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  1. Anyone know how to get this? It says to complete a number of soft requirement.. I have no clue what that even means lol
  2. I'm the first to admit im a bit rubbish as most killers.. i came close once with the doctor and the hag.. i dont play as much as id like at the mo.. ill keep plugging on though
  3. I'm only 3 trophies away from trying for the online trophies.. What about Stealth Cookie? I'm not very good at online trophies and am on the fence whether i'm going to be good enough to get these.. i don't know if i'm gonna bother if its too much stress.. I hate online trophies
  4. Not a fan myself.. Did it really need a trophy list.. Especially when the merciless kill trophies are nigh on impossible now..
  5. Releases tomorrow for ps4 17th Sept.
  6. Same as Bus Simulator 18 on steam i think. Dont look too hard at all.. Anyone whos played it on steam, how long will it take to platinum roughly? Any thoughts?
  7. Cool good to know =)
  8. I try using these vids thanks =)
  9. Can anyone confirm if this is still bugged?
  10. can someone explain this trophy as simply as they can because all the guides out there and i dont understand them.
  11. There is already a trophy guide out.. https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/utawarerumono-zan-trophy-guide/ 4/10 according to this guide.
  12. Yeah I read that I can do shared coop but I think I'll wait until curator's cut is released. Thanks all =)
  13. Is it possible? Or should I wait until its given to everyone later this year? I've rented my copy and didn't get a code.
  14. roughly how long is a play through?
  15. Oh awesome! I'll get rid of the rocket boots next time I play =)