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  1. Are there any missable?
  2. There is i think 2 maybe 3 naval battles.. I didn't have much of an issue found it easy and one of the stand out bits in the game.. They are short.. This what I was planing.. I was gonna go for the Ezio trilogy =)
  3. This is my first assassins creed game and i bloody loved it! Ive just got finished and popped the plat.. Where should i go from here in regards to assassins creed games? Like i say im new to the series.. what game AC do you recommend i play next?
  4. Thanks for that. ill just yeet it off my system =)
  5. Is the Job Hopper trophy still glitched? I was thinking of starting this but i only have the digital version.. should i just not bother? Thanks =)
  6. Used this today with most recent patch 1.07 and it worked great. No problems here =)
  7. I left it on for two nights and got enough Influence points. I never encountered any problems.. Finally popped the plat thanks to this guide translated.. Thank lord for that. Definitely still a steaming pile of horse excrement.
  8. This is what I'm planning tonight.. See how that goes..
  9. This is by far the single worst game I have ever ****ing played. Please for the love of God avoid at all cost. If you are going to play it.. Don't say I didn't warn you. The grind for all the upgrades is broken as hell. It takes to long. I've been playing for days straight now and I can't even get influencer points only bits here and there.. Its the biggest grind I have ever experienced. (and yes I have the speed cameras set up) Don't even get me started on the map and fast travel system (**** the collectables) or the god awful voice acting coupled with pityful robotic voice acting.. **** this game. I don't think I have it in me to grind the platinum.
  10. Just use translate.. This is in German..
  11. I cant find any guides anywhere.. The missing ducks one is going to be a nightmare without one..
  12. I used google translate. Simple.
  13. I'll rent it and give it a go.. Trophies don't seem to taxing so maybe an easy plat?
  14. The maps suuuuuuccccckk! It's really annoying when you take a wrong turn and have to traverse a whole area just to get back to where you was.. Next game can the devs please put in a fast travel between meditation points please! Maybe unlocked after completing the game.. Game is top notch though! Really enjoyed it =)
  15. What loading times? I don't have any problems with them..