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  1. I'm buying it at launch and I'm evading everything related to the game to avoid spoilers. I don't care about game controversies, I bought Borderlands 3 at launch even though Randy Pitchford is the biggest douche in the gaming industry and he personally attacked me on Twitter for saying that the game had microtransactions.
  2. It's a decent game that I'm currently enjoying. It's not an AAA title that some people are expecting but it's far from a bad game. I can understand the complaints but I think everything, ranging from characters, combat, and lore is pretty serviceable. Nothing amazing nor bad besides the horrendously long load time. The game ain't even hard, I'm playing the PSNow version and therefore can't use the XP exploit, I've beaten the first 2 major bosses on the 1st try with an under-leveled character.
  3. That's exactly what I was expecting from the trophies. Most seems relatively easy, except for a few that either requires luck or careful planning. Pretty nice to see a Civilization game on Playstation.
  4. Seems pretty straightforward and easy, which is a good thing. No challenges trophies this time around.
  5. I'm using Jules, the ranged mage. Wait till you reach the final boss, that asshat 1-shot me and the level to reach it is annoying and you have to remember it carefully or you'll run around forever. Edit: I've tried with Claude, the shield guy, at Level 35 and it was so much easier but was lacking a bit of damage. If you get him to level 50, it will be a cakewalk.
  6. I've tried it again and this time I've waited that the Health bar of the Theatrical Knight appear before attacking him and it worked. Like you mentioned, it seems that it bugs when you attack him when he's not officially hittable.
  7. Bought the game because it was cheap and supposedly easy platinum, w/out looking if it had bugs or not. So far I've breezed through everything extremely easy but like people above, I can't damage the Theatrical Knight. The worst part is having to replay the boring level just to re-attempt the boss. It's still buggy, had all the bugs mentioned above happen to me so far.
  8. The game is pretty easy if you're used to this genre. Bosses aren't really challenging. Like some mentioned, the worst is the missable trophies and the maps, you'll get lost a few time. I ended up using an Achievement walkthrough to not miss anything and orient myself. I'd also recommend the back up of the last boss, you'll save a few hours.
  9. Meh, i have no interest in Overcooked but I'll pick up Edith Finch. A good month to continue my backlog.
  10. I highly doubt that the mission's extractions count towards the trophy but if it does, that's great. 2 out of 3 Dark Zone will be Normalized and you won't be in a big disadvantage while going in them. The last one will be mostly like in the 1st game and most likely where all the tryhard and toxic players will hang out.
  11. The 10 patches should come automatically while playing the game. If it's like in the beta, the 20 blueprints will also be quite easy.
  12. I'm not the one who brought up the Avengers, just so you know. Just like you think this game doesn't have generic characters, it's also an opinion, it doesn't mean you're right cause you are a fan or played more games.
  13. I've looked through the KH3 threads and found nothing about it, so I thought I was in the very low minority and wanted to see who loved or hated it. NO, I never thought I WAS the only one, it's just a way of talking. The story is complete nonsense whether you know all these generic characters or not, that was my point and opinion. As SnowxSakura said, I shouldn't have to play through 5+ games and 200+ hours of spin-offs to understand the main story. Difference between Avengers and Kingdom is that Avengers, the majority of people knows who are the superheroes, compared to KH, where no one knows who are these generic characters.
  14. I was reluctant to post this because I know I'll be attacked by fans but I think this game is disappointing, especially after this long of a wait. The story is complete nonsense, mumbo jumbo, even more, if you haven't played all the spinoff games like me. I don't even know who the hell are half the characters, even after watching the 20-30 minutes recap. Most of the characters are unlikable and too generic. Yesterday, I've finished the last Disney level and now I'm forcing myself to finish the game, as a trophy hunter, the easy platinum can't even convince me to go for it. The Gummi ship parts are bland, boring and tedious, just like the mini-games. The 2 seconds cooking games are more fun than them. The only redeeming part of this game is the combat but it's not enough to keep me want to play.
  15. Thanks for the reply, kinda weird we can see the trophies but we can't obtain them yet.