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  1. It seems I can't unlock the trophy for this Lost Tale of Greece. In Videos I watches Herotodos has one more mission after fighting of the ships => taking him to Athens. In my game after destroying the ships he has no more missions for me to do and simply goes away. Without the last mission the trophy won't unlock. Does anyone know why this happens?
  2. What I mean is: Even if you restore your savefile from the cloud, it may still keep crashing. For me even often with each restoration. I can give you only one tip: if your savefile gets corrupted, delete it before you restore your old save from cloud. If you simply overwrite the corrupted data the frequency of crashing will be unbearable.
  3. Will try it out tonight. Hope it works and appreciate your effort!
  4. Sellers drove Tiny, I drove Penta and Coco. It was simply based on personal preference.
  5. Appreciate your attempt to helping us. The point is: for us he doesn't have the last conversation option. He simply sits down after destroying the ships and keeps mumbling the same nonsense for a while. The green quest marker simply doesn't appear for us.
  6. So did I. Did the questline 3 times now with now success.
  7. Took you a while getting this piss easy platinum. With how you described the game I'd expect you to be done in 1 day.
  8. Zico is a joke compared to the other 2 things mentioned... Zico is just learning a 30 sec lap while not being a total disaster at the game. Crash is basically 30+ easier Zicos to beat, while mastering the boost system. Haven't played GT5 but from what I heard it is pretty hard. They want you to beat a time set by a Formula 1 Champion 3 times. A buddy of mine who is a beast in racing games said it was the hardest stuff he did in racing games (legit with a controller) and when he says it, I believe it.
  9. Well... it can but it won't help you in a long shot. I did it after each race but my savefile keep getting corrupted very often and after getting the trophy I simply deleted it and started from a scratch. After having the platinum I'd rather re-do all the stuff slowly instead of destroying the gaming experience for myself by having the game freeze and corrupt my save file each 10 minutes.
  10. Actually there is a bunch of things I'd like to see. Reduced online lag... my buddy and I always argue on headset who is leading the race, since we are driving almost the same pace and on my screen I am 1st and on his he is... You can't tell where someone exactly is which makes hitting someone and avoiding his power-ups difficult. I drove into invisible TNT and beakers a lot. Add Online-Cups. Somehow when someone leaves a lobby his spot doesn't seem to be filed up later. We now search for a new lobby after people leave since we prefer full lobbies instead of driving against braindead AI. Randomized store is bullcrap Add a leaderboard... simply a race/win ratio and overall wins would be nice. Let the wumpa bonus time be the standard online at all times, not just once a day for 10 races.
  11. Seeing multiple thread being created asking about glitched trophies. The reason for trophies glitching is simple: you are doing something wrong. None of the trophies is glitched, confirmed by multiple people.
  12. Already did one, want another one? Wasn't talking about your weird stuff happening, was mentioning those "Drifter Trophy glitched", "Master Drifter Trophy glitched" stuff. Did you lose your savefile due to crashing at some point? Like did some before the crash and some after the crash? Could be you have to do them all so they save to the savefile without crashing? Did you try simply redoing all of them and went for all 4 Blizzard Bluff shortcuts as well? For some people the trophy came after 3 sc, for some after 4.
  13. Penguin Yay One!
  14. The rewards are not grindy at all. Winning a full-lobby online race gives you like 400 coins for a single win. And 4 wins for a costume are more thank ok if you ask me.
  15. In order to unlock the bosses again you'd have to delete your story progress as well and re-do the adventure again.
  16. While recording the videos for Powerpyx my save got busted as well. I had to re-do MANY oxide trials multiple times. When recovering my old savefile from cloud, it didn't really help at all => it made everything worse. When using my savefile my game kept freezing vey often, the most races i could do without freeze was probably 3. I kept uploading my savefile after each Oxide Trial and re-downloading it after every freeze/data corruption, which was approximately 50 times (not a joke). Right now I had to delete my 100% complete save file with all Oxides beaten. With a fresh savefile the game stopped freezing for me after every 2 races at least, have to re-do all the stuff but I least I kept everything I bought from the Pit-Stop (my Ninja Penta Costume you have seen in the videos is safe :D). I messaged beenox about it, but I gave up hope for using my old-savefile. Apparently once your savefile is busted, you kinda have to restart from the scratch or live with the freezes.
  17. Thanks. You really expect the guide to be done on day 1? With all Oxide Trials? Well... that's asking for much I think. Just kidding. Of course it will be available day 1
  18. Get used to using both of them.
  19. Who knows... we will find out once someone beats all the CTR Oxides I guess.
  20. That what I was talking about.... in the original the Oxide Trials were difficult as hell and people make it sound like CTR was easy. I won't compare them or say anything about the Remake but I damn sure know those were difficult in the original and not a 3/10 like some people make it sound.
  21. I will say only one thing right now. People who expect this to be a 3/10 difficulty game like the N.Sane Trilogy or Spyro Reignited will have a nice surprise waiting for them. I can honestly tell you this game will cause trouble to a lot of people and I predict bitching threads and difficulty reducing petition crap for this one. Mark my words.
  22. Better play the game before you post bullshit like this lol I want to see you get this "Piss Easy Platinum".
  23. I wouldn't underestimate the Oxide Trials. Some of his times were super tough to beat in the original. Other than that the other trophies are totally doable.
  24. I simply wish we would get the same avatars in europe which are available in the US-store....
  25. dude.... 20 bucks for this piece of crap again... completionist struggle strikes again