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  1. Hey, how can I go back to the world map after beating the final boss? I start at the save point right before the boss after finishing the game. Teleport rod doesnt work. The way back is impossible. Im reaching in snake form the black mist and cant transform to use the golden sword because the passage ist too small.
  2. Speedrun trophies + RPGs = 🤮 Why did they do that?
  3. Hope this game gets turn based combat. But yeah, we all know it will end up with "tales of..." combat.
  4. !!!!!!!!!!! Update version 1.05 is out. Both scrap and the dragonheart trophy popped for me after changing my scrap amount (sell/buy something. Perhaps you dont need to sell or buy something, just wait. That are freaking great news! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Im too late with posting. 😅
  5. I think for the mod trophy only mods count you trade for boss items. Mods you buy dont count. Thats how my 5 mod trophy popped. There are 15 mods to trade and 3 to buy.
  6. Another night rolling earth and hoping to see Ent or finding the monkey key dungeon. 🙄 Thanks.
  7. Today I ran earth multiple times and did Not find the Ent Boss or the dungeon "Sorrows Field". Can someone rember if his world had the living tree inside when facing Ent? Do I have to treat the living tree in a certain way? At which warp stone was the dungeon "Sorrows Field" nearest?
  8. Can someone tell me how to find "ent boss"? I played through earth 5 or 6 times. Does it has to be a world with the living tree? Do I have to kill him? Spare him? Talk to? Ignore? Im out of ideas.
  9. Deleting isnt a problem. You can upload your char + world. I think I will try this too after work.
  10. Ring and coin too, yes.
  11. Boss trophies are host only.
  12. There is a work around for this problem. Do your video output settings like this: PS4 Pro: 1080p PS4: 720
  13. Same here. ^^ Two man coop got damaged a lot and after the fight trophy popped.
  14. Its impossible to play for me now. The game crashes a few seconds after loading my safe file. Stupid day one buyer. I have to wait for another patch before I can continue playing. Game is totally broken now.
  15. That doesnt work. Than it hast to be max upgrade. Do you know what the max level is?