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  1. Thanks for this guide @Sergen I’ll give it a go for next few days if I can get the combos to work. Though I’m shit at fighting games and it’s already wrecking my head 😂. It may have to join the others in the Phantom Zone...
  2. It doesn’t matter how easy the game is, a guide is always good 😄
  3. As much as it would be great to play these games again, and get the plats for them it is not worth being flagged for it. as the powers-that-be are against it - I guess there’s no hope. Maybe a vote to see the stats would be a good idea?
  4. I’m loving it so far, though only on the fourth mission. The graphics look great and the gameplay has really improved imo. I played the new one on PS4 and for some reason I just can’t get into it. The only bad point, as others said, is the checkpoint resets conversations and enemies that you killed before it.
  5. I’m not sure to be honest I did it early in the game with John. But I can’t really see any reason why it wouldn't. If I remember right, you get white bronco early in the game? Maybe start a new game on a new file to get the trophy and then finish your main game. Sorry I can’t be more help...
  6. Just get the one mp trophy and at least you can still finish it whenever the mood takes you 😄
  7. That’s bad. The game implies you should cheat with one trophy description so I don’t understand why it’s locking you out. At least it can be finished in about 2 days. You can fly through it again. I used the spawn tank cheat and had no troubles with any trophy.
  8. This is a lot easier than the first game. It’s also different (I much preferred the first). There is no trophy for getting through without using gel. The only different trophy is Akumu mode which is Classic mode in this game. Classic mode has limited saves but it is much easier than Akumu because it’s not a one hit kill.
  9. Not a chance! I put myself through hours and hours of that only to be beaten by that ridiculous m4 hold up mission where you have to lightly press square. That is so impossibly frustrating... 😂
  10. Can you not still get that after servers close?
  11. I have done this quite a few times and no trophy. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Any tips would be really appreciated 😄 is it possible to get it on expert playthrough? EDIT: I got lucky having 5 guys pathing along by one explosive. There were only these 5 guys in the room. I completed it on normal because I think the other two difficulties are too hard to kill them in one go.
  12. Yep 😄 #6676HOGIE838
  13. That sounds like a plan! If you will give me time to get DS2 finished? I’ll start it as soon as I complete CounterSpy. I seen someone mention The Evil Within, absolutely great game if you like survival horror. Akumu mode is 1 hit kill and a rewarding challenge to beat...
  14. I can’t answer many of your questions because I only got back into gaming in the last 2 years but I plan to play all the Dead Space series, whether good or not, just to have them in my catalog. So I’d say do it 😄
  15. I think they just change their password and let them access their account to play on it. They can be playing other games while these people are earning trophies for them. Then once it’s done they change their password back. A lot of money to be made in this, if I was a any good at gaming I might give up my job and work from home - playing games all day 😛