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  1. Well... the plat is possible in the EU version but it's not worth the trouble honestly. With the US Version the whole plat becomes soooo much easier. The problem is the Chris Stage in battle mode. With EU version the loading times are longer and the time is short. Loading times make it barely possible to finish the stage in time. You need a godlike run and RNG on your side at all times in order to finish it. In the US version I did it first try lol Get the US version for easier time and don't waste it on the EU one.
  2. Tigrex and Narg are kinda the same size according to the crown numbers, Barioth is bigger indeed. Gold Crown Barioth was my last crown and he is visually huge... like really huge. Tigrex has a huge head when a gold crown, narg's tail is a good hint as well, it is massive.
  3. I think you actually have to capture 4 of them BUT one of them has to be a special one. @swweet got his trophy at his 5th catch, which was the special one from wildspire. I got my when I caught 4, but the 4th one was the special one from Ancient Forest.
  4. I kept track of my crowns in a google doc. I noticed some things: With 5 rewards available you can have one bronze as one of them, so BSSGG, BSGGG, BGGGG can have crowns in them. With 4 rewards none of them should be bronze, so you should look for SSSG or SGGG. Investigations with more than 1 bronze NEVER gave me a crown, neither did 4 rewards investigations with even a single bronze one. Take a look at my info if you wish, could help you maybe?
  5. The same reason why I don't like the newer ones. I liked 6, 7 and 9 for their character cast. I loved the creative characters like Vincent, Red in 7, Freya, Quina, Vivi in 9 and so on. FF8 and the newer ones have a cast of generic characters: FF8 with its high school students and FF15 with its k-pop boyband simply don't appeal to me at all. I played 8 for a while and got bored at disc 2 and said to myself to not waste my time on it.
  6. So yeah... 2 creatures we got covered on youtube already. As well as the monkey: The pointy creature can be found easily doing the "Lord of the Underworld Beckons" event quest. From Camp 11 drop down, go left, hug left wall and before the blueish tunnel climb up the vines on your left. There it will be. (Tekkenfanaat is to be credited for that). If you know the "Beatiful Melody", "Floating throught the skies" or the "Digging creatures" please let us know. Post it here or message me in psn if you know anythign and i'll post it afterwards.
  7. Oh boy, where do I start. I've been unlocking trophies for cash a lot back in the days, nowadays less. I don't mind helping people out for some cash since I don't care about leaderboards and stuff and even if someone brags about the plat I got for them I simply don't give a damn lol 50$ for RDR2 is hilarious though. For reasonable price I'd say go for it? If you don't mind the boredom which RDR2 trophies are. If you want to know which games people asked me to do for them: Street Fighter, BattleFantasia, I am Bread, Dead or Alive, Wipeout, etc. Being decent at fighting games helps out in this "business"
  8. I got the trophy years ago and used Leo.
  9. It actually says it in the main menu: 4 more days you will be able to unlock the items from GP in the pit stop and after shortly after that the rewards will be unlocked.
  10. that one i remember
  11. What I mean is: Even if you restore your savefile from the cloud, it may still keep crashing. For me even often with each restoration. I can give you only one tip: if your savefile gets corrupted, delete it before you restore your old save from cloud. If you simply overwrite the corrupted data the frequency of crashing will be unbearable.
  12. Will try it out tonight. Hope it works and appreciate your effort!
  13. Sellers drove Tiny, I drove Penta and Coco. It was simply based on personal preference.
  14. Appreciate your attempt to helping us. The point is: for us he doesn't have the last conversation option. He simply sits down after destroying the ships and keeps mumbling the same nonsense for a while. The green quest marker simply doesn't appear for us.
  15. So did I. Did the questline 3 times now with now success.