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  1. Taken from a guide by pennysticks on the .org trophy site: I have not yet achieved the platinum myself, but I am slowly making progress. If you google search "chicory trophy guide" there's a decent one available. It doesn't have super specific info, but it's useful for planning out your post-game route. I'd also suggest this collectibles map/tracker: Best of luck!
  2. Can you use summons ashes at the evergaols? I couldn't summon my Mimic Tear, so I'm just wondering if those summons would have worked. I only tried my Mimic Tear, but no go.
  3. For anyone collecting all the Ashen Remains, I discovered that the cheese strat for Alecto still works. It's a bit more dangerous since the barrier for the battle has been moved. She'll still get stuck on that spot between the rock and the ledge as she constantly tries to walk. I bodied up as close as I could and didn't perform any backstabs/frontstabs. There's nothing special after getting her stuck; I just finish her off. Feel free to stop watching after she's cornered lol.
  4. Have you guys tried the option to view the Desktop version of the site? If so, does that give the same error? Edit: I am unfamiliar with Safari, but most mobile web browsers have an option to force you browser to display websites as if you were on a PC.
  5. Confirmed, I also did the cortex castle shortcut backwards and got the trophy.
  6. Hey, just wanted to include a tip for anyone having trouble with the ChazCar Derby.I call it Boost Sprinting. When you hit the boost button, you gain a sudden burst of speed, and if you continue to hold the boost button, it kind of tapers off. However, if you press the boost briefly, release it, then press again, you can gain speed much faster than by just holding the boost button.This is critical in case you hit a wall or slow down anywhere. I've gotten times as low as 2:50 after a few runs. Though this is much less useful in water for some reason. Luckily, most of the water on the track can be avoided if you boost sprint up the hills, off the ramps, and through the air.
  7. Apparently, there have been posts claiming that New Game + respawns drones that do count towards the total.
  8. When using rocks to distract enemies, throw the rock wait until they have investigated the rock, and allow them to walk back to where they were standing. This will then count as a single distraction. You cannot distract that same enemy again in that same encounter.
  9. Amnesia Collection The Heart I really didn't enjoy A Machine for Pigs in this collection. There's very few trophies for 5 hours of gameplay, very boring walking sim, enemies were more funny than scary, and the story itself is completely predictable. Thankfully, The Dark Descent is an amazing horror game. It's a shame about the tinderboxes trophy or else I'd try to grab the platinum for this one.
  10. Do I have good news for you!
  11. Final Fantasy IX
  12. I know this is kind of out there, but I really enjoyed Bruce Campbell as the Tutorial Narrator in the three spider-man games on PS2 (especially Spider-man 2). I remember his delivery being hilarious. Also, I really enjoy Sam Riegel's work, most recently in RAGE 2.
  13. Jak and Daxter 1 and 2. Those games are so much fun just to play, let alone platinum.
  14. I do not know. I did not do a NG+ run.