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  1. Too complicated for me ill have to wait for a patch.
  2. is this still unobtainable? been to all the biomes and nothing. even the tutorial world didnt pop it for me..
  3. THIS! i would have loved a choice. Was really looking forward to PES. Wonder why they changed? Any news?
  4. Same 😂
  5. Is the platinum easier/harder/same as the Yakuza series.. Looks a very similar trophy list..
  6. It's a nightmare to get the killer merciless victories.. You have to hook each twice and I heard somewhere they have to have over 4k points.. I've killed everyone in several matches (I don't main killer usually). I've managed to get into a match with my other ps4 once in a few hours of trying.. Its not easy..
  7. Anyone else find the controls in this game a little off? It's kinda jerky and the snap aim doesn't work a bit. Finding it tricky to kill people especially headshotting them. I can't stand using guns and try to use stealth and melee where I can.. Im loving the game but man does it feel laggy at times.
  8. I only ever D/C when there is bad lag or the killer just face camps me and i mean when they dont move and just repeatedly slap you.. there is no point in playing these types of killer.
  9. Going to the doom land doesn't work. 'setplayertobiome 3' Edit: got it by using single player mode instead of host a game.
  10. Agreed. I play all visual novels on a blank profile first.. Then speed run the trophies =)
  11. just used this! worked a charm =)
  12. Yeah 1/10. About 5 hours if you speed run it.
  13. I had a look around and the best I got was save when on the bike or sleeping at a bed. Kinda weird choice of save features..
  14. How does it work in this game. I keep losing chunks of progression.. The auto save feature saves.. I lose progression.. I manually save and lose progression.. So f'in stupid. I can't play until I work this out..
  15. Just a heads up if anyone is on the fence about buying =)