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  1. Even if it wasn't very hard, I'd say winning a speedrunning competition in God's Trigger in a coop with a friend. We won 2 gaming laptops in that competition and our time was so good the developers said they couldn't beat it
  2. Basically this.
  3. Most fun platinums: 1 - Persona 5 Royal 2 - Monster Hunter World / Iceborne 3 - Okami Most grindy platinums: 1 - Star Ocean The Last Hope 2 - Monster Hunter World Iceborne 3 - Monster Hunter World Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Persona 4 Arena 2 - Super Meat Boy 3 - I am Bread Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Guily Gear Xrd Sign 2 - Resident Evil Umbrella Corps 3 - Grand Theft Auto 5 Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: (While I did not fail to achieve one yet, here are some PS3 games I would love to see again on PS4/PS5 because the PS3 Versions are no longer possible for one reason or another or I just don't want to play them on PS3 cause my PS3 doesn't work too well) 1 - Lost Planet 2 2 - Motorstorm Pacific Rift 3 - Street Fighter x Tekken
  4. Just like in Nioh 1 the 2nd DLC requires a specific piece of armor which is probably random.... at least I didn't get one yet.
  5. It is worded well... it says "may be recorded and send in BY OTHER USERS". Probably an option in the party which lets you send the audio file directly? Just like reporting a message... One guy starts panic and all the others follow like sheeps fearing the Sony Gestapo... lmao
  6. Dude... recorded by people you are in a party with. You really think your friends will record you and send it to sony? As someone who never joins parties with random strangers you have nothing to worry about. Since people seem to not be able to read: it is NOT sony recording you, the people you are in a party with have the option to record it... much panic for nothing.
  7. Yeah, didn' think of that, you are right. People would exploit the shit out of it . There is something wrong with the loading times though. Restarting Time Trials takes not time at all but restarting a level manually takes ages... Even with crash experience it's hard, but as I said some time before: the first playthrough is making the game look waaay more scary than it actually is. The shit ton of death in first playthrough come from not knowing what will come at you at given time. And someone who hasn't played a single crash game and still comes here and cries about it being too hard should seriously find a new hobby. Of course the game will kick your ass if you never played crash before - first crash game is basically like your first Dark Souls experience - you will... die ... a lot... Only because it's colorful and cartoony it doesn't mean the game is by default a game with difficulty made for little kids, for that one you need to buy the games with the purple dragon instead.
  8. After getting the plat some days ago I'd say my final verdict on the difficulty is 8-9 the first time. Easier the more you play obviously. A few things which I think should get patched though: Deaths before reaching the first checkpoint crate shouldn't count for faster restarts They should REALLY change some of the insta-kill stuff, most of the time aku masks are fucking useless cause stuff kills you with them anyway (lava, ceiling and floor lasers in castle, gears in nitro processing) Loading times when restarting a level.... yeah... Other than abovre mentioned I think the game was amazing and everybody should be actually able to get the plat if you switch the time you whine on this forum for practice time.
  9. Pursona Coco is just adorable, Ze Artiste, Through the Wringer, Papercut and Unicorn would be top 5. I don't play Crash much but from his I like Papercut, Cat's Meow, Floater.
  10. 10/10 means it's very hard, but not bullshit. You have to practice a lot.
  11. I understand what you mean, but I wouldn't call this particular game as an extreme example of difficulty. All trophies have been earned not even a week after release, that isn't that extreme. Challenging? Yes, definitely. Extreme bullshit? Surely not. If it was stuff like Lost Planet 2 where you were forced to get a world record, that I would call an extreme example of bullshit difficulty, even though I did it twice back in the days. This is just practice and a bit more practice.
  12. This glitch is basically useless, won't save anyone from doing the relics.
  13. I guess you mean the hitbox because of the 4 crate staches? I can give you a tip that I found out helped myself a lot. When approaching the 4 crates stay in the middle and DON'T press left or right, just slam straight into them without steering. I had a feeling pressing left or right moves Polars hitbox a bit and that makes you miss the crates.
  14. Definitely! Make sure you know where all the crates are first, you don't want to end up missing a crate on a deathless run. I always start with memorizing the crates, then I do a practire run to see which checkpoint give me trouble and I practice them until I get confident with them. Final step is combining everything into one, with ocacional re-practice when I'm not confident with a checkpoint (especially happened for riding stages).