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  1. Damn... what's with all the Hong Kong players cheating like madmans... most of them are obvious but some of them will be able to make it look legit. Leaderboards for this game are basically fucked now.
  2. Yeah... this is the case where I don't give a single f... about the reviews. I can guarantee you, 95% of the reviews available today aren't based on the full game. The game is long and there were very few review codes sent out. All the reviews available now are rushed for clicks. The game is long and I don't believe at all, that those reviewers finished it already as I read a bit through some of them and they mostly mention only the first areas in the game ^^
  3. Hard to find the correct order but here's my 10: - Okami - Zelda Wind Waker - Metroid Prime - Resident Evil Remake - Bioshock - Persona 5 - Bloodborne - Crash Bandicoot 3 / Crash Team Racing - Street Fighter 4 + 5 - For the last one it is realy hard to say, would be one of those: Hotline Miami Series / Payday Series / Adventure Island Series
  4. Highly depends on the game... I mean for Star Ocean it was the beginning, since the endgame turns into crazy grind. For games like I am Bread the endgame was way more fun once I understood what I was doing completely.
  5. I'd take The Witcher 3, still need to play this game. Wish I had more time
  6. Only switched square to L1 for Nero for charging. The other stuff felt comfortable enough.
  7. Have you tried getting SF5 platinum at the release? It was stupidly hard, I can tell you since I was the first one to get the plat. You had only survival to grind Fight Money and had to finish it with almost the entire cast on hard and hell. Back then there were no other ways to grind for fight money - no trials, no story mode, no weekly mission, NOTHING. Oh and you couldn't use a continue in survival. Enough reason why the plat was hard back then?
  8. So yeah... PowerPyx and myself played the game and both agreed it's a 10 but people who haven't played the game already are sure it isn't and think our opinion is wrong? Message me again after you got the 8/10 plat easily.
  9. Done some playthroughs as well and also liked it a lot. The combat is SUUUUPER deep. There are still a lot of things Nero can do and I don't know about due to his Devil Breakers. Not a DMC pro but this game is awesome. And once again I am happy to see my favorite video game company Capcom getting their shit done right. Their recent games were all amazing - RE7, Monster Hunter World, SF5 Arcade Edition (we ignore the vanila SF5 lol), MegaMan 11, RE2 Remake, DMC5.... good job Capcom. If only Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite wasn't bad the streak would have been amazing
  10. The game is fine, trophies in this game are shit. Learn the difference.
  11. Looks like they went back to 2D which makes me happy. Trine 3 was ok but I really prefered the 2D gameplay.
  12. Since Viper has no move with the D, DF, F input you do: j HK, s LK, cr. LP, D DF F cr LP and then do a second quarter circle ending with Up forward and pressing 3Punches.
  13. I always modify this particular trial by adding an additional cr. LP to the combo. This gives you more time to input 2 quartel circles and when you do the second one extend it from down, down forward, forward to down, down forward, forward, up forward and this will register as a high jump cancel.
  14. It is my first KH game and I go to say... i expected more. Some friends wanted me to play the game since they love it but honestly, the game is nothing special. A shit ton of cutscenes, weird combat, some attack animation make no sense in smaller areas and make the camera having a stroke, the story is seriously for 10 years old - yeah love, hearts, friendship is awesome. I will get the plat, since I think the game is playable but after the hype this series is getting I am really disappointed with what I got.
  15. My guess is, BL3 announcement soon and BL1 will be a preorder bonus probably.
  16. My mom said for my 100th we will go to McDonald's and for the 200th I might even get a clown for my party
  17. Just hope this won't mean there will be a pointless NG+ trophy.
  18. Cause Leon ain't a professional yet, he is a rookie and this is a hardcore experience for him I guess? And Claire is simply a Hardcore Badass. That should answer your question
  19. well... capcom are known trolls
  20. Simply finishing hardcore won't get you nothing. SMG is only for S-rank. I said it like 5 times already
  21. As I said, have fun with the 1:08 Run It is a new Game+ run with infinite ammo.
  22. You can do it, don't worry. RE7 was fun and I'd say a bit easier to plat than RE2. I hated the last 2 DLCs for RE7, so it's hard to compare something that fun and something I hated lol I don't see why someone shouldn't be able to finish the game. I did in 4 days and I am no superhuman, just slightly insane lol
  23. Well... enemies swallow a lot on hardcore and don't feel like getting stunned easily, so it took a bit more bullet for the stun and run tactics. After a single hit you are in Danger State and second one kills you. Save are limited but you get more than enough Ink Ribbons honestly. I'd recommend saving on different files and reloading if you think you can do a section better. You can read more about it tomorrow, my guide should be up around noon/early afternoon tomorrow on Tomorrow I will also post a NG+ (with endless machinegun) speedrun on here. I also made some videos for bosses on hardcore, the only boss i kinda played bad in the videos was the first one, the other ones I did pretty decent in my vids.
  24. S rank is simply based on the time and yes, there is a counter for the steps
  25. Basically the same, they only differ a bit in enemy placement, some sections and the last boss of Leon's Story is imo a bit more annoying than the one for Claire, but just my opinion.