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  1. I'm hoping to start it soon, can't wait to get stuck in! The first one is easily one of my fav horror games...
  2. I just spoiled the game on me 😂 but I couldn’t resist watching live stream lol. I won’t say what I saw but what it saw was GOOOOOOOOOOD....
  3. Thats what got me through the game too lol. He’s a master at this game and hopefully he will also at 2 aswell 😉 He is still doing Akumu speed runs even now. I didn’t have the DLC bolts either but it was better to be stuck at 3 parts than the whole damn lot. That part on the moving platform was a nightmare - I almost gave up then!
  4. Oh I just assumed you had to start it didn’t know you had to play the entire game. That’s shit if it’s true when they know everyone hated that and so they gave the option to play without in the first game. Now they’re gonna force you to play with it on!?
  5. Yeah looks pretty similar to the first one. I think CLASSIC MODE is the new name for AKUMU lol. It may be Akumu and Kurayami mixed together 😂 Definitely gonna be tough... again! i know the first (easy) trophy I will get - That Cinematic Feel Just turn it ON and straight back OFF again 😆
  6. Shadow of War, Assasin's Creed and "THE EVIL WITHIN 2"
  7. The trophy list should be up tomorrow then. My head is wrecked waiting for AKUMU lol I won't be able to start it anyway just want to see the trophies hahaha
  8. Don't early release usually get it at least week before the actual release? That is strange....
  9. It doesn't look like it lol Bethesda aren't giving anything away are they? 😂
  11. This topic ALWAYS comes up for EVERY GAME lol. Do people still not realise this? haha
  12. I’m dying to see the trophy (AKUMU) list. How long before does it usually show up, a week?
  13. Looks much like the same ole same ole but will have to wait and see. I’m preordering anyway because it’s Rock* 😄
  14. Can you tell me how you add videos like that? I can't seem to do it...
  15. https://youtu.be/vQMGpJvfXrk After watching this I'm even more hyped for the game. Looks great 👍 How many more weeks....