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  1. Avoid the Lego Games apart from Lego Avengers. Done most apart from 4ish games with the wife and we only both got the plat with the avengers one.
  2. Just a heads up these are tough. I grew up with these games and I just can't do most of them. Looks like no plat for me. These challenges easily make this a 7/10 difficulty.
  3. There is a challenge menu that puts you straight into the challenge like in the 'Golden Axe 2 - Defeat second boss while playing as an axe battler with no magic or continues' it drops you straight at that boss. So as you can see it would be pretty pointless to use save states anyway. I think most will be able to do these with a bit of patience.. im just finding them really hard.
  4. Already have it set to game mode.. Tried turning off and nothing and pad plugged in does nothing. It's not too bad to get use to. It is a little jarring at first but I'm so use to the original. Could be just my TV.. It is only a cheaper end 4k Panasonic.
  5. Done more than one in each region and no trophy! Can anyone help? Edit: just got it. It definitely took more than 1 in each region.
  6. Just fish a few times with the different baits. It's deffo 30 different or glitched. I definitely fished more than 100-200 items before it popped.
  7. How early on do you get the charger. I've tried this as it's what Google searches brought me too. Maybe my save is glitched then.