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  1. It was my last cipher. Still looking for scout 9 tho.
  2. I've been grinding for 10 hours and nothing. I tried everything. My parasite database is 100%. And this is my second playthrough because my old got wiped out. I guess I'm the unlucky one. Still love the game but this audio log needs a patch asap.
  3. The list is online. It will be released on May 13th. Thoughts?
  4. I played fine yesterday and today my save file is gone. Can't believe this, I was grinding a few collectibles for 100%..
  5. It was just an example. "Visions of the Past" could be tracked as well. it's shows how the feature is not being used. In a full trophy list only 2 trophies got that feature. It doesn't make sense in some trophies since you can them get on natural progression. This is not a big deal tho, just pointing that out. The pathless is a better example.
  6. The First 45 Minutes
  7. Agree 100 %
  8. Can't wait. I'm a super fan of Housemarque!! Really hope for a good story.
  9. I'm a such a fan of subnatutica. I've been waiting for this for so long!!
  10. Yeah, what a mess. I've got Train Surfing before completing all the challenges and I'm missing Hack the Planet in China even tho I'm level 20.
  11. Exactly my thoughts. But I think you'll like Valhalla because at it's core it's an AC game, not like Odyssey.
  12. I'm watching closely the Ubisoft forum and no news on that yet.
  13. The trophies are unobtainable in only 4 years? WTF
  14. Honestly PSN Profiles looks way way better than Exo IMO. Yes, it's missing some features but is clean looking overall and for me that's a big thumbs up.
  15. I have to agree. It looks much better this way. https://www.exophase.com/platform/ps5/
  16. Same problem here and "Oral history" is not popping either. Watch Dogs: A Buggy Mess
  17. I've got the base PS4, the game has screen tearing all over the place and I've got 2 crashes so far. Shame on Ubisoft for releasing the game like this.
  18. Well, hit me up if you guys would like to complete the raid, I'm at level 20 with all 4 classes and KI 109. Really loving the online.
  19. Well, this is a very tough subject. It raises a lot of questions. I've read that the username gets available after 6 months once deactivated. So...looks like that's not the case? The compatibility with 3rd Party websites is also an issue, but it depends where the information is stored. The people that already changed ID could test this right away.
  20. So, good news so far. I'm kinda surprised that everything is working fine knowing Sony's online structure.
  21. Already did two 100 % playthroughs, one normal and another one on hard mode+. That inventory thing is very true because I'm missing 3 items on both saves, Probably my in game outfits are "consuming" the space for the reclics and documents. I'm going to wait for a patch.
  22. Greetings everyone. Just posting to say that my game is glitched as well. I'll wait for a patch since I've done already 2 playthroughs including deadly obsession. Currently i'm missing 3 sets even tho I have completed the map. https://ibb.co/mwEVwp https://ibb.co/iDRzp9 https://ibb.co/fHVQU9 https://ibb.co/jff3Gp Cheers.
  23. Well, thank you for the quick answer. And yep that's it, you're clever. Thank you!
  24. For me that didn't work, already tried everything. When I go to the premium stuff page it shows up as "free" instead of "installed". And yes it''s installed. Somehow the game doesn't even know that I have the DLC. Oh god, guess I should wait for a patch.
  25. I have the same issue. It's a known bug by IO. They should fix it on the next Update. At least I hope. :\