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  1. Backlog: RDR2, God of War, Spider Man New Releases: Resident Evil 2, Sekiro, Crash Team Racing
  2. I'll go with We Happy Few. A broken mess in pre-alpha condition.
  3. Probably FF7, since I still have to get this one on this account.
  4. I'd rather spend a whole 30 days on one quality game instead of wasting my time and money on 30 pieces of shit just to boost up my number. Trophy hunting became a joke with all those japanese novels, cloud saves for multiple plats, shovelware and similar. At the beginning of trophies those were supposed to be a challenge. Now people are bitching when a game is harder than usual and start silly ass petitions like wolfenstein 2 lmao I am glad there is at least a small group of people who prefer quality games and difficult ones. Having 500 plats consisiting of 90% of above mentioned doesn't make anyone a good gamer.
  5. Persona 4 Arena, Dead or Alive 5 Plus and F***ing I am Bread...
  6. Top 3: Street Fighter 5 - 620 Hours Payday 2 Crimewave Edition - 570 Hours Star Ocean Last Hope - 553 Hours No surprises there... at all. That was the top 3 I was expecting ^^
  7. I had no idea this collection was a thing O_O I loved those games as a kid, I had the basketball, soccer and the side scroll beatemup one. I hope this will have english text, since I remember playing them only in japanese and had no clue what the menu text was about. Now I know you can do a lot before playing a soccer game to make your team better but I finished it without the knowledge back then and it was bonkerz lol
  8. Yes, you can unlock it pretty quickly and it won't harm your score that bad (I think it reduces your score by like 9% only). I had big problems on hard when trying to scratch all the time but with auto scratch I found the game to be way more enjoyable.
  9. Are you using the modifier for "Good" not to break the combo? I can tell you, the rating is not based on you score at all. You will get King Crazy if you only have Perfects and Greats. To be granted Brilliant you are not allowed to have too many "Goods". I can't tell you the exact number, but I would suggest you use Auto Scratch modifier which makes the game a whole lot enjoyable in my opinion and focus only on the 6 notes.
  10. I took into account multiple reasons why a plat should be my favorite or my least favorite (difficulty, rarity, fun) and came up with this: Fav: 1. Monster Hunter World - a long platinum trophy and my game of the year 2. Mega Man 11 - It was my first long MM experience and I really liked this game 3. Star Ocean The Last Hope - with 500 hours the longest plat in my collection and I was proud of having the patience to finish it a second time 4. Skullgirls 2nd Encore - I would say, it was probably one of the more difficult I got this year but those difficult combo challenges were super fun 5. Shadow of the Colossus - It was one of the 4 games I platinumed as the first one in the world this year, but definitely my favorite one of them, since I simply love the game Runner Ups: Unravel 2, Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight, Assassin's Creed Odyssey Meh: 1. We Happy Few - what an abysal piece of crap this game was, glitchy as hell unfinished game which I hope will never get any DLC trophies 2. Vampyr - 1st in the world again but at what price... I hated 90% of it, combat was fine but all the rest was simply bad... performance, story, gameplay... 3. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign - I love fighting games, that is no secret but the trophies for M.O.M. mode in this game were extremely boring and tedious.. 4. Fallout 4 - it wouldn't be as bad but the building stuff was super boring and it felt forced in order to expand the lenght of the story. Building stuff bored me after the first time... 5. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - a walking simulator without much happening througout the whole 6 hour experience, I could have left the game out and wouldn't have missed much I have earned 37 platinum trophies this year which sounds ok to me, considered I finished 2 games with a lenght of 330 and 500 hours respectively. I have also managed to finish Shadow of the Colossus, Vampyr, Guacamelee!2 and Soul Calibur 6 as first in the world. I would say my trophy hunting year was quite succesful.
