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  1. @marius_maximus you will definitely not get banned for that, since this site allows ingame exploits. Maybe you will get flagged by someone who doesn't know about the exploit but it will get lifted for sure. Another examples for something like that would be Last of Us grounded + eploit, Uncharted 4 speedrun exploit, none of those are getting flagged. I am honestly happy for you guy being able to get this ridiculous, pointless, piece of shit trophy fast now. My secondary console isn't the same since I idled it for like 400 hours with turbo controller.
  2. Absolutely nothing stops you from doing that if they just don't add a trophy for it, just saying. I was ok with the trophy at first, but their "balancing" patches made me hate it and I don't want to waste my time again on grinding for a build good for way of the demon just for them to destroy it with a patch later.
  3. Left a comment below their blog post asking for NOT adding a trophy for finishing a new difficulty setting again.... Maybe some of you can as well, so we don't have to finish the whole game again for a single trophy like we had to in Nioh 1. Seriously, who wants that?
  4. The challenge trophy glitched for me as well, but I figured out it was because I finished 3 challenges in a level and just had the timer run out, I got the medals but they kinda didn't really count. After replaying the level with all challenges and finishing in time I got awarded the trophy. The toilets also seem to be a bit glitchy, had to sit on all of them at least 3 times until the trophy finally popped.
  5. I wouldn't recommend any particular character for the gold league. Play whoever you like to play and practice the character. There is no character which makes it easier honestly. The only thing I can tell you though: don't try to main Menat if you are a new player, she is not meant for beginners. I can tell you which characters are easier/harder to play though, if you are not sure who suits your skill level. Easy to play: Ryu, Ken, Bison, Rashid, Balrog, Guile, Cammy, Akuma Not so easy for beginners: Menat, Zeku, Ibuki, Dhalsim, Falke Why are those not easy to play: Menat is a character all about laming the opponent out, with high execution window for her V-Trigger 1, Zeku players have to master 2 stances and know where to use which one, Ibuki is about managing her Kunais and especially about mixups and meter management, Dhalsim is just like Menat a lamer and you have to know your spacing with him in order to see any light, Falke requires charging a fireball at all times basically - she can be amazing in matchups against grapplers since she can keep them at distance at all times but she gets annihilated by other characters. And about Bipson V-Skill 2, I just neutral jump punish them when I see his ass disappearing Bipson is a scrub killer though, he will kill you for not knowing how to play against him with most of his moves being positive on block. Against Bipson you got to learn to be patient and just keep blocking or simply rush his ass down and don't let him bully you.
  6. Don't wanna sound like an ass, but this method has been known since day 1 or the ps3 release. The Exp values in the ps3 version are pretty much broken and it takes waaay to long to reach level 100 compared to the ps4 version. The whole game is a mess on ps3 honestly, but wait... there's more Try to play the game with the release 1.0. version... boy that was a mess: guards were basically ignoring other guards being handcuffed, so on Framing Frames Day 3 you could cuff 4 guards and kill the 5th one... so the map was empty after that, not a single person to stop you from emptying the vault
  7. Yeah they were great for early 2000s miniclip quality. Fucking Yeti Sports is pure gold compared to some of the crap being released on ps4 in the recent time. And one of the comments above almost killed me: It's kinda funny finishing a game from Rat is something special for a trophy list of theirs, so it has to be mentioned Trophy hunting for the last few years in a nutshell.
  8. Another one of those threads trying to find a delusional excuse for the worst case of obvious trophy addiction? Let me tell you something: if you play for a high trophy count, I simply feel sorry for you. There is 2 options for all of you guys pumping up your numbers with those shitty games: a - You play for leaderboards b - You play for your own personal trophy number Guess what: if you play for leaderboards, nobody gives a crap about the number of cheap plats unless you are ranked in the top 10 worldwide, even then only Hakoom is kinda known by others. So reason A is pointless. If you play those crappy games for your own virtual dick enlargement I feel even more sorry for you, in a few years while others will remember the fun they had with great games, having great story or gameplay, your memories will be full of cheap ass games which have the quality of a java game from the early 2000s. And yeah I know some people will come with the usual "play what you want" bullshit again and I agree, play what you want, but at some point you will realise your own problem. P.S. If you want to quote me just to tell me what I just said (let people play what they want), don't even bother. Will not respond to that.
  9. Danganronpa and Phoenix Wright I actually thought about playing myself, but I was talking about those Japanese only novels which people don't understand a word of and just press a button for 3 hours for plat.
  10. The one thing I agree with the OP the most one is what you said about the game until chapter 17/18 and then the last part. Until the battle with Motor Ball I loved the Remake completely, but then the game suddenly turns into some Kingdom Hearts bullshit. Even though Motor Ball isn't what you would imagine to be a final boss of a game like this, the final part felt stretched and pointless to me.
  11. Not even close to being as weird/cringeworthy as the scene in the original where cloud gets molested by a group of buffed bodybuilders in the sauna ^^
  12. Wish you get them as well, they are awesome. Usually it's us in Europe who don't get invited to those kind of gigs, so we know how it feels like to be left out of something you want. So if there is another one set coming, it will probably be
  13. To be honest, I don't think it's super difficult. Right now I'd say it is super damn easy for me after doing it like 7 or 8 times for different people. 1. Learn your characters moves and optimal combos 2. Punish OBVIOUS unsafe moves like Shorykuens, Sweeps, etc. 3. Don't jump like an idiot and learn to anti-air - every character has some sort of anti-air move, punishing opponent's jump-ins is already a ticket to silver league and above 4. Don't do stupid stuff like wake-up CA, wake up ex dp and stuff like that, doing a wake up ex dp from time to time will work but if you make a habit out of it you will suffer for that Recently I got the trophy for a buddy with like 80 wins and 12 loses or something like that.
  14. Got the 2 e-mails as well. One yesterday for finishing 1st palace and another one today for finishing the 4th. I guess we can assume we will get another set tomorrow for finishing them all? There are still a few chars left
  15. If I remember correctly Monster Hunter World and Red Dead Redemption 2 had a lot as well, don't remember the numbers though.