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  1. Adding to Thatmuttguy's post, Infamous 2 and festival of blood are also Sony first party titles that have online related trophies.
  2. I sent a ticket to square enix support two days ago and they sent me this reply: Thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX support,We apologize for the trouble you've experienced with DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED. The issue is currently under investigation. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA as we are working with Sony to resolve the issue. We hope this information was helpful and if you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to respond back.Thank you for contacting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center. I've been lurking on other forums for posts regarding this issue and it turns out that devs are aware about the problem and supposedly trying to fix it.
  3. Ignore the first darknetfile and progress through breach until you unlock and complete the second one. Once I did that, I got the trophy although the game did not award me a booster pack
  4. I can log into breach perfectly fine but the trophy for completing a dark net file will not pop. Everytime I finish the final cutscene of the first file, The game automatically logs me out of breach as I "cannot connect to the square enix servers" So unless there's a problem on my end which I highly doubt there is, the plat is unobtainable until the devs fix their server side issues Update: It turns out that the trophies are still obtainable at least up to tier 2 servers. I continued playing through breach and completed the second darknet file which popped me the trophy. It seems that the first is bugged out for some reason.
  5. It's a very good game in its own right. It may be considered the weakest in the series, but most of the backlash pretty much comes from a butthurt fanbase who expected a sequel that would match the highs achieved by its predecessor. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the game a lot - even to the extent of the first although I will admit that the game comes with its fair share of problems. The main ones are the soul memory matchmaking system, unfair and often ganky enemy placements and mostly uninspired bosses. The health penalty system is another criticism towards a lesser extent as it becomes a non-issue once you progress further through the game and find a certain ring. Overall, the negative reputations that you often hear with this game are the result of overinflated expectations along with a few backwards steps in terms of game design.
  6. It's nice to have the option to play your games in 4k. I get that we're slowly transitioning into an era where graphics can be seen as a focal point for game development but 1080p hd resolutions for gaming are by no means bad at all. I have a ps4 slim and i'm perfectly happy with it. People here should not be pressured or feel ashamed that they don't have the latest and greatest system to play their games on because at the end of the day, these machines will all play the same game perfectly well. In regards to the performance gap, it may be significant but i'm not shelling out extra cash for a 4k tv just to experience the improvement. You guys should know that technology is continually improving. Ever heard of Moore's law? The pro released in 2016 so therefore, we should have gaming systems that can far exceed its performance capabilities. The next generation is knocking on our doorstep and before long, the pro will be considered an outdated piece of hardware. At the end of the day, I don't really give a damn about the machine's specs. Slim, pro and og ps4 owners will still get to experience the same quality games we've come to expect and love from Sony's flagship console. And that's all that matters.
  7. So guys, I just saw on Playstation's official youtube channel that Destiny 2 and God of war 3 remastered would be released for September's free ps plus game lineup. For those that already own this game, I want to know what your thoughts on it are and if it's worth downloading if you're a sucker for 100%ing trophy lists. For me personally, I have heard from many that the game was somewhat of a disappointment and ultimately would not have even considered spending any money on it. But feel free to agree to disagree with me!
  8. These days I trophy hunt with an "all in or nothing attitude". I don't know about you guys but it just irks me when I see a completion bar that isn't 100% filled. For dlc, I either wait until there's a price drop or wait until a gold/complete edition of a game is released.
  9. Here's where I get my info for PS3 servers:
  10. Hey fellow trophy hunters, I recently picked up a PS4 and I was looking to get this game during the Ps store January sales. I was just wondering, is the story in Rise interconnected with the previous Tomb Raider remake or can I simply jump into this game and understand the story as it is? Cheers.
  11. Batman Arkham Origins, I heard that the servers for that game are down making the plat unobtainable
  12. @totallycrushed would new game plus be possible or do I need to start over?
  13. Darn, I've already completed 5-1 and slain the leechmonger. Will this cause issues when trying to summon you?