  11. The game doesn't save again after beating Salvador, so your save file will always be before the Salvador fight.
  12. I kinda like the question and thought I'll leave my 2 cents here. There were actually many things I liked about the PS3, will start with small things and finish with the biggest one. - wireless controllers for the first time - trophy system introduction to show off what your skill level was (at least that was the purpose at the beginning, now it's a dick measurement who can buy more japanese novels) - free multiplayer which back then wasn't special since I didn't know it the other way like it is right now on ps4 - my first Resident Evil 5 and MGS4 experience, those 2 games were the reason I bought a PS3, loved both of them and wasn't disappointed with the ps3 - games I`ve learned about through the ps3 (games like Spelunker HD, Battle Fantasia, Payday The Heist) - those wouldn't be titles i buy a console for but I've fallen in love with them at first sight - thanks to the trophy system I discovered my love for fighting games! I never liked them before ps3 but then I saw people complaining about Street Fighter 4 being super difficult to get platinum in and I wanted to try it out myself. After playing the game with a buddy on the couch for a few hours I started to like fighting games, which turned into love and passion The most important thing i liked about ps3 though: - People I met through the PSN. It was my first online experience, playing with other people and communicating with them. I met sooo many fantastic people, I keep contact with them since 2009! Foreigners from Portugal, Canada and other countries. I also met some awesome people from Germany, where I live. Although we live far away from each other, it didn't stop us to meet at my place or other places multiple times. People I met were just as cool in person as they were online and we had a blast having a trip through bars or having a party for my birthday a few years back That is the one thing I liked ps3 for the most
  13. I personally am a completionist. I want to 100% all of my games but it doesn't mean I won't start a game I am interested in just because someone says it was difficult. What's the point of having a 100% completion when all of your games are telltale games, japanese bullshit novels and games like Mayo and the shovel ware ps store seems to have gotten a lot of recently? My other rule is: quality over quantity. I could easily have 500 plats and 15K trophies but ... why should I play crap I don't want to just to pump up those numbers? Nuh... I don't mind playing hard and long games instead of getting some quick plats. I got some 300 hours plats (Monster Hunter) or even 500 hours (Star Ocean Last Hope). In that time I could have easily plated 50 other games but I don't care about leaderboards honestly. I think my account is a good mix of easy, average and difficult plats, but more importantly it is almost free of crap. There are some games which might be crappy in my list but they are there for a reason
  14. Yeah... this challenge is just pointless and a waste of time. Got it done 2/3 times now. Once I got 18 after 3 hits and the dealer had 19 -.- Just as I wrote this I had 14 after 2 hits and f... my luck, my 3rd hit was a king and it killed me again lol
  15. Your logic just killed me, I will stop hunting from now on so you sir can feel better about it. Oh and just for your information, I don't make a living out of if, I have a normal job and take care of the guides in my free time as a hobby you could say. I will stop syncing my trophies from now and so someone else can get a hard one because he moved up one position in the first achievers leaderboards
  16. People want guides as soon as possible and then complain about us getting the games earlier to help you guys out.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Depends on the person I am talking to obviously. It would be either Bloodborne or Persona5.
  18. Does it really matter how long a game takes to plat if it's fun? I don't think so. As mentioned before Monster Hunter World took me 330 Hours + as well. I didn't care, it was fun and I still play the game to this day.
  19. 2 things should happen: a) place a radioactive sign in the middle of the screen when someone enters FNR4 sub-forum, so they know what to expect b ) when someone tries to start another thread about the belts you should totally microsoft vista them: Are you sure you want to open a new thread? Are you sure? For real? Think about it again? Are you SURE SURE you want to open a new thread? Or just leave it as it is, those threads are always fun to read, or I better say the comments are fun to read, not the main thread itself
  20. Just use Nightmare and spam forward + triangle on easy. I destroyed all the enemies in 4,5 minutes.
  21. I'll tell you how it is. You can use some weird tactics to exploit the AI in the first 2 rounds of the fight. Once the AI loses 2 rounds it will stop fall for you tricks and just start getting batshit. (talking about the hard enemies only)
  22. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate to you guys. Here comes DK with some info about the platinum difficulty. Both NeoElazul and I agree that this game is a 7/10 difficulty. Don't let the list fool you, it is NOT as easy as it looks. Online is a joke, character stories are easy, so is the main story... but then there's Libra of Soul Don't worry about Globetrotter trophy, this one isn't super long as you might think. The problem is the difficulty of some of the final enemies in the game. I won't spoil you who it is in Libra of Soul, but believe me when i say: you will get your ass kicked badly by 2 of them. The other difficult task are those 30 Astral Fissure Sealing missions. This trophy sounded easy at first but boy was I wrong.... You fight other people's characters in those missions. They level vary from 45 to 70. The problem is.... they get some perks when you have to fight them. As an example: some of his moves do more damage, you get damaged even if you block or the WORST BULLS#iT i have ever seen: your light attacks don't stagger the enemy. That means you can only hit them with harder attack if you want them to be in block stun, which are punishable as shit or you hit them with lights and they f-ing ignore that and punch you through your attacks.... just a small tip from me => if you ever get THIS type of mission... don't even bother. You can do side mission in between for the astral fissure to disappear and a new one will appear and you have a chance of an easier one. Good luck with this "easy" plat guys
  23. It's just another crappy flash-game quality german quiz show game. Just like Schlag den Raab. It was probably made to be advertised during the show, which i don't remember seeing even once in my life. So the show isn't even that popular. Just a quick cash-grab for the makers of the show. I guess the golden rule applies here again: Just for hardcore trophy whores.
  24. If you had a glitched monolith which you couldn't dig for... you won't be able to dig for it after this patch anyway. So... you are just like me and you have to do all this shit again since it won't patch the glitch for your playthrough. EDIT: RELOAD YOUR SAVEFILE MULTIPLE TIMES. I couldn't grab for it after first reload, but after the second one i could Finally!
  25. since I work for this site It will appear there in the next few days. Technically sleeping with someone is missable, but you get many, many opportunities to do it, so if you miss it, it's your fault. It is VERY hard to miss, but still kinda missable.