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  1. Anyone know if online trophies are obtainable before I start this? Should have asked before I bought it really, but well, it was on sale 😉
  2. I think with a system like what I described people would be vigilant about joining boosting sessions - and not just joining for the sake of it! If there is a real penalty put in place it would prevent all the time wasters joining sessions and not turning up etc. I mean the session I created - the rules were simple! If everyone had just followed what I said it would have been completed in 3 hours and everyone would have been happy. Instead, it was a complete disorganised mess because people were being selfish wanting it to be JUST THEM that got the trophy. I honestly don't get it! I've never played like that. If I join a session and unlock all the trophies I needed I'm always more than happy to stay and help others with theirs. Did they not realise everyone would have their turn and get the trophy? It's so frustrating... Yeah like the majority of players in the session need to rate you as being a no show or disrupting session, leaving during the session etc. 1 vote wouldn't be enough but if 6 people were in the session at least 3 must give you a bad mark for it to count...
  3. Okay, so we were boosting the "Poker Ace" trophy from Red Dead Redemption yesterday which requires 6 people to play 6 full games of poker until we all unlocked the trophy. We decided to fold every hand until the blinds were maxed out and then we would all push in and whoever won the game would earn the trophy, continuing this pattern until all of us had the trophy. One guy went berserk after the first game because he didn't get the trophy and demanded to get the trophy in the next game or else he would leave. I told him that wasn't happening and just to go now because if we had allowed him to get the trophy in the next game he would have just left anyway! Now he could easily leave a terrible rating for me because of this which is why I think this system is useless. What I would like to see is something more in the line of flagged game disputes - 3 strikes and you are off the leaderboards. So maybe people who act up, don't turn up or leave after they have earned the trophy without helping others get a mark against them. After a certain number of bad marks they are banned from gaming sessions. This doesn't have to be permanent but could be for a set time like 6 months or 1 year. I think something like this would make people more wary so they don't just add their name to EVERY session 'incase' they may want to do it. @Sly Ripper I'm hoping you might give this some thought. Thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks so much for your help. I'm looking forward to this being implemented. Hopefully it's soon!
  5. That is just in trial. I want something that tells me a bad player BEFORE they join my session!!
  6. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!! I am fed up creating sessions and people not showing up. One guy is online playing another game and wouldn't reply to my message. There needs to be a way to sort out the good sports from the bad. Have their name highlighted in red or something? I have all the names of these time wasting players written done and none will EVER be allowed join a session I create in the future. We are taking turns getting this trophy and managed to start a game with a random. The guy who earned the trophy first is staying until all others have the trophy. That is the kind of players I'm looking for!! Two spaces that could have been filled by people that actually wanted the trophy were lost because of these idiots. Please weed out the good from the bad. PLeeeeaaase!!!
  7. Funny I've gotten used to it being white now even though I hated it to begin with 😛 Looks I'll have to get used to it being black again 😂
  8. Cheers mate, I'll do that! I have Demons Souls on my backlog so might give that a shot first see if I like it.
  9. As I already stated it's not about having no plat, it's about being harder than games that do have a plat. I don't feel it's worth the time and effort for a bunch of bronze trophies. And I'm guessing here, but that last trophy in the list sounds like getting through the whole game without losing a single life. I'm sure I will play it at some point but am I not allowed to be disappointed? This is a trophy hunting site after all!
  10. Some of the hardest, long grinding games out there have no plat. '10 Second Ninja' to name one. I don't think I'm gonna invest hours and hours into a game that doesn't have a plat. Call me what you want but that's how I feel. I'd prefer it if a plat was awarded based on difficulty because some of them without are the hardest games out there.
  11. The other day I was so close to pre-ordering. I'm glad I didn't now. This is bullsh!t! I was really expecting a Plat but they can just dump this in the rubbish with the other Sonic games now. Saying that, I may still play it - but I'm not in any hurry now...
  12. Maybe when you get to 101? 🤞
  13. The last trophy I DIDN'T get was Great Dane from MGS2. After every boss fight you get full health back but after I beat the Metal Rays I went straight to Solidus fight with the mm of health I had left. It took ages to beat the Rays and I didn't want to risk doing it again so I saved straight away. Solidus kills me straight away because I've barely any health so I'd need to start from the beginning again - which I'm not! Because of that I decided not to put myself through any more of the Virtually Impossible grind. I was so close too! If I'd only saved in a different slot. Right now I'm drained from Metal Gear but I'm sure I'll go back and try again... in a few years 😛
  14. Maybe because you were using back up saves you accidentally missed one without realising. The spears isn't that hard, you don't need to take them out asap just make sure they're out before you move to a new area. Some can be hard to spot so you need to check every part of Trico including underneath. I played it 4 times and couldn't get the catch him in the act trophy so I gave up. The trophies ruined a brilliant game!!
  15. Sorry my tip didn't work. The only other method I found to work was to meditate. As soon as you sit down he gives the previous hint and you just need to wait for the next one. You need a lot of patience though because sometimes it took nearly 30 minutes for the next one. It's total bu!!$hit!