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  1. It's also a decent time to plat. I've been at it for about 20+ hours and it's a slog. You need about 200k+ to buy all the buses and the best route I've found takes around 10 mins and nets you a whopping 3k. That along with the scenarios which take about 5-10 hrs I put a rough guess on it being around 30-40hrs. It's functional but get bus simulator. It's a heck ton better.
  2. I've had this for 3 or so months and the trophies are bust. Mainly the buy 10 upgrades.. I've done about 50 upgrades across several buses and more than 10 on one and nothing.
  3. Wow is this broken. Almost every time I hold L1 and press triangle it never registers. It only does a standard through pass (triangle) Anyone had this issue? I've tried several pads too.. Each the same. EDIT 1: just use square. EDIT 2: at least half of the trainings seem broken. My players moving and reacting twice as slow as they should and inputs not registering properly.
  4. I'm going to be starting this in a couple of days. Any tips/advice in going for the platinum? Sehr gesch├Ątzt!
  5. Just a heads up.. I tried the technique of sleeping and waiting for a blood moon for lore to appear on broken vehicles etc for a few hours and got nothing, this tech is bogus. Your best bet is to just explore every island. I found the lore at 30 DIFFERENT locations there are more than enough. So just explore every inch of every island and you'll have 30 eventually.
  6. Not all trophies can be done in multiplayer. You can't pick up the 4 galleon pieces in the labyrinths or the lore (all lore that both players pick up is ONLY for the host so you can do it with two people to make it easier but only one player will get the trophy). Same with the craft the golden statue. The 8 elemental weapons have to be done over multiple playthroughs too as there is only 4 dungeons. Edit: Also the second player doesn't get the The Real Escapist trophy for finishing the game.
  7. thanks for the info. I really do like it so far, practice makes perfect i guess
  8. Man this game is brutal. The first boss is kicking my ass.. Any tips for a noob?
  9. I'm missing Etherington S. Im at the location and nothing. I'm in the east cave 9 too.. Any help?
  10. Do sharks spawn on peaceful. Having a heck of a time trying to find one..
  11. Any help? I've got only the main last level 80 main chapter mission on the map. I can't for the life of me find the last side mission. I'm stuck at 66/67.
  12. Maybe that happened when playing online (I can't recall.) ill try again in private matches and escape with each councillor. Thanks =)
  13. I've been every Councillor and nothing.
  14. Awesome thanks =)