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  1. The game isn't even particularly difficult yet some people sound like it would be impossible without the glitch lol Fighting a single enemy is braindead easy even on the hardest difficulty, the melee system only goes to shit when you fight multiple enemies at once, since as mentioned before you will get slapped from behind during recovery animations a lot. Other than that... that glitch is pointless lol Also I thought Max Sec might have been a good training for the permadeath/hardcore whatever the shit will be.
  2. Pretty sure this will be the case. Trophies were based on ingame awards in world and Rise has those as well. Like 50 for Rise and something around 50 for Sunbreak as well and since they can't really release 50 DLC trophies we can assume it will be a new list with plat just like Iceborne. Can't wait for this game, wanted to play it but not a toaster like switch lol
  3. Yup. Nope. Just hidden the game so people stop messaging me on psn about something I can't talk about.
  4. I don't know... somehow the SF6 sountrack doesn't get me. Songs are fine... but I think SF5 had way better ones.
  5. I just checked the japanese ps store and repentance is available there now, but weirdly enough the vanilla version I couldn't find.... so I guess this particular version of the trophy list is delisted now and will stay unobtainable and the devs will ignore it like will smith ignores his other son
  6. this has to be the biggest FUCK YOU to people who bought the japanese version of the game... instead of fixing the broken one, they just release a new list for repentance in japan... so give up any hope of this japanese stack ever getting fixed
  7. You mean prime among us sussy? I'll show myself out.
  8. If I had any idea of game creation and publishing, I would totally do it. Release a piss easy plat game just to patch in some unobtainable shit afterwards. If someone has a way to publish a game on ps store and wants to brainstorm on how to make it work -> call me We can surely come up with some evil shit. The best thing is, nobody reading this right now would know what the game would be, so every single shovelware trash releasing could be the trap planted by us lol
  9. All the breakthrough, stroke and jumping shit games should release a 50$ dlc each to teach trophy whores a lesson. Watching all the "completionists" having a mental breakdown on this website would be the most beautiful sight one could imagine.
  10. Drawn Together - I liked how it wasn't affraid of criticizing everyone and everything with no exceptions. The show was also a goldmine for quotable memes
  11. While I haven't played those games, having all the plats in Disgaea series would be an absolutely batshit insane achievement cause of how long those games on average are and due to the amount of stacks each of those games have. Disgaea and Star Ocean stacking is something I would not go for.
  12. They are far from being easy. I would say they are harder than Skullgirls combo trials. Especially Pom and Shanty gave me a hard time. Not sure what they were smoking with Pom Master Trial 1, it is ridiculously long and requires some annoying execution with charge moves while alternating between crouching and standing. This plat is definitely a bitch to obtain.
  13. If the game had content, It would actually be good. It is fun even though the balancing is... well non-existent So they delayed the game for 17 Months to add one map?
  14. Can it already be downloaded?