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  1. they fixed the issues and the platinum is obtainable easily now =)
  2. Wow the trophy images suck. Looks easy maybe 30-50hrs nice =)
  3. Wow that was fast. Awesome job at powerpyx as usual!! Upto 175 hrs though 😱😱😱 looking forward to the grind ☺️
  4. So the cargo bars are working now.. But I can't get any Container jobs still.. I keep canceling Ioanas jobs but can't get her to give me and Containers.. Who else can I get them from..
  5. How does the new subscription service effect the plat now? I'm going to start this soon and was wondering.
  6. I've just finished it and wow! Ive played bad games before but this takes first place. No wonder it's selling for 79p. I hate this game so much. I almost dropped it and was going to hide the trophy card. I feel dirty after playing this. 0/10.
  7. No its probably the worst game ever made. No lie. I'm stuck at Ice Mountain (level 9) there a part of the level I keep clipping through the floor. I can't get past it. This game is fucking abysmal. Not even worth it if it was free.
  8. Anyone know how to get this? It says to complete a number of soft requirement.. I have no clue what that even means lol
  9. same here 7/10.. i have no clue how to get it!!
  10. im at the same as you now. Got all the cargo ones apart from Container which im stuck at 7/10 haha. Let me know if starting again works. Im stumped.
  11. People must have got lucky with the container missions.. They're broken af. I've only got the regular cargo one. NONE of the delivery's are counting. I've tried all different kinds. My cargo stats are locked. None will go up. Im going to try and delete my save completely tomorrow and try again.
  12. That's what I thought.. That it was the bar rather than the number but I've done 5 hours worth and the bar hasn't budged. Im talking about 'refrigerated' cargo here.. Trying to get that done first.
  13. I've even started a new game and it's the same.. Let's hope they fix them with a patch soon!
  14. Yes. Several times.
  15. If its not bugged then why can't I get "refrigerated" cargo? Ive been doing missions for Charlie Dover for about 4 hrs now and nothing.
  16. All the container trophies are glitched. Ive done the game and done multiple container jobs from each person and im not gaining any. I only got the Regular Cargo one. How did you get the max soft requirement? not many people have that one..
  17. It's broken and I think the platinum is unobtainable. I've almost finished all the missions and the same.. I have 1/10. Im stuck at 9/10 refrigerated trailers too even though I've gone back to the first guy and delivered countless seafood for him. Also stuck on Container only done 3. The safe driver one is also a joke considering how broken this game is at times..
  18. Same as Bus Simulator 18 on steam i think. Dont look too hard at all.. Anyone whos played it on steam, how long will it take to platinum roughly? Any thoughts?
  19. I'm the first to admit im a bit rubbish as most killers.. i came close once with the doctor and the hag.. i dont play as much as id like at the mo.. ill keep plugging on though
  20. I'm only 3 trophies away from trying for the online trophies.. What about Stealth Cookie? I'm not very good at online trophies and am on the fence whether i'm going to be good enough to get these.. i don't know if i'm gonna bother if its too much stress.. I hate online trophies
  21. Not a fan myself.. Did it really need a trophy list.. Especially when the merciless kill trophies are nigh on impossible now..
  22. Releases tomorrow for ps4 17th Sept.
  23. Cool good to know =)
  24. Everytime i use the menu (down on dpad) I jump now? Only been happening since today.. No matter what I do.. Recharge equipment.. Jump. Call ship.. Jump. Use torch.. Jump. Here's a vid of it happening someone posted on YouTube.. Anyone else had this problem and knowof a fix? It's irritating as hell.. I've tried jumping systems and all sorts.. I'm trying a reinstall now see if that helps.. Here's my video on it. (sorry about the noise.. This game runs my pro really f'in loud.) Edit 1: reinstalling did nothing. Tried to fill out bug report and couldn't. Even that is bugged. So tweet @ them. Edit 2: tried starting a new game and NO Glitch. Great so it's a problem in my 80hr save. Brilliant. Edit 3: tried downloading my save to the wife's console (normal not pro and disc instead of digital) and same problem. So there is Deffo a Glitch on my save.
  25. I try using these vids thanks =)