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  1. I know I have a bad buying addiction especially with all the PSN sales. This is going to be a big eye opener to just how bad it is. 😨 *Rounding to the nearest dollar.* January 2021: Physical Games = $480 Digital Games = $284 February 2021: Physical Games = $0 Digital Games = $1061 Total Game Expenses 2021 = $1825
  2. Opportunity Knocks Using rocks or cans, distract 15 enemies (Campaign only). Where are the rocks and cans?? I have yet to find a single one. I even finished an entire region without finding any. Does anyone where I get them and how to use them? (Ie: do they appear in your wheel? Or just a single thing you pick up?) Thanks.
  3. Nvm looks like I somehow go it
  4. The wait is almost over!! I backed this game on Kickstarter when it was first announced. Cannot wait to have my PlayStation version of it. December 9 release date based on the email they sent out today.
  5. This game is too stunning!! I can’t stop taking photos and I just started exploring the second area last night. I had to make a Facebook album just to share some of my favourite photos I took in photo mode.
  6. So I am first playing the game as a Recruit so I can easily obtain some of the chapter trophies. For Veteran difficultly trophy, do I have to start a new game from scratch to get this trophy? Or can I just chapter select one by one and complete them on Veteran and still obtain the trophy?
  7. I redeemed my code from the preorder, but how do I get the item in game??
  8. I found it! It’s under the gear/stats section. You have to equip it in the accessory slot on whichever character you have in your party.
  9. I'm having trouble with the Rosebud trophy. It will not pop even though I followed the guide. The family only loads in with 20k+ money instead of over 1mil. I even tried with motherlode cheats and nothing will pop for me. Any help would be appreciated. It's the last trophy I need for the platinum.
  10. Yup, this game is cute and it will be an easy platinum. I have a copy of it on Steam and made a full walkthrough back in 2015. You can find it located here. It will tell you everything you need to do in order to obtain 100% trophies in the game. Have fun!
  11. Any missable trophies in this game? Or have to do second playthrough?
  12. Does anyone know if this will cross play ps4 to pc??
  13. I find myself with a huge backlog. Most of the games I play, I intend on going for that 100% completion. However, I have a hard time sticking to one game or lose interest in it fast....and thus my backlog just keeps getting bigger. How do you manage your trophy hunting backlog? Any tips or suggestions would be great.
  14. Thanks for this. Makes it look simple. I was having trouble with him last night and gave up to go to bed. I am going to try this now! Edit: Got him wohooo! Also a tip for others, you can teleport back to town with the green room on your map to buy health potions if needed. I stocked up and was able to defeat him jumping back and forth like the video....and when he did get a hit on me, I just popped a health potion.
  15. They need to fix this. I’ve tried everything and even reinstalled the game. Still nothing.
  16. Same. I play without mic, but will happily join the clan and help get the co-op trophies or difficult missions.
  17. Yup, I’m not too impressed with the open world from what I’ve seen so far. It looks all empty like there’s no npcs, wildlife, nada. I cancelled my preorder just so I can see what the finished game looks like because the gameplay that’s up on YouTube atm is disappointing.
  18. I too am getting this error and was just coming here to make a post and ask if anyone else was too. Glad I now know the error is not my Vita. Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon as I’m eager to try this game out.
  19. I was thinking about picking it up, but heard it was a mobile game port. So I’m wondering, how good is the gameplay? Is it clumpy or weird? Or is it playing smoothly? (I had a hard time determining this after watching the trailer and couldn’t find any actual PS4 gameplay or testing videos)
  20. "Flynn & Freckles is a third-person view, single player game with a great amount of exploration and combat. As Flynn we'll need to deal with a series of platforms, puzzles and fight against loads of enemies. F&F gives us the opportunity to enjoy, once again, of a 3D platformer game, old school 90's style, with a renewed artistic and technical approach, and all of it revolved around a fantastic pirate setting." TRAILER 1: TRAILER 2:
  21. Sniper Rifle is my BFF lol Thank you!!
  22. Release date in NA?