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  1. Just between us... it was sarcasm I hate this game, a huge disappointment and honestly the game came out unfinished and with extreme performance issues. The only thing the did right was getting rid of the "survival" functions of the main game in the DLCs, since those were broken anyway. Thank you, it's just my style you know. No time to waste, especially for this crap
  2. I wrote down all the collectibles for the last DLC of my all time favorite game. My description may sometimes not be super accurate but it should help you get an overview how many to have before leaving an area. Red ones are contraptions for upgrades, green are the lore items. Deleting the game, sayonara, hope to never see it again. George - on a table in the house right after escaping the Bobbies Party Supplies - in the kitchen area of the suicide house Upsides for Downers - straight in front of you when first entering the sewers A Bridge Too Far - at the start of military camp, upstairs CONTRAPTIONS 1 - At the beginning of military camp CONTRAPTIONS 2 - After taking the lift below the bridge use whip to get across and find it on a table Safety Last - on a tin wall under the bridge, after a small jump Worker's Note - on a table still under the bridge section... CONTRAPTIONS 3 - Next to it CONTRAPTIONS 4 - Under the stairs, right after the uncharted-like scene of shit falling apart No Requests - on a steel beam upstairs from last one Beautification - on a door shortly after entering the Quarantine area Health Pamplet - once in the Quarantine area you will basically have to walk a 180 degree path, so walk til the first crossway and turn around, upstairs at the end it will be CONTRAPTIONS 5 - next to it CONTRAPTIONS 6 - on a shelf when entering the house at top of the scaffolding CONTRAPTIONS 7 - Under the pipes you walk on when entering Waterloo District Operator Manual - You can pull yourself up next to the pub and follow the path to the very end, enter the window there, the room where you turn out the detection lasers Bad Batches - showers, vent, get out where the workers are, use wheel, through vent CONTRAPTIONS 8 - Same as above Applied Phrenology - Top of Joy Hangar, where you turn the power back on (the switch at top floor, not the one in the middle) CONTRAPTIONS 9 - Same as above CONTRAPTIONS 10 - After turning power back on, behind a door on the ground floor CONTRAPTIONS 11 - In the lower room with one of the 2 power switches Worker's Manifesto - In a room next to the room with the power switch mentioned above CONTRAPTIONS 12 - Same as above Untidy - In the night section pull yourself up with the whip and find it in a room with power switch CONTRAPTIONS 13 - Same as above Peace Offering - After passing a random shitter, go through fence, turn right, go up scaffolding, jump a gap towards purple lights, through hole in a roof, on a table CONTRAPTONS 14+15 - Same as above Spanked - In a small room when you go left just before a road block whereyou can see 3 bobbies molesting a chick CONTRAPTIONS 16+17 - hole in a fence, down to the canal, through an opening CONTRAPTIONS 18 - When leaving the canal in the other direction, after pulling up you can see it on a wooden chest before using the wooden beam to cross CONTRAPTIONS 19 - After getting past the red-painted wall on the roof, you will enter an open area from above, jump to the roof to the left and enter through the window CONTRAPTIONS 20-22 - you need to grab the alley stash key from the open area which 2 statues (in one of the back alleys there) and then head back to the alley stash CONTRAPTIONS 23 - On a bench in the area alley where you found the stash key Permanent Solution - Below the dart gun CONTRAPTIONS 24 - Upstairs in the area where you mention the pipes transporting joy CONTRAPTIONS 25 - From the last one go outside, around the corner and pull yourself up CONTRAPTIONS 26 - Through a window not far from the last two Highly Classified - After you are told to escape old bailey district use whip and jump across through 2 roofs to a window CONTRAPTIONS 27 - Same as above CONTRAPTIONS 28 - In the area of Old Bailey with many TVs and Bobbies, on the broken high bridge, in a room next to it CONTRAPTIONS 29 - Same area, another one of the 2nd floor windows, above one of the TVs CONTRAPTIONS 30 - Make a circle around the garden area, it will be between 2 closed fences there CONTRAPTIONS 31 - After taking the pipes to next area, pull yourself up and through the window there CONTRAPTIONS 32 - In another window... in the same area... CONTRAPTOPNS 33 - In a back alley you can reach from one of the roofs (look after a red painted tin plate on one of the smaller roofs) CONTRAPTIONS 34 - In a 2nd floor room with a power switch for downer detector (follow the wires) CONTRAPTIONS 35 - After the first vent section of waterworks on your right, after climbing up Unfiltered - The area after the vent is a circular room, take a lap and it will be on a table next to an aquarium CONTRAPTIONS 36 - Same circular room, other direction CONTRAPTIONS 37 - After escaping the flood basically in front of you Burning Bright - in the same roof where the safe is with your gear CONTRAPTIONS 38 - after escaping prison and using whip for the first time on the prison ground CONTRAPTIONS 39 - prison grounds, stay on the lower level, at the end through a window CONTRAPTIONS 40 - on some crates at the end of lower level of prison grounds CONTRAPTIONS 41 - after taking rooftops and entering the room CONTRAPTIONS 42 - on a barrel near the end of green goo section FAQ - Top floor of your house Johhny Bolton's Plans - automatic through the story progression
  3. Marvel Infinite isn't as hard as you think, since online can be easily boosted now with the game being dead. And you only have to finish 5 characters in the Combo Challenge Mode, which isn't particularly hard neither.
