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  1. Got the plat and it's definitely easy
  2. Definitely bugged, I tried playing my save on my PC copy with the skillege guys and it works as intended (my pc is 4.02 version, console is currently on 4.00). You can spend hours on it and eventually you'll get lucky. But personally just wait for the 4.02 patch, it will most likely fix the issue since it's fixed on PC now with the new hotfix.
  3. It is bugged, I don't remember it Axii-ed enemy making this small of damage. I'm just putting this one on end and hopefully one of the patches fix this
  4. Definitely easy, you can basically do this on Hard Mode (since there are trophy tied to hard difficulty like tomb of amneti) going for ending A (just to be safe with the character recruitment trophy). Save state should help with platforming and irritating aspect like that save spot to Iseria queen. You have to, at least once, because of the Iseria Queen trophy. It has
  5. The issue is the puppet guy can't kill the other guy, I already done this platinum 3 times in the past and i'm not sure if the game version is currently bugged or something.
  6. Just do the skellige spots, it’s so much easier since you can just meditate on the spawn point.
  7. Anyone having problem unlocking the Axii trophy? The guys that i'm mind controlling can't kill anyone (they dont do damage for some reason) or they get killed on 1 hit.
  8. Make sure that it is neutral AND dont use any of the dlc card like GO'D
  9. Doing all the combat trophies are a pain, on that note is anyone having a trouble with the Axii/Puppet trophy? It seems that enemy I can Axii to can't kill other and just easily killed on one shot
  10. Yes I made this mistake and have to redo it all over again. The platinum was easy, you can AI the whole Potd (granted I have summon 2 and good equips from san bronsa)
  11. There is 3 trophies on 3N Dark Knight Slayer - (boed) Obtained if Cerya is still alive when Oz is defeated. Slayer of the Dying - Clear the battle at Coritanae Keep (automatic). Miracle Worker - Complete the optional battle at Qadriga with any ally units alive (to Krysaro asap after the battle with Gnapp on Tynemoth hill (?))
  12. planning to do this (?) although is there a possibility to miss a trophy like if you collect every card and there's a trophy for collecting all cards etc
  13. Thanks, PotD is easier than I thought, i just AI-ed to 100 due to having equipments from San Bronsa
  14. what is your party and what class/weapon they have if you don't mind, I actually tried potd up to 30 using just AI but maybe your setup is better
  15. any missable?