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  1. I see, lol. thanks for letting me know. this is his forum site after all. I changed title. ^ ^
  2. Hello everyone, I thought this would be a nice topic. Simply everyone can invite other people and share their chat rooms. Or sessions. Which ever you may prefer. Just post your chat session name, invite people. And, which system your on. It dosnt have to be just Chat Room Sessions. It can be Party Chat Sessions too. Also, Your PSN ID Name. Example: Session Name: Chat Or Party Chat: PSN ID: Systems: Rules: Simply, what are your rules for your chat or party chat room. post it here.
  3. To have superpowers of a god, and explore other galaxies. So I can possibly start life in those galaxies lol.
  4. everyone have a great day.
  5. S L A V E B E A S T T A K A Read my profile! Very Important. PSN ID: SlaveBeastTaka PS Systems: PS3 Mostly. Eventually I will get other consoles. Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No. Put PSNP as the title. and, if your not from PSNP dont add me or if you live in a different country. I Really want friends who are born in the USA.
  6. Be honest xD. ^ ^
  7. My new favorite music video, Lol. Psychosalad FULL VERSION
  8. xD.. lmaoo
  9. These youtube poop videos are killing me x D. And, i cant stop watching them over and over again.
  10. Just deal with it.
  11. Run people over lol. Unless someone made me mad xD.
  12. Im not really a book reader, but if i had to choose. It would have to be some kind of a dark fantasy kind of book. And, Tai Lopez ''Knowledge'' lol. Im jk. But in all serious, what book would you pick. : P
  13. I sent you a message. ^ ^ lol
  14. Im sorry. I guess its better then nothing.