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  1. I wouldn't mind if they added new heist with trophies even if they were ridiculously hard. I didn't have an issue with any of the trophies so far. My buddy and I finished every single mission on One Down / Death Sentence (how it is now called) with only the 2 of us so yeah... this game isn't hard for me at all. I used to hold the fastest plat achieving time in this game and after both DLC trophy waves my buddy and I were both times the first crew to complete all of them Since Starbreeze still has a lot of struggle on their own I guess we won't see new heist any soon, probably ever. Too bad since I wanted to play the remaining PD1 heist remade as well as the new ones, especially White House obviously.
  2. I don't have a steam account to post on the forums there but .... is this a fucking joke? Almost a full year waiting for an update and we get Joy and some bug fixes????? NO CRIMESPREE, NO NEW HEISTS??? Oh and guess what... this joke of an update is 21 GB of size for A SINGLE FUCKING CHARACTER AND BUG FIXES, which traditionally will cause even more bugs in the game, since it is always like that.
  3. Sorry but you named the wrong examples. Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa have western localization. What i meant were those japanese-only novels played by non-japanese people, with guides telling your when to press R1 for you platinum. I'd never call Danganronpa or PW a trophy-whore game.
  4. Oh please... and everyone plays them as intended right? It's not like there were some trading websites for those with only reason being quick and easy plats right?
  5. As much as I agree with the witch hunt on Ratalaika Games, there is one thing everybody seems to ignore. They weren't the ones to start the easy/no effort plat bullshit. Did you guys forget about all the japanese novel stuff, where you basically press a button here and there for 45 min to get a plat? I personally see no difference between novels and ratalaika stuff. If you want to get all those plats just to pump up your plat-count... well... good for you I guess? I prefer to play good games. P.S. I am simply amazed each time someone with 100 plats (50 of them being 1/10 difficulty) adds me in psn mentioning: "I see you are also a completionist". Yeah... no..
  6. Playing alone with 2 controllers doesn't sound like a good idea. Game is fast-paced and tests your reflexes. I have talked with the devs and I got a confirmation they are working on a patch for online mode .... for PC version.
  7. I gotta say I am pretty pissed right now. This game has no online co-op although it was been advertised by multiple websites. https://www.co-optimus.com/game/4753/playstation-4/god-s-trigger.html https://www.giantbomb.com/gods-trigger/3030-60939/ For the giantbomb one check the right side of the website for game info. For me it is not a problem since I do have a couch-coop buddy available any time but a psn-buddy and myself wanted to do it in online co-op.... So yeah. Heads up for all of you wanting to do the same.
  8. People saying it is easier than MKX or MK9 should really think about what they are saying. Both of those were already easy as hell but stupidly grindy. So is the case with MK11. All of them are super easy compared to other fighting games, you just have to invest an unnecessary amount of time into it (MK9 mastering bullshit). And this time it's no different. What the hell is the point of playing through the same crap (Tower) 250 times? Going through 50 arcades in other fighting games (SF, Marvel) was already overkill if you ask me, since there is NO challenge behind it and it is just a stupid way to waste your time.
  9. Hey guys, my PS4 had some serious issues today: endless loops while uploading saves, freezing all the times, couldn't access features etc. It seems like this happened by downloading a patch for gang beasts. The patch took ages to load and when it was done i deleted the whole game and my ps4 started working normally again. Nothing helped before deleting the game, not even restoring database. So it really seems like this game caused all the issues for me. I would like to know if someone else has similar issues while having this game insallled.
  10. I left Devil Hunter for my last difficulty, got all the S ranks and didn't get the trophy for them. I panicked... just to figure out I missed one on Human It's been almost like a month since i've played human and didn't remember missing it at all. I was scared the trophy glitched for a moment. Well... finished M11 withouth weapons after that and got my plat. Now it's time for Bloody Palace I guess.
  11. So yeah.... as exected the DLC is total garbage and the collectibles suck again. Found 31 in my first run and that weren't all... time to search for that shit again. The trophy for saving all villagers is also bullshit. For me as soon as the cutscene ended people started dying every time, had no change at all saving all 6 of them.
  12. I'd say Owl (Father) in Hirata Estate. When you learn his complete moveset the fight looks hollywood af.
  13. I gotta say with the amount of youtube videos already released the platinum became doable for me, even though it is my first real DMC experience (and i love it). Finished HaH today and now all that's left are a few DMD missions and a chilled out DH run which i will do at the end (with all the pressure gone :D) I kinda liked using Punchline for Mission 20 since it keeps Vergil busy and it looks funny, kinda like he was trying to scare away some bees lol
  14. Nope, wasn't even asking for it lol I only started the game to help out a buddy with collectible guide. I thought this game could be a bioshock-like game but in the end it was a even worse fallout 4
  15. I was hoping the DLC would never come out or at least wouldn't have trophies. This game was a mess and now i need to force myself to play this again..