  4. The game saves like every time you use a terminal, load a save before accidentally killing the enemy.
  5. Seeing this game not having many people playing it makes me kinda sad since the game is super fun. A great coop experience and something, which especially Hotline Miami fans would enjoy. So if you have a chance - get it. Some people may not like the fact that there is no online coop. Well technically you are right but you can bypass it. As you can see in the leaderboards my buddy and I were the first to plat it and we did it together online. In order to play together online you should have a friend you can trust (like we do since we know each other outside of psn). You can put both accounts on one console, log in with both accounts and use shareplay for both players to earn the trophies. Shareplay of course isn't perfectly lag-free and you have to restart after an hour each time but it worked more than fine for us. Additionally you should know: if you play coop via shareplay and one of the accounts has completed all the levels in coop already, the second player will get the trophy for all levels by finishing only one of them in coop. So theoretically someone could just have the trophy pop for you and you could do the rest solo if you wish to.
  6. I really, really hope this is the final DLC for this game. Just want to delete it and never touch it again. ^^
  7. Sounds fun knowing the history of Blizzard Servers on release day/week.
  8. It was difficult to not start questioning my life decisions why I keep playing this game.
  9. Out of our team Gage was the only one who actually liked it We've been trolling him for that for days already.
  10. The plat is one huge grindfest. As FranciRoosters mentioned, you will be doing the same shit over and over again. I am a not a fan of this game and will never be. Game felt more like work than a game honestly. I've been working for a postal service once and had vietnam flashbacks playing this "game".
  11. Don't know. Personally I am a time traveler. Sometimes I simply know where a copy will fall down from a delivery truck, other time the blimp transporting the games crashes in my backyard.
  12. Agree with that and I agree with IGN score. And for everyone thinking politics are the reason for a bad review for this game I got only one thing to say.
  13. I can tell you from my own personal experience, with 200 Hours @Hakoom was pretty slow getting the plat. It took me 110 Hours while searching for the collectibles for the guide added more hours to my time than I would like to admit. Reading Hakooms' or Mr_Pound_Of_Life's story of playing 200 hours of even longer I have no idea what you were doing all the hours honestly. If I didn't spend any time on searching the collectibles on my own I would have probably been done in under 100 hours. Additionally you should know that except for the final hour of my plat, I've been playing offline the whole time so I couldn't even use all the stuff other players left for me to use. So everything that was build in my world, was only my own shit. When I went online for the first time to get my plat I laughed my ass off how much time I could have saved by playing online. So once again, don't be scared by the 200 hour time of Hakoom, it can be done MUCH faster than this. And before somebody makes assumptions: no I did not skip a single cutscene.
  14. 100% completion account here and no Ratalajka Games in sight and never will there be a single one on my account, or My Name is Mayo ^^ Or any of those Japanese Novels, or multi stacks by cloud saving
  15. This would have you wake up at night, going to the next Autobahn and measure the distance between the white stripes on the road to check if they are always the same. As dlc you would be able to get drunk 3 times a week while screaming like an idiot in the middle of the night, not giving a fuck about people sleeping. Pre-order bonus would be a set of white socks and sandals and a towel which you place on a deck chair at 6 in the morning during your vacation so nobody else gets it but you. Source: living in Germany