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  1. Can anyone help me with this mission..

    Im close to being beaten. I never usually give up on a game but I'm going to with this. I'm not the best at racing games. 

    I've got lambo aventador almost maxed I've got the handling tuning between drift and centre. 

    Also.. Do I have to do this mission in order to earn the platinum? 


  2. Shinobi 3 Keep your powder dry - Go into options set shurikens to 00 and use invincibility cheat of pressing X on these songs in this order: He Runs, Japonesque, Shinobi Walk, Sakura, Getfu.


    Golden Axe 2 Fly you fools! - Get to the enemy and spell dropper in first level by the wooden bridge kill the spell guy and position yourself behind the enemy and chuck/kick him off the bottom of the screen. Rewind with L2 and repeat.



  3. 53 minutes ago, Grindagger said:

    Thank you kindly.


    Seems doable, I wouldn't say it's that bad. A few ones might take a little time I notice the guy in the thread mentions you can't use save states, so you have to hardcore it legit.


    Some of the games are ambiguous about how you access them. Do you just select a challenge and it puts you directly in a particular section of the game? Shining force is a huge game, how exactly does the challenge work for games such as that, rather than specific level games.


    Sorry for the questions, I haven't picked the game up yet and I'm curious as to how to go about managing the platinum here.


    There is a challenge menu that puts you straight into the challenge like in the 'Golden Axe 2 - Defeat second boss while playing as an axe battler with no magic or continues' it drops you straight at that boss.

    So as you can see it would be pretty pointless to use save states anyway. I think most will be able to do these with a bit of patience.. im just finding them really hard.


  4. Already have it set to game mode.. Tried turning off and nothing and pad plugged in does nothing. 


    It's not too bad to get use to. It is a little jarring at first but I'm so use to the original. 


    Could be just my TV.. It is only a cheaper end 4k Panasonic. 


  5. Done more than one in each region and no trophy! Can anyone help?


    Edit: just got it. It definitely took more than 1 in each region.


  6. Am i missing something? i cant seem to charge my flash light!? I've tried holding L1 and Pressing left and right on the d-pad but nothing happens. I know there is a universal charger as i've used it once before but cant for the life of me figure it out how to use it again. Even google searched and came up short.

    Any help would be very appreciated.


  7. For anyone who is having trouble obtaining this trophy here is what to do.

    My game glitched me out of this trophy and i only needed this trophy for the platinum so i had to do a second playthrough but this should work if you are starting new game also.


    First if this is a second playthrough DELETE game and all save files from hard drive and re-install game. Get to the mission Thin White Line and Beat the boss (Shub-Niggurath) and the fight just outside the police station. After this fight i used up all my tortilla's from my inventory so i could buy one fresh. Then go and do cartmans moms side quest for the brownies, get the juice from the farm (make sure to get the crank) and then go to the taco place. Buy a tortilla and the recipe and eat it there (this TimeFart is kinda OP so use it if wanted, i did alot). Keep progressing the game until you fight Mutant Kyle and it will pop as you use the day/night TimeFart on mutant kyle.


    On second playthrough on easy it took me roughly 7 hours from the start of the gane until i popped this trophy.


    Hope this helps :)