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  1. Hey there. Is someone around here confident enough to help a "noob" reach the gold in ranked? I must be the unluckiest person in this game, getting teamed up mostly with team-killers or people who just want to lose on purpose to annoy everyone else. It's my last trophy I need but doing it with randoms I see no chance of ever getting this done.
  2. Resistance was actually better than expected honestly - playing as survivor with a group was fun and mastermind gameplay was something different and really interesting. Umbrella Corps on the other hand... only bearable with some friends. This game's "single player story mode" was the worst excuse for a single player I have ever seen in my life. Colecting samples, followed by collecting samples, followed by collecting samples... Multiplayer in Umbrella Corps tried to collect nostalgia points for including locations from classic RE games but it didn't help much.
  3. PS5 Version of Immortals: Fenyx Rising needs a rescan cause the DLC trophies can't be seen on the site yet. (The ps4 list is up to date)
  4. The ps5 dlc trophy list wasn't added to the website yet, the PS4 version was. Should be added soon though.
  5. My expectations are so extremely low for this. It will probably be hot garbage but i will play it anyway because i play every crap with RE written on it.
  6. Why would someone preorder something nowadays anyway? With digital distribution and pre-load being a thing one should not be worried about not being able to play a game they want to on release day.
  7. The US version is 20% faster and the EU version is simply not worth the effort... I bought the US version although I already owned the EU one cause of that. The battle mode with Chris on EU version is significantly harder with the EU version and requires luck and a borderline perfect run to have a chance at the time needed. Just for comparison: on the US version I managed to finish all the battle modes first try lol
  8. It's not even close to being a 9/10, not in the slightest. The final challenge is just all the other challenges combined to one, nothing new there. And the time restriction is not even the problem in it, since the last area will vomit time bonuses on you. Additionally the game gives you a lot of movement options to cut corners and make jumps safer (Jump, Float, Hit, Dive - for a ridiculously long distance jumps). I wouldn't say it's doable first try without any practice, but it's just simple platforming and patience. Definitely not one of those "I will skip the game because of one trophy" things.
  9. I can tell you how I always went through the campaign stuff. I always tried to get rid of as many as possible of the handicaps in my first challenge. Might take a few attempts to finish a challenge with 3 handicaps, but at least that will take a burden of your shoulders for the remaining challenges. Watch youtube videos for the challenges and take your time, you have no time limit apart from some positioning of enemies based on time.
  10. It wasn't that bad honestly, the only part I kept dying on like an idiot was the part with the crab enemies lol
  11. To quote the merchant in RE4: "Got something that might interest ya!" I think that game might destroy you completely: So I nominate Koihime Enbu Ryo RaiRai for the 2nd round of your challenge. From what I heard the game has combo-challenges which make other fighting games look like a walk in the park, haven't played it myself so far though.
  12. Yeah there are worse game that this probably, but it's probably damage control. They surely don't want to have to refund even more people cause of the false advertising. For most of the crap games you know it will be a crap game, but when something is advertised as the best shit since the invention of sliced bread and turns out to be this broken, you know people will start rioting.
  13. It is already out in New Zealand store Edit: Nevermind, NZ won't work with your US-Version of the game. Just let me know when it comes out in your region, some of the missions are batshit lol
  14. Anyone want to cooperate through the Torii Gate to get rid of the side missions on Demon? (Someone decent, my build is not good enough to carry someone completely)
  15. Game is definitely way more fun than I expected from a Ubisoft title