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  1. yeah lol I bet I could get to gold rank nowadays while being completely drunk and playing Eleven
  2. And the opponents did the same to you... I lost hundreds of points cause of opponents quitting on me. So it went both ways... I actually went through the gold league stuff at release as well as nowadays and let me tell you once again -> It is a joke now compared to the release. Not only are the good players gone into the depths of higher ranks, you also get a shit ton of bonus points for win streaks. You can get to gold in no time now.
  3. You know that the opposite is the case right? It is now waaaay easier to reach gold than it was during the launch period. At launch you would run into all the pros early since they were still at low rank just as everyone else. Everyone that is somewhat decent at the game has moved to gold/platinum and above long time ago. People you meet between bronze and silver now are almost braindead.
  4. You are required to do the only somewhat challenging trophy by yourself, so solo is the way to go anyway.
  5. Didn't you listen to this dude? Gold League is the highest level of Street Fighter play. I wonder why I wasn't signed up by some team by now for reaching the gold leauge like 10 times.
  6. Yeah, just saw it. In the combo I wrote qcf twice instead of qcb and then qcf. At least in the description below I wrote it correctly will correct it later.
  7. You probably are using the analog stick? One more Cancel is set to L3 so you are probably pressing it on accident. Change the button setting so L3 is not mapped to anything or it will keep triggering on accident.
  8. THANK YOU. Finally got another one for my bingo card. Here is a blank version if you want to play along. @grimydawg___ I included you in the Bingo, please don't sue me for copyright
  9. Sorry to disappoint you but I am not even planing on searching for new solutions I am not especially into this game, it is fine but I play mainly street fighter, so not gonna spend any more time on the game after I got the plat.
  10. Just a heads up for people going for it: there is a subtle change in the game.... Since it is the arcade version port, the game has new balance - especially Supers are hit hard by the nerf bat. All the super moves in the game do significantly less damage now. My point is: Margaret, Adachi and Marie Challenge 25 solutions no longer work because of the damage reduction for supers. I tested all known solution I could find for them as well as the ones I always used on ps3 and all of them lack a good chunk of damage. Means people have to come out with new, probably way more difficult solutions for those 3 easy dlc chars #25s. As an example - the piss easy #25 solution for Margaret which did over 6000 damage by performing basically 5 moves now only does around 4.8-5K damage, don't remember the exact number. For time being Shadow Labrys is the character to go since her #25 is not a damage specific one but combining 2 Brutal Impacts - her old solutions still work.
  11. I hope there is no autopop... The only thing I don't look forward to are the garbage RE7 DLCs like End of Zoe and Not a Hero... 21 I don't mind, I thought it was quick and easy but End of Zoe was just ... pure shit.. first person angry swamp man simulator with melee combat... melee always sucks in first person view.
  12. No toxicity from my side either. We just have different approaches when it comes to guides. On the topic itself: some people seem to care more about trophies than games itself - even if there is missable stuff - who cares? If you are interested in a game -> play it. Since the second half of PS4 area and the "new generation" of trophy hunters coming in the community nowadays feels entitled to getting all the trophies in a game. During ps3 era many games were challenging so you had to actually earn the trophies through hard work but the trophy community turns more whiney with the time. They are called TROPHIES for a reason - you have to earn them. They aren't called PARTICIPATION AWARDS lol But many seem to forget about it.
  13. You know... I actually worked my ass off and pulled multiple all-nighters to make the guide as little WIP as possible. It was based on the experience of one man alone so obviously some stuff requires confirmation from other people. I even included a full step by step playthrough overview on when to do all the things. Seems like people like to panic more than I assumed - While some trophies are missable, they are missable mostly because of own decisions. And I also take the time to go through comments one by one, trying to answer the questions and correcting stuff through stuff foudn by community. It is a monster project of a guide and I am actually pretty happy of how the trophy guide turned out. And we had similar talks to his... before you mention the time needed for platinum I decided to use 60-100 hours is too high because you can do it in 15 hours will full optimization by watching 800 guides before that and planing every step ahed of the time - that is not how 99% of the people will play the game. I know you like to optimize the games to the lowest possible time but I prefer to stay realistic to how the game is supposed to be played.
  14. Really happy about this. Gives me another reason to replay the games.
  15. The game came out in 2016... and only in 2019 I think they added the option to spend fight money to continue survival after losing a match... So yeah, you had to do all the shit wihout losing. The game is just not up to date but It was telling the truth.