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    Pretty all over the place when it comes to video games. Just whatever floats my boat at the time!
    Books (Love the Inheritance Cycle, the movie was a travesty)
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  1. What does suck though, is even if they do bring it back as a LTM mode, is that the trophy probably won’t even pop.
  2. A smidge all over the place in terms of genres, but man what a nice collection you have. Killzone 2? Simply phenomenal and I love you lol.
  3. Extremely proud of being the King in the North!
  4. Gotcha bro, thanks for clarifying.
  5. I never actually did any side missions, usually fought 1 maybe 2 enemies while traveling (I was doing the distance trophy alongside this), and then it would pop back up. Unless I’m an idiot and that’s what you’re referring to as a side mission as well.
  6. Pretty damn excited myself. Good to see devs knowing that they wanted more time to work out the kinks. Though March is booked up already between Trails, division 2 and Sekiro :(.
  7. Took me 17 fissures to go from good to evil. After picking good the Entire way through. So you can still do it ^^
  8. As someone who’s lost a couple 80+ hour saves before, I can relate to the feeling you have. It fucking sucks lol. I religiously load my saves to the cloud every time I log off a game, just in case this happens again. Only bit of advice I can give you is that.
  9. @Soneto Player of good games. Salt and Sanctuary was a phenomenal game, and glad to see you have it.
  10. Yeah the mp trophies in the base game just requires us to get in a private lobby and play a match. There’s me, you and a boss. All you have to do is out damage me, which will be easy, since I wouldn’t be playing! And sure, go ahead, no rush. It’s not going anywhere :). I need to buy the dlc soon anyway and get cracking on it.
  11. The multiplayer battles are super easy, I can boost them with you if you want. I can play my computer while we do it, since you’d be doing all the work @Avatar_Of_Battle Shoot me a friend request on psn and we’ll do it.
  12. Just found out about the ability to hide games on your account. Freaking awesome. I use my list on here as more of an agenda in what’s next to do then anything else, so this works perfectly! Late night discoveries ftw! Back to that Way of the Demon grind in Nioh!

    1. AJ_Radio


      I won't hide anything until a game I have done gets flagged.

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Nice discovery. I don't hide games unless it's 0% and know I'll never start it, but then I could delete them if I have a PS4. 

    3. Valkynberg


      Not even sure how you get a game flagged. tbh.

  13. Gotta love sports fans.
  14. I. Love. This. Game. Diablo 2 next please.
  15. This does kind of make sense, since they are the only fully fledged heroes. Everyone else is evil as hell or a student.