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  1. I've been practicing this game a lot over the past couple weeks and seem to hit a roadblock during my Expert campaign on Astrosight. That song, and most songs after it, are too hard for me to finish or get one star let alone the required two or three for the bonus song. The super fast, high note volume sections and section transitions are what are killing me. I can't switch fast enough and then pick up on the note coming at me fast enough to keep a combo going. Does anyone have any advice other than get good? Am I missing something? I've definitely gotten better playing on Expert for awhile as I'm able to easily clear a 15 song campaign on Advanced. I'm also using Right Dominant Seek for my controller scheme, which appears to be the preferred layout. Any help is appreciated from the Amplitude masters in this forum.
  2. I've considered getting this game for awhile and my buddies who play on PC recently got into the heists. Has an update been pushed that allows cross-platform play since Sony has now made that capability available?
  3. Thank you for posting this! I really want to go for the 100% on this game but the couch co-op requirements were deterring me since trophies like this are not only tough but I think have to be completed twice for both players to get it through SharePlay.
  4. Thanks for everyone's reply. I asked if it was "wishful thinking" because I know it isn't realistic that they are extended and, yes, I did have many years to complete those DLCs so I truly only have myself to blame. That and my tendency to dislike MP trophies because I am garbage in MP regardless of the game. Not enough time for me to git gud at it compare to other people. I put in some time in to U2 MP when I first played it and have a decent foundation on some of the medal achievements. I wasn't able to start right when they announced the closure in June because my wife and I had a baby shortly before that and my time has been focused in a different spot lately. Now that we are back at work and in a rhythm, I have some more time to get online and hoping to at least get U2 done and will always look at my trophy list of U3 and wonder what could have been. At least I've learned my lesson and will be going for those other MP trophies on PS3 games that I need to finish ASAP before other server shutdowns happen. I'm looking at you GTA IV.
  5. For such popular games, does anyone think we could see an extension, even if it is a short one, to the server shutdown? I finished The Last of Us MP but have to tackle both Uncharted 2 and 3 and know that I don't have enough time to 100% both. I'd be ecstatic if they pushed the shutdown back a month or two. Would be great if it went to the end of the year though. Am I just wishfully thinking though?
  6. So I went back after completing the reports on beginner and then deleted all beginner save files and the save profile. Basically, everything except my critical saves right before the final boss fights. After completing the first final boss battle, the new save profile was created. I needed to beat each of the other two boss battles to ensure that everything saved correctly. I did miss one Xehanort report but once I picked that up and saved, the Final Episode popped and it was on Critical.
  7. Yes. I've beaten all final bosses with each character on critical and made sure that i had collected all xehanort reports including the letter on those critical playthroughs.
  8. So I did my playthroughs in a different order than other people. I was going to get 100% on a beginner file then move to a critical one on each character. The problem I'm having is that I unlocked and played the final episode on beginner but, after collecting all of the xehanort reports on critical, the game didn't prompt me to create a file for the final episode when I went back into the menu at a save point. Did I do something wrong? Is the game seeing that I already unlocked the final episode on beginner and not seeing that I need to do it again? Is there a way to still create this final episode save file on critical by deleting the beginner files even though I've already collected all the xehanort reports and the trigger event to prompt me to create the final episode file may have already passed? Any help is appreciated.
  9. For anyone interested, I finally got this trophy but it didn't pop until I earned a few more medals. I didn't count but I know I didn't have card 22 appear until after I earned between 105 and 110 medals overall including the bonus mission. No where else have I seen someone say card appearances are tied to medals but it makes sense when you consider people only have trouble with card drops toward the end of the game when medals get harder to earn. If you are not having cards drop anymore, try earning a couple more medals then play levels 6-8 on insane. That may help the last few drop.
  10. I'm stuck on the last card and have been playing levels 6 through 8 on insane a lot. Any strategies for finding the last card? For me it's card 22. I did notice, after being stuck at 19 of 22 cards that 2 were collected in consecutive runs on level 8 on hard a day after I started trying to collect all cards. That didn't happen the next day though. What has everyone else done to collect their last card?
  11. Three new hackers have made the fastest times list. All with 11 seconds to 100%.
  12. There appears to be a new hacker that put in a 100% completion time of 11 seconds.
  13. Nevermind. I got it by not using any active powerups. Only used the power up that removes a piece type. It was actually pretty quick after that. I think I got lucky.
  14. What level and powerups did you use? I've been trying to get it on 3-1 wish the binoculars and stone face and been having some issues because it appears there is an extra tile type on vita then there is on ps4.