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  1. I had a crash while installing demons souls and playing Astro. After reboot my save game gone missing. Maybe downloading/installing while playing is not the best idea.
  2. Hello everyone, in the final battle the last scene won‘t start... Also mentioned here If anyone found a way please tell everyone
  3. How could you ...
  4. Aaaaand my money is gone ... Damn you sales!!!
  5. Congrats!!! Nice guides will help me a lot
  6. Hi, if you create a squad before starting the search for a lobby, even if you're alone, and then start searching you should enter a lobby and the game should start. Don't know why but even the reinstall or delete savegame didn't work for me. Hope it helps anyone.
  7. The aiming and shooting feels so good with the aim controller. The movement could be better, maybe use the second analog stick for turning. I had only a short moment of motion sickness while moving backwards... Not my best idea haha