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  1. I cant seem to get 'quick' free kicks. Only cut scene ones.. Any easy way to achieve this.. I don't get what you mean by the header comment.. 


    Edit: I got it off a corner.. Crossed it in took a touch and blasted it in. Wow that was an easy 100% less than an hour. 


  2. 12 hours ago, Helyx said:

    There's a set number of locations it can spawn, you'll just need to be diligent in your search. It's not always near a boat though, unless they've changed the spawns in the past year. The only thing I can recommend is using Jarvis House map; the spawns seemed less random there for me.


    Yeah this is the info I know. Thanks anyway =) back to the grind I guess lol


  3. 10 hours ago, Gecko-Byte said:

    There is a thread here on PSNprofiles somewhere that teaches you how to get earlier versions of a digitally downloaded game, if that means anything to your plans.


    Yeah I've looked into this before on games.. Can't be bothered with the hassle really.. I'm fine playing without duplication anyway not too fussed about time too much to be fair..


    8 hours ago, MisterGibraltar said:

    It's just more time consuming. Platted without dupe glitch took me around 110 hours but if I've a chance to plat it again I think I could trim it down to 70 hours range  (too over-hoarded and really lacked inventory management discipline early on for my part).


    With dupe glitch I'm sure I could plat in 40 hours or maybe 30.


    Ok cool ill have a read of some guides and general tips and such thanks. 



  4. So I've done all gifts in the first playthrough. But these don't count on the second (making it fully pointless to do any gifts at all in the first playthrough)? So do I have to wait until I've completed the second playthrough to do the gifts? I'm confused because in the first I couldn't give yuito his gifts and the second I can't give kasane hers.. Yeah rough reading but do you get my drift? 


  5. Man. I've been grinding to get these for like 4 hrs. Fuuuuuuuck me. 

    I've got tsumugi at level 6 too.. 

    Anyone got any tips? 

    I keep jumping from bridge of purity (x2 base paws) and old ward (x1 base paws) 

    They just don't seem to be dropping.


  6. I honestly don't see the appeal of a plague tale. It was a ok story but the 'gameplay' was pretty poor and not fun to play. Ran like shit too.. Hope the ps5 version is better. 


    Bo4 can do one. 


    Wwe battleground I already has access to on now and still dont want it. 



  7. Anyone else noticed this? Seems off.. Like takes a second to jump after I press x. Also the deadzone is weird too I seem to have to push the stick quite a bit before the character moves.. 


  8. On 14/05/2021 at 4:44 PM, bradyglen5 said:

    I play two fishing games: (1) Fishing Sim World Pro Tour Collector's Edition, and (2) Rapala Pro Series. I bought the Collector's Edition of the Pro Tour because it includes the base game as well as many of the add-ons, lakes, gear, etc. I have not been disappointed with the game at all. The graphics are incredible, there are several game modes to choose from, custom tackle boxes that you can create, and plenty of fishing. I highly recommend watching the full tutorial to learn the basics, especially the controls for fishing and fighting the fish. Once you learn, it's just mastering the controls. You start on the amateur tour, and then have the opportunity to move into pro and elite tours. I finished the first amateur season and could move into the pro tour, but I'm making another run through the amateurs to get better at the craft. :) The different series--Bass, Carp, and Predator--all present their own challenges, especially the Predator series. "Tackle Points" in Fishing Sim World is what you need to buy more and upgraded gear, and getting into the pro and elite tours the upgrades will make all the difference. 

    Rapala Pro Series is also very good. You'll spend time earning in-game money through the single player fishing objectives/challenges to earn the money you need to upgrade gear and purchase all the lures in the game. There are live daily challenges that you can compete for additional in-game money. The controls do need to be learned, as you have to learn the retrievals for each specific lure, and then fighting the fish--especially the lunkers--will take a lot of time and patience. I fought a massive lake trout for over 20 minutes real time and finally gave up. I just didn't have strong enough line to get him even close to the boat. Upgrading gear is vital.  

    Choose one, or both...and have fun. I AM! :) 


    Woah didn't think anyone would reply. 

    Thanks for the info. I bought fishing sim Pro tour edition but haven't started it yet.. I'll pick up rapala at some point too 😁


  9. Ive been interested for a while to get into a fishing game as i have a keen interest but never fished.

    Would this be accessible to me? how bad is the learning curve??

    Is this the best fishing game on ps4?

    Any help would be appreciated =) 


  10. On 24/04/2021 at 7:32 AM, dj_lalle said:

    Sure it’s long, but isnt that what the two games before this one told us?


    I honestly only thought 2 or 3 trophies were a chore where as I have seen everything else as a good and fun time, I have really liked origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, never a dull moment


    Not really.. Origins took me 45 hrs and odyssey with the first dlc took me 70. I'm at 110 hrs now and still about 20-30 left.. Hopefully. Its easily double the time of odyssey.. 

    On 24/04/2021 at 8:08 AM, kevao97 said:

    For me, these new AC games are empty. Huge and empty worlds, more of the same, a pre-made game with a saturated formula. I can't see myself playing, maybe if they were free but maybe not even so. I liked it when AC Origins came out, but I soon realized that it was not what I thought.


    To be fair to valhalla there is plenty to do and I'm convinced the map is smaller than odyssey.. 


  11. I've just hit the 100 hr mark done all collectables apart from jortenheim.. Got a few more territories quest lines to do.. Haven't done any orlog games yet and haven't done all the fish.. That along with the order kills I reckon about 20-30 hrs left and I've been pretty proficient, not wasting much time at all.. This game is a slog! I platted odyssey in 70 hrs and that felt waaaaaay longer than the 100 I've done in valhalla. Its long as balls but its pretty damn good. (apart from the stone stacking.. That can **** right off..)


  12. It's also a decent time to plat. I've been at it for about 20+ hours and it's a slog. You need about 200k+ to buy all the buses and the best route I've found takes around 10 mins and nets you a whopping 3k. That along with the scenarios which take about 5-10 hrs I put a rough guess on it being around 30-40hrs. It's functional but get bus simulator. It's a heck ton better. 


  13. Wow is this broken. Almost every time I hold L1 and press triangle it never registers. It only does a standard through pass (triangle) 

    Anyone had this issue? I've tried several pads too.. Each the same. 


    EDIT 1: just use square. 


    EDIT 2: at least half of the trainings seem broken. My players moving and reacting twice as slow as they should and inputs not registering properly. 


  14. Just a heads up.. 

    I tried the technique of sleeping and waiting for a blood moon for lore to appear on broken vehicles etc for a few hours and got nothing, this tech is bogus. 

    Your best bet is to just explore every island. I found the lore at 30 DIFFERENT locations there are more than enough. So just explore every inch of every island and you'll have 30 eventually.