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  1. Congratulations on the trophy Sergen. WELL DONE! And thanks for the tips. I've been calling Lester to clear wanted level so I'll stop doing that now to be safe.
  2. I'm loving the prep work for these heists. We've had guys coming after us all the time trying to kill us lol. So much fun trying to do the heists with other players chasing you hahaha. I obliterated them with the orbital cannon for their trouble. 😀
  3. Yes the servers were down most of today, with an alert saying unable to save. As a result two of my team's Criminal Mastermind got reset to 0. We are unable to start from the beginning so we have to continue until we complete the heists before we can start Act 1 again. So frustrating because we were halfway through Act 2. It just adds a whole other playthrough we need to do. FIX YOUR DAMN SERVERS R*
  4. We did first prep mission for act II and it won't let me cancel or restart act I
  5. Oh ok thank you. We completed Act I and started the prep for Act II but 2 guys are at 0 now for Criminal Mastermind. I guess we just need to continue...
  6. Since the servers went down earlier 2 guys I've been doing the heists with have had their criminal mastermind reset to 0. We are trying to restart Act I but the option to cancel heist has a padlock next to it. Has anyone got any idea how to restart the heist?
  7. I know you are not looking for an argument, just stating your point. But do as I suggested and create a session. I’m absolutely sure you will find other players.
  8. I don’t want to keep going around this merry-go-round. I do understand your reasons for not wanting to use a mic and I would choose the same in your position. I’m sure there are many people who don’t want to use a mic, did you ever think of creating a boosting session and stating you don’t have a mic. I’m sure you would get 3 likeminded people to boost with in no time.
  9. My whole point is having to keep typing everything and it takes so much time - I thought that was clear. You look at the first paragraph you wrote and consider how long it took you to say all that... in your message you asked ‘do I think you would need a mic to play this and I replied yes I think you would. That is my opinion and I’m going to choose to play with someone who has a mic over someone who doesn’t. That is my choice, just like it is your choice not to use a mic.
  10. Yes I can totally understand that. I also understand when people have gotten their trophies they leave but this has honestly only happened 10% of the time. Most of the people I have boosted with will stay and help until everybody has got it. It has been widely discussed about being much of a necessasity to have a mic for this. So if I can choose between someone who uses one and someone who doesn’t - well I’m not stupid, I’m gonna choose the one who does. One guy with me seems quiet and shy and doesn’t say much but as long as he can listen then that’s fine. With 4 of us doing a timed mission where each person has to do a specific task it is a nightmare to try and decide who goes to A and who goes to B etc. without a mic. Then you might have someone who thinks they would be better at this and want to do B instead of A... by the time you sort that out typing messages you have failed. if I can help someone I most definitely will but if it’s a toss between the long road and the short road well...
  11. That was me you asked. I think something like this needs a mic. Especially with the difficulty and timed missions, not to mention the stealth missions! Of course, that is just my opinion. I would probably try and play with someone on discord where it is much easier to communicate but ps message app (for this game) is a no no for me, and that’s even for the 10% of time it actually works properly! Because I use a mic I want to play with people who also use a mic. But if 4 people want to boost without a mic then that’s ok for them. I recently boosted UC2 and 3 where we didn’t use a mic because that is just tedious and boring boosting which doesn’t require one. So it also depends on the trophies you are boosting.
  12. Congrats on being the first achiever. A 20 hour play run was well worth it!! We are up to the finale of act 1 and have died/failed twice. We all quit the game and it didn’t fail challenge. You could probably just quit instead of pressing restart but don’t wanna risk it 😂 im having a lot of fun with it so far... feeling like Marty McFly lol.
  13. You crack me up lol 😆 your posts are always very upbeat! I like it!! You are gonna have a lot of disappointed peeps on the gta iv boost now this dlc has come out 😂 but I look forward to you getting us all through this. 3 people a day times 768 applicants will only take erm... about a year I reckon... remember - I signed up first so I’m top of the list 😄
  14. Yes it’s made me quite paranoid tbh because this is my second one. First time I thought I was reported for something but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think I will try to use discord more than ps app if I can for boosting trophies in future. If I get banned I don’t know what I’ll do 😐
  15. I’m gonna be careful what I say in future and if I get another one I’ll get in touch and find out why I suppose lol