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  1. Hey, I got the Skills Master Trophy when I maxed my abilities. So I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem. When did you guys get your Abilities Master Trophy?
  2. Hey, anybody want to boost with me?
  3. Is anybody getting the: 409 common no memory card message on the vita?
  4. Hmm, thanks just can't get them to trigger on the vita..
  5. It does.
  6. can you cheat through the races?
  7. Can one use debug to win the class races on vita and ps3? And how?
  8. Fuck, well this seems impossible, but i guess i just have to keep trying:/
  9. Cool thanks a lot, I will try the mothod on vita and see if i can get it to work:)
  10. So after getting blown up get health then activate fly. Fly back to the point you jump in the machine and it has respawned? and damage done to the ship is saves?
  11. Yeah, i use the method to skip to the last part. But you cant regain health in the shooting machine..
  12. I know how to play it, but i suck i cant beat it. I keep dying. So i was wondering if there was another way to get the trophy?
  13. How do you beat the destroy ship at drill platform section? on the vita and ps3?
  14. I agree with the ^some of your criticism. Though not all. I don't feel that it was a problem that you sometimes had to stick to the walls. I think it worked as a valid strategy when needed. And I don't think you should be invisible just because you perform a takedown. When people notice you they yell or shoot thus alarming others. Makes sense. And lastly, I really enjoyed the prologue, didn't think it was too slow. Just a note Even though I don't agree with the points doesn't invalidate them. Every review is subjective.^^