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  1. I just started this game.. I was doing well enough until the stay puft 2nd level. I hit one bus window and bam 80k I can see this being a joke. I'm definitely not going for the plat on this one..
  2. Any help would be nice. I can't for the life of me get this. It takes too long to get a level 5 wanted level and once you get it it's insanity. This trophy alone makes this a 4/10 plat difficulty for me.
  3. This trophy is currently unobtainable. It must be.. First time I attempted on a new game straight after doing paste up. Didn't change character or outfits and with fast travelling and nothing. Got the darts trophy though. Then I tried going back to each location of the powerpyx guide without fast travelling and nothing. I suppose I'll try ANOTHER fresh playthrough. I should have finished this game 20 hrs ago.. Edit: I deleted my save to try again. I disconnected my Internet (to see if it was maybe some sort of stat tracking bs) played up until you take Camden and went to each one without fast travelling and it popped. Thank F for that. Hope this helps..
  4. Hopefully just getting another 30k will help. I spent 70k in one go on the same op. I'll report back if it pops after spending another 30k on the same op just a few more hours or grind πŸ˜’
  5. Problem is my main operative glitched. They got kidnapped and I never got a revenge mission for them.. I've currently pumped about 70k into my second operative.. I'm sure I've got enough to do to earn 30k.. I'll try that..
  6. No. Two characters.. A couple of times I spent.. Looks like another 40hrs.. Jeeezz. And yeah only on clothes..
  7. It might just me but i'm finding this game very hard.. I'm on the second island and i'm getting brutalised by the enemies and losing all my minions. I've got three treasure chests and have just done Frankie's mission but i cant seem to get much further. I'm always having to go back to the first island to get more minions. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or anything i'm overlooking because this game has over a 40% platinum completion rate and i'm thinking of dropping this one (lucky i'm blank profiling this game) Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Cheers for the tips I'll try them out later =)
  9. Twice now I've had the game blue screen crash and corrupt my data. Both more or less the same amount of time playing it. F this game.
  10. How much more difficult is it compared to normal? Im doing it in two playthrough as I never got around to playing the original.. I beat it first try on normal. I'm not sure if I'm going for the plat yet as this race is notorious.
  11. Found it. There's a waterfall at the end of the area to the left.. There's an area just past the waterfall. Took a leap of fate and found it. Would have never guessed.
  12. I'm stuck on this mission in 'In The Forest' level. I can't for the life of me find Lykos. I've done 6/6 ravens but can't find this damn character.. Can anyone help or has my game bugged. The quest marker takes you a different area than the area that I killed the ravens. I've been through each area a few times and nothing..
  13. Found this today if anyone needs it =)
  14. I'm playing on pro with the disc version. Maybe there's somthing in that? I'm getting through it slowly but having to always close it and uploading my data is a nightmare..
  15. So my game has blue screened about 20 times now and my character has been deleted about 6 times.. Im just about to start apocalyptic difficulty now. Its an absolute joke of a game.. I'm having to back up my save every 2-3 levels.. The game is boring as hell too which doesn't help.
  16. Great guide. First time took me 1hr52mins.. Second time took me 1hr40mins. Nowhere near 3 hours as some have been saying. This guide is awesome =)
  17. It's prolly been said but I had this issue and it was getting so bad I struggled to play.. I phoned a repair guy near me and for Β£30 he deep cleaned and changed the thermal paste.. Now my pro is silent. Best Β£30 I ever spent.
  18. Playing it with the wife 3-4 hrs in game crashes.. Corrupt data. Brilliant. I wouldnt mind so much but this game is boring af.
  19. I get disappointed every year because more and more fut trophies come in. I'm a career mode player and fut is just plain shit to me.. They're also putting alot of grindy trophies especially volta which is utter trash. Shame really.. The scripting is bullshit. I can tell in 5 seconds of a career mode match if I'm going to lose..
  20. Too many online Trophies. Ultimate team should be a separate card like a dlc card.. Another 50% of trophies for me again.. Like the pics though =)
  21. Is there a price for the dlc?
  22. Hopefully someone will do a guide soon.. Its only been out a few days. Patience is a virtue =)
  23. Is there a way to listen to the soundtrack in the game? Like mega man collection you can listen to all the songs.. I can't seem to find anything in game which is a disappointment really..
  24. This worked for me.. I finished all the orders to 100% and nothing.. So I went back to the quick garage one, when I completed that to 100% and went back to my shack it popped =)
  25. So legit all I need to do if I get an infestation is vacuum them up. OK gotcha πŸ˜… Man I really love this game.. Any other games like this on PS or anything else coming out simular to this?