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  1. It's not difficult at all. And it doesn't take as long as you might think to rescue all teensies. You get 10 from most levels and 3 from the easy levels. And it is a lot of fun to play 😀 I currently have just over 500,000 lums and I need nearly 1500 points to reach awesomeness 11. It will take awhile but 10 minutes a day for the challenges and i'll keep chipping away at it. Make sure to start the challenges straight away, I think the first one unlocks at level 1.
  2. I really love all these platinum checklists. The ones like yours I mean! Ones that are well layed out and have your opinions/stories attached. Look forward to seeing the new games you add in the future 😄
  3. Lol it also includes the bosses for every world. 😄 the levels are slightly different this time. I wouldn’t be worried about rescuing the 700 teensies though. That should be the least worry! No... gathering 1 million lums andgetting to awesomeness 11 will take months of daily challenges 😂
  4. Yes you need all 700 teensies rescued
  5. It would be amazing playing all ps1 and ps2 games again with trophies. Can but dream 😋
  6. Do you know If they will have trophy support? Namely the gta ones?
  7. You're not gonna like it, but my advice is to keep trying! YOU WILL GET IT - eventually. Follow what the guide says to do and you'll beat it. Oh... and... er, don't give up!!
  8. I thought I’d post this here instead of making a pointless new thread. So I started this today and played the prologue 3 times, I got to Syria and the trophy for surviving the avalanche in the prologue didn’t unlock. Does anybody have any knowledge of how I may fix this? This the 20th anniversary edition on disc that I’m playing and I did complete it a few years ago on my old account. Not sure if that may be the reason? I never had problems with it the first time. Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. The Valkyrie Queen fight was really tough but I found if you use the Talisman of The Realms it makes it a lot easier. So use all your runic attacks and then activate the Talisman to slow her down while you hit her with normal attacks - also really useful to help you collect health stones without being attacked by her. Then go straight into runic attacks again. The talisman won't be ready to be used again yet so use Rage of The Spartans while you wait for it, then your runic attacks again and then Talisman while you hit her with normal attacks. This should nearly have her beaten. Using this strat I didn't even need my resurrection stone. Hope this helps someone.
  10. You just need to talk to Sindri again afaik. Try in the main shop in Midgard or in one of the shops where he is alone. Maybe if you are in a different realm it doesn’t trigger?
  11. Here’s a tip for you. If you look at recent players who haven’t got the mp trophies yet and message them you can get it done really quick. That’s what I did and for worms that needed 4 people I messaged all the recent players and it had done in couple of hours 😄
  12. It’s really easy, a lot easier than the genesis version because you can save now. You will need to find someone to do the 10 wins for mp that’s all.
  13. Oh thanks so much @LegacyJKO09 and @Erkawest on the right side it had an option to collect lost items and it was there!! Woohoo can this game be any better 😀 That is such a relief.
  14. I deafeated the helheim bridge keeper but when I went to the upgrade my weapon I didn't have a chaos flame. I'm sure I picked up all the loot before I left the area and I went back there to check if I'd missed it and there is nothing there. I won't be able to fully upgrade this weapon now? Can anyone tell me if I need to start a new playthrough?
  15. That is because the person who wrote the guide has deleted their profile from the site I think.