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  1. i think only the Skit will be a problem with this one, some are tied to food already from what I checked, though we can always brute force and missing 20 skits seems generous enough
  2. Backed and super hyped, it's my dream game coming true, I never thought i'll see my Suikoden sequel finally. And thank you so much for the help
  3. Congrats!, Is the all encyclopedia entry missable or is it automatically done by finishing the other trophies?
  4. so it's a free plat or are there any new trophies added to the main trophy list?
  5. Take this as a grain of salt but i think using it without any target counts too since early on i tried to play around and spam these skills without any target and when there's an eventual target I'll get it in just a few uses.
  6. I honestly forgot what the links is but it's somewhere in reddit, it's about ME Legendary achievement thread iirc, it was also posted somewhere in this forum either here or the one for the split ME Legendary trophy list
  7. Teammates skills counts for the trophy with this one, as per the developer AMA themselves. It's possible to get everything on 1 run
  8. It's been a while so I forgot this but does anyone know which teammates we can use for specific skills trophy e.i. Lift: Kaiden, Liara Thank you
  9. Any confirmation from anyone if Mega Hive questline counts and if it counts as only 1 or each of the steps?
  10. Anyone knows if each part of the Megahive quest line counts toward the trophy?
  11. Any clarification on this?
  12. I'm a bit confused on this, does it mean I have to select the specific pair above or does the final boss correspond to the main player you pick? Say if you play as Duran, then Kevin, then Hawkeye, that should cover all 3 final boss right?
  13. Any missable? Yeah it looks like 100% enemies and item list is gonna be a paind, the 100% enemies means every drop of item from enemy right? And anything to remember like breaking as much candle as possible? Thanks
  14. Thank you, any trophy that is missable on the first run? Probably lock by a wrong choice or dragonrot? I prefer to do all the trophies that i can on my first run then just worry on trophies that arent possible on the first run after