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  1. Sorry, i've been little busy lol. My PS3 is a PS3 Slim. And, it still works. I just really want to clean the inside of it, and replace the thermal paste. The other day, I was playing Dragon's Dogma. I died at the beginning and when i tried to load up the game. my screen went black. But, my ps3 does shut off and turn back on. So im thinking its the hardware. Not all the time. But, when I try to update a game or something like that. It seems to do that. It's hard to describe it, because I dont really see it happen alot i guess. Last thing, I have a PS3 fan cooler. So, I try to keep my ps3 from being hot. And, thanks everyone for replying to this thread. I really appreciate it. ^ ^
  2. Hey Everyone, so iv'e had my ps3 for 8 years. And, I've never clean the inside of it. Or replace the thermal paste. Im assuming that's what's wrong with my PS3. But my question is, the motherboard. How would you know if your PS3's motherboard is still in good condition and not fried? I've seen some videos on youtube on how to do this. (Cleaning your PS3 & Replacing the thermal paste) And, it seems easy. But, if my motherboard is fried. I don't see the point. Thanks. ^ ^
  3. I really want to get into this game. Singleplayer, and the multiplayer. But, is the multiplayer full of hackers and cheaters? I wouldn't be surprised if there was. :/ The reason why I want to, is because this game looks just like halo lol.
  4. Is there a site where I can make a GIF Avatar smaller then 0.05MB, for free online? And, what is required to make a Cover GIF work on PSNProfiles. But, for the most part uploading avatars works fine. And covers. If its not a GIF. There's alot of GIFS, that do work though. Does anyone know, and thanks. ^ ^
  5. xD..
  6. I do feel bad making that post. And, I do apologize. I just don't like people that are in gangs and shit. And, people that are drama starters. But, it shouldn't matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But it is what it is. I don't mind being friends with everyone. Well, we must have the same things in common. Personality wise. ^ ^
  7. Mm, yes I have. But, I guess haven't been lucky enough to get friends requests lol.
  8. Hey everyone, So I don't have any friends on my ps3. But, I'm wondering if there is a site or something online. that helps you get alot of friends. I know there are forums, and im on one lol. But, forums take for ever. Im kind of looking for something, where you put your gamertag through a web site generator. And, you get friends instantly Or something like that. This isnt a troll or anything. Im being serious. Thanks. ^ ^
  9. PSN ID: SlaveBeastTaka PS Systems: PS3 Mainly. Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No, just say your from here. So i know. And, we have to get to know each other first. Im looking for legit PSN gaming friends. Who have the same things in common. As I do. Pretty much, im looking for Alternative( Gothic, Emo, Punk, Etc) Legit PSN Friends. Not just gaming buddies. But, actual real friends. Get to know me. ^ ^ Lets see where things go. Also, you must be at least 18. And, you dont need a gaming mic or anything. You just have to be legit. Getting Platinum's and Trophies. I don't add Cheaters or Hackers.
  10. Thank you, Death Ninja. I'll be more careful. ^ ^
  11. Hello Everyone, I've had my PS3 Slim for almost a decade now. and, last year I upgraded my PS3 to a 1TB HDD. And, now I think its starting to mess up. Because, the other day. I logged into my account. Nothing would load up. My games or even my avatar. And, the clock kept spinning. My HDD became corrupted. Or that's what i think happened. My ps3 looks and sounds fine. Im going to give it a another chance. see what happens. Is it just my HDD and has this happened to you. Please let me know. To be honest I don't want to buy another PS3 Slim. There pretty expensive. Thanks. And, one last thing. I heard that turning your ps3 off when its saving to the hdd. and says not to shut off the ps3 while its saving. Is one of the reasons. Which I have done, but not on purpose. Sometime im busy, and I have to. I hate doing that though. And, when I say games. I mean, my PSN games. Downloaded from the PSN Store. I have 71 PSN Games, that wouldn't load up on the XMB Menu.
  12. @Las_Plagas1 Nice name. ^ ^ I know this is kind of random.
  13. Im not really a party person lol. What about you guys? And, It can be any kind of party. Keep it clean though, xD.
  14. Please delete my post
  15. Im working on a blog myself, im curious if you guys have any. ^ ^ You can describe it or post a screenshot of it. Or both, it dosnt matter lol.