. on the PS3. But, not the console it self.
  12. Can someone show me how to cook. O.O I can cook roman noodles lol.
  13. I see, and okay. Mmm, would be interesting for sure.