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  1. I would say legion and just wait for games with hook rushers..
  2. I got 30 levels last double xp and I'm about that off level 100. The grind is on next weekend =)
  3. I've done all the chalices and spoke to all the heroes at the hall of heroes and got my rewards from them. Redone the few levels with life bottle and I'm still short one.. Anyone got any help for me.. Edit: my bad. Found it on the clock level near the end. Dunce.
  4. In the last hour or so I can't switch between my melee and my sniper.. The sniper keeps unequipping? I put on a shotgun and my melee and that switches fine (left on D-pad) put sniper back on and boom press left and it unequips and switches me to unarmed. Anyone know why? I've been playing fine today and yesterday but all of a sudden this happens.. Edit: all weapons are now glitched I've even tried trading them and the other person and they have the same issue. I can equip two melee weapons fine.. I've picked up a new weapon and that's fine switching.. So all my currenlty owned weapons are glitched WTF? Edit 2: found out its all two handed weapons. So now I can't use left D-pad to switch.. 70hrs of using it and now I've got to get used to using up on the D-pad and using the wheel. Fml. Edit 3: switching works again now.. But still happens from time to time.. I try fast traveling a decent distance away and it seems to fix it.. To be fair this is the first bug in the game I've encounter after 60 hrs of play.
  5. they fixed the issues and the platinum is obtainable easily now =)
  6. Wow the trophy images suck. Looks easy maybe 30-50hrs nice =)
  7. So the cargo bars are working now.. But I can't get any Container jobs still.. I keep canceling Ioanas jobs but can't get her to give me and Containers.. Who else can I get them from..
  8. Wow that was fast. Awesome job at powerpyx as usual!! Upto 175 hrs though 😱😱😱 looking forward to the grind ☺️ http://www.powerpyx.com/death-stranding-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  9. How does the new subscription service effect the plat now? I'm going to start this soon and was wondering.
  10. I've just finished it and wow! Ive played bad games before but this takes first place. No wonder it's selling for 79p. I hate this game so much. I almost dropped it and was going to hide the trophy card. I feel dirty after playing this. 0/10.
  11. No its probably the worst game ever made. No lie. I'm stuck at Ice Mountain (level 9) there a part of the level I keep clipping through the floor. I can't get past it. This game is fucking abysmal. Not even worth it if it was free.
  12. Finally going to address some of the issues on the game including progression lock on stats!!
  13. same here 7/10.. i have no clue how to get it!!
  14. im at the same as you now. Got all the cargo ones apart from Container which im stuck at 7/10 haha. Let me know if starting again works. Im stumped.
  15. People must have got lucky with the container missions.. They're broken af. I've only got the regular cargo one. NONE of the delivery's are counting. I've tried all different kinds. My cargo stats are locked. None will go up. Im going to try and delete my save completely tomorrow and try again.