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  1. I'm pretty sure it's only the one at the crane! Not 100% but I'd go there first 😄
  2. Is there an option to "kick" players from the race who are misbehaving?
  3. Yeah I'd reckon you'd need all trophies on 1 PS3 for plat. If you're transferring your save over to another PS3 to continue game the plat should unlock when get the last trophy though.
  4. No Way! I'm in top ten... cool. And I'm close to getting an UR plat 😄
  5. Seems like all the trophies are multiplayer is the whole game online do you know?
  6. Sorry, this seemed the logical choice. Where would this be put then? I'd say it is too hard to make a good game which is why it hasn't been done. And why the old game was so terrible!
  7. Okay so we have Batman (done numerous times) we have Spider-Man making another comeback. Do you think there will be a game for Superman or any other wo/man. I think he deserves a place no? I remember they made a (shit) game for the PS2 years ago but nothing since! Superman: Shadow of Apokolips
  8. I didn't do well this period I'm saving my best for last hahaha YEAH RIGHT! 😁
  9. Do you mean once the 24 hours in which you have to leave feedback are up? After another gaming session previously where I gave the guy great feedback, he reciprocated and I was able to see that he'd left me good feedback also. That was after the 24 hours were up.
  10. I started a gaming session where two people joined. Neither of them turned up even though I had set everything up ready to go. I've left them both bad feedback so obviously they're just gonna leave me bad feedback in return. Therefore, I think this feedback is pointless and won't be accurate.
  11. Congratulations on a MASSIVE mile stone! I love reading these, hearing people's thoughts on games. It helps me decide what games to buy. Dead Space was an amazing game, loved every minute of it. I think because Isaac didn't speak it felt more like I was HIM - which made it better. Looking forward to trying Dead Space 2. Tomb Raider was a great new reboot for Lara. The online was bullsh!t though, as you said. I watched tv for two days while I carried that bloody medkit up and down LOL Looking forward to see your next 100 Plats!!
  12. My vote is for Mafia 3 - even though I haven't played it yet LOL but its on my list. Looks like it's in the lead. No co-op required I don't think? EDIT: Best of luck guys!!!
  13. How is long until the list goes up? Not that I think I did well 😄
  14. I used the glitch on my old account so I don't know what time I would have got legit 😉 I HATE speed runs!
  15. Oh my OCD won't let me go from game to game, I need to finish one before I go to the next. 😁 I picked a game with a lot of rares in it but so far most are just uncommon 😏 Ah well! Perhaps I'll do better in the next quarter...