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  1. Everytime i use the menu (down on dpad) I jump now? Only been happening since today.. No matter what I do.. Recharge equipment.. Jump. Call ship.. Jump. Use torch.. Jump. Here's a vid of it happening someone posted on YouTube.. Anyone else had this problem and knowof a fix? It's irritating as hell.. I've tried jumping systems and all sorts.. I'm trying a reinstall now see if that helps.. Here's my video on it. (sorry about the noise.. This game runs my pro really f'in loud.) Edit 1: reinstalling did nothing. Tried to fill out bug report and couldn't. Even that is bugged. So tweet @ them. Edit 2: tried starting a new game and NO Glitch. Great so it's a problem in my 80hr save. Brilliant. Edit 3: tried downloading my save to the wife's console (normal not pro and disc instead of digital) and same problem. So there is Deffo a Glitch on my save.
  2. I try using these vids thanks =)
  3. Can anyone confirm if this is still bugged?
  4. Is it possible? Or should I wait until its given to everyone later this year? I've rented my copy and didn't get a code.
  5. There is already a trophy guide out.. https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/utawarerumono-zan-trophy-guide/ 4/10 according to this guide.
  6. Yeah I read that I can do shared coop but I think I'll wait until curator's cut is released. Thanks all =)
  7. roughly how long is a play through?
  8. Oh awesome! I'll get rid of the rocket boots next time I play =)
  9. Nice! Thanks for that =)
  10. I'm stuck at what to do. I'm on The Space Anomaly - Beyond the system quest line and I'm at -Search for artemis and the mysterious Apollo Bit and don't know what to do.. It says to purchase blueprint or new base parts.. I've done several and nothing.. Help would be appreciated.
  11. I'm currently at lvl 42 and need 4 more skill unlocks. So I'm looking at about 100,000 xp to do so? As each level is about 30k so how do i do this.. I have about 20 hordes left (which by the way I hate and struggle with..) so that's about 2k a horde? Roughly.. So that's around 40k points.. My question is how the hell do I get more xp?
  12. Finally done it. I didn't end up doing the sawmill technique.. I just got better at taking the hordes and after about 50% of hordes done I had every skill unlocked =)
  13. I've finished the game.. I've done everything but one camp I think.. I've done all side stuff as well.. Just collectables and nero points left along with hordes.. I can do the hordes but I just wanted a less stressful way of gain xp 😅 but I'll try your sawmill technique 👌
  14. Too complicated for me ill have to wait for a patch.
  15. is this still unobtainable? been to all the biomes and nothing. even the tutorial world didnt pop it for me..
  16. Anyone else find the controls in this game a little off? It's kinda jerky and the snap aim doesn't work a bit. Finding it tricky to kill people especially headshotting them. I can't stand using guns and try to use stealth and melee where I can.. Im loving the game but man does it feel laggy at times.
  17. Just started playing Sonic and there seems to be a slight input delay.. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
  18. THIS! i would have loved a choice. Was really looking forward to PES. Wonder why they changed? Any news?
  19. Same 😂
  20. Is the platinum easier/harder/same as the Yakuza series.. Looks a very similar trophy list..
  21. It's a nightmare to get the killer merciless victories.. You have to hook each twice and I heard somewhere they have to have over 4k points.. I've killed everyone in several matches (I don't main killer usually). I've managed to get into a match with my other ps4 once in a few hours of trying.. Its not easy..
  22. I only ever D/C when there is bad lag or the killer just face camps me and i mean when they dont move and just repeatedly slap you.. there is no point in playing these types of killer.
  23. How does it work in this game. I keep losing chunks of progression.. The auto save feature saves.. I lose progression.. I manually save and lose progression.. So f'in stupid. I can't play until I work this out..
  24. Agreed. I play all visual novels on a blank profile first.. Then speed run the trophies =)
  25. just used this! worked a charm =)