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  1. Thanks for the kind words. I am just always trying to be honest I guess - if a game is shit I will tell you it is shit, if a game is unfair I will tell you that as well. B4B is far from being shit, it is good but as I said - pretty bullshit. Most of the time the game just decides it wants you dead and there is not much you can do about it. I only need the final act on veteran and I am not looking forward to Nightmare. The big problem is: the leap between difficulties is just too much - hear me out why. You should either make the enemies tougher or reduce the amount of starting points - not both like the game does. On Recruit you get a starting point with each mission, so if you fail you can start from that mission - on Veteran you get a starting point on average for every other mission, if a chapter has 5 missions you will get one at the very start and at the 3rd mission - on Nightmare you only get 1 starting point.... so when a chapter has 5 missions you will have to do all of them without failing. This is ridiculous honestly. Not only you have no checkpoints but you have to deal with the RNG hell this game is. I can already see people raging while failing at the last mission of a chapter cause the game decided to throw an army of armored Tall Boys + a Hag + burning zombies at you. They should really add more checkpoints to Nightmare if they want to keep the ridiculous RNG and difficulty. Just my 5 cents.
  2. WWZ was the reason I started this game cause I was hoping for a similar experience. WWZ, however, has more methods to equalize that - you can camouflage yourself with smokes and with its 3rd person view you have a better overview when someone approaches you from behind. The game is simply said broken. All its mechanics are broken - if is unfinished. All the survival mechanics like eating, sleeping etc. can be totally ignored with no punishment whatsoever. The pills mechanic is also completely pointless. The fact they charged full price for that is criminal. Sorry for telling you the truth - see it more as a friendly warning to stay away from that crap Yeah and as I said, game is fine just totally unbalanced which makes it not fun in its current state. And I have played Balan... thanks for reminding me that pile of crap exists. Thanks to you I won't be able to sleep tonight cause of the nightmares about the game returning lol
  3. Show me where I said it was the worst game in years? I said the game is bullshit, not that it is the worst game I have played. That award goes to We Happy Few.
  4. I have personally no problems with a game being difficult but seriously, this game is pure bullshit to be honest. Let's start with the genius decision of getting hit preventing you from sprinting - you have to reload, a mob is approaching you so you want to get in safety to reload but the moment you turn your back some random zombie will basically zoom in on you, hit you and you won't be able to sprint anymore. Before you are able to reload your gun you already lost like half your HP. The game spawns special enemies waaaay too frequently to be able to keep up with it. Just had 6 tall guys spawning in a radius of 20 meters of me... just to fuck me over cause the attempt was good. But what happened soon after was the cherry on top of the bullshit cake - a tall guy spawned out of thin air and grabbed me the moment he spawned. I have a clip of it, he was nowhere to be seen but suddenly I got grabbed... This game is just artificially difficult for the sake of it. This game could be so much fun if it wasn't for this crazy unbalanced bullshit. Also some cards simply don't work - like the one that is supposed to grant you temporary health with each shotgun pellet? I got temporary health maybe once from it. I am usually the last to whine about a game needing a patch because of the difficulty but I definitely see myself waiting for a patch due to the game being just unfun and wasting my time with crap like this.
  5. Might as well join when playing the game. Count me in also mentioning @Potent_Delusions for no reason at all, he knows why.
  6. The only thing that was extremely annoying about the game were the "collectibles". Technically not collectibles but stuff like collecting shit, blowing stuff up etc. - the stuff which the district trophies are for. There is just waaaaay too many of those and they get extremely boring, extremely quickly. I played the game like 12 years ago I think but still remember that.
  7. Exactly like this ^
  8. Pass. Online community is just cancerous. When I was grinding for level 100 the fastest way were races and I can't remember a game pissing me off as much as GTA5 online did. Leading the whole race just to crash into a toxic piece of shit who just blocks the last part of the race by parking horitontally 50 meters before the finish line just so his buddy who was 2nd at the time could win. On some rare cases I was able to host and choose the race rules myself and I just set them to no colission and won almost all the races I participated in, without this rule people would just crash into you all the time to help their buddies or just to annoy the piss out of you. The game is mostly played by toxic kiddies - so yeah, a lot of fun. Offline is ok, the story is ok I would say with its only highlight being Trevor who is batshit insane.
  9. DC Universe Online got also a new Plat image some time after release if I remember correctly.
  10. Borderlands 2 released on PS3 in 2012, while the ps3 version didn't get the dlc, the ps4 version got a dlc in 2019. So technically new content 7 years later.
  11. And you don't need plinking after all, I finished all of the trials multiple times without ever plinking once. It is basically just muscle memory and understanding WHY you messed up the combo.
  12. I would only want them to let us vote for the next round before it starts. I got a feeling people get even more retarded in See Saw the longer the game is out. This map is pure fucking cancer and I can't stand it. Getting stuck cause a bunch of idiots don't understand physics in the slightest is annoying as fuck.
  13. Be happy you don't have to figure out Annie 3 by yourself lol It broke my brain.
  14. My 6 years old niece loved Spyro Reignited Trilogy, so I would also recomment that one to you.
  15. This is against the rules and is threated equaly to hacking.