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  1. This worked for me.. I finished all the orders to 100% and nothing.. So I went back to the quick garage one, when I completed that to 100% and went back to my shack it popped =)
  2. So legit all I need to do if I get an infestation is vacuum them up. OK gotcha 😅 Man I really love this game.. Any other games like this on PS or anything else coming out simular to this?
  3. I cant get this to work.. I've spawned in on them coords and I can't see a gold cloud anywhere.. I've even spawned into a few of the high mountain areas and still nothing..
  4. It's one of the weaker stories. I'm just about to start the Atlantis dlc and let me tell you.. It gets very tedious.. I'm currently 100hrs in. It took about 80 to plat. My problem with it is that it's such a grind all the enemies after level 50 are like tanks and my hand cramps up from 100 hrs of mashing r1.
  5. I've done the tutorial world and searched for new worlds but I'm not getting any gold bricks at all I'm stuck on 14.. Every new world I go on has no quest..
  6. Seems pointless.. Permadeath you can do on easy I take it? And grounded with the accessibilitys will be a breeze..
  7. It has 28 achievements on xbox so it's a good bet it'll have a plat. No doubt it will be the same list.
  8. I'm an idiot. I was missing a huge place in messara called zeus's playground.. In my defence even close up it look uncovered 😅
  9. I've already run all around that island.
  10. I'm stuck at 99.53% I've been to everywhere that people have claimed to miss including all the small islands. I've been doing this for 6 hours now and I think that the plat is over for me.. Any more hints floating about.. I've been through this entire thread and also watched vids and searched all day..
  11. Zx spectrum Master system Gameboy Nes Megadrive Snes Atari st Saturn Dreamcast Ps1 N64 Gamecube Ps2 Xbox Xbox 360 Ps3 Psp Ps4 Vita Switch
  12. Apologies if this has been discussed before but with the season pass does it get you all 3 legacy episode and all 3 fate episodes or just the first of each?
  13. Thanks all. Its on sale for 15.99 at the moment so ill definitely pick it up =)
  14. Am i missing something.. I can't seem to evade at all.. I try and get hit all the time.. I just killed the apex barracuda by brute forcing it.. Any tips?
  15. Just happened to me. F this game.
  16. Is there a japanese guide about anywhere seems as how its been out nearly a year over there..?
  17. Are there any missable?
  18. Is it still possible to do the higher difficulty Trophies in NG+? Hope it hasn't been patched.
  19. This is my first assassins creed game and i bloody loved it! Ive just got finished and popped the plat.. Where should i go from here in regards to assassins creed games? Like i say im new to the series.. what game AC do you recommend i play next?
  20. There is i think 2 maybe 3 naval battles.. I didn't have much of an issue found it easy and one of the stand out bits in the game.. They are short.. This what I was planing.. I was gonna go for the Ezio trilogy =)
  21. Going to be starting this tomorrow so is there any missables? Or anything to look out for?
  22. Thanks for that. ill just yeet it off my system =)
  23. Is the Job Hopper trophy still glitched? I was thinking of starting this but i only have the digital version.. should i just not bother? Thanks =)