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  1. I'll stick and get 2 accounts then. I can manage with chinese or korean but japanese wouldnt understand jack shit lol. ty for the answers. It's only for those cheap quick platinums anyways.
  2. Since there are some games first available in Japan or even for multi platinum games, there are AS and JP games but that everyone knows. My question is, which country should I create an account from? I've heard some people saying Hong Kong but then there are JP games only and since Japan is in Asia it would be a 2 in 1. Which are you using?
  3. My history doesnt even load, but since June 19 to today it says 280 euros
  4. I find some difficulty trophies in general a huge hassle, since a lot of games just follow the basic "enemies do 10x times more damage and you are 5x more squishy". Although some Online trophies are annoying and the servers getting shutdown after a while makes it even worse. So between the 2 of them I vote the Online ones just because they become unattainable at some point.
  5. I personally play everything I want. The trophy list might make me think twice, but I end up playing them anyways. The trophies that I usually despise are difficulty or online wins in some specific games, they are rather annoying and I prefer 100 times grindy trophies. I consider those a pain in the ass.