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  1. A quick little update. So far, November's off to a pretty good start. Managed to finish off the first two God of War games. Those were some pretty good hack and slash games with a decently interesting story to boot. I am, however, feeling a little burnout from this genre so for now, I shall take a break from the ps3 for a little bit and focus on clearing the mountainous backlog that sits on my ps4. Just eight games to go!
  2. This challenge was hard as hell and pretty bs at times. What I did was pretty much spam jump, L1 then X to knock the satyrs into the air and hopefully knock them off the platform. It's not really a testament to your skill level; rather, you'd just have to pray and hope that things pretty much go your way and that you don't get knocked off.
  3. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was my 69th plat. Definitely no intentional planning there whatsoever 😉
  4. Heck yes, sign me up! Since I started trophy hunting in late 2016, I've managed to whittle my ps3 backlog from 65 games to just 10. All online trophies are accounted for so there's a little peace of mind there. This should motivate me to complete the final sprint and send the ps3 off with a bang. My list: 1. God of war 1 2. God of war 2 3. God of war chains of Olympus 4. God of war 3 5. God of war ghost of Sparta 6. God of war ascension 7. Prince of Persia the two thrones 8. Ratchet Gladiator 9. Resistance 3 10. LA Noire
  5. People who think this change is good are actual boot lickers
  6. A preorder for a preorder ... nice.
  7. I'll never stack any lists or have any Ratalaika-like games infest my profile. There's a certain aesthetic that comes with avoiding heretical games that clog up and spam your profile as you scroll through it.
  8. A completionist who doesn't shy away from difficult trophies
  9. Sounds like a good way to eat up battery life
  10. 1. Mein Leben from Wolfenstein 2. Nuff' said about this one. 2. By my hand alone from the Dunwall city trials dlc in Dishonored 1. This trophy is heavily rng dependent as you have to kill every single enemy that is pitted against you for 13 waves. The enemies are often part of opposing factions and as such, are hostile towards one another. Often, your runs will be ended from bs as the enemies tend to kill each other within seconds of a wave starting leaving you no time to react. 3. The platinum trophy from Tom Clancy's Ghost recon future soldier. The barrier that nearly made me give up on this platinum involved the multiplayer component. Online matches require a minimum of 8 players and it is already hard enough to find them and set up an amicable time and date for boosting sessions. On top of that, I had to deal with the absolutely terrible servers as often, it was almost impossible to form a squad and connect to one another. What a nightmare.
  11. Man someone at Playstation Malaysia's getting fired...
  12. Hot take - you're a pussy if you avoid this game for the sake of completionist tendencies. Anyways, if it really bothers people that badly, they can just play it on an alt account to experience one of the best games the ps4 has to offer.
  13. I'll wait and reserve my judgement until the game comes out. Until now, I've managed to miraculously avoid any spoilers for this game and I only know that it is heading in a direction that will garner divisive reactions. Having said that, I am curious for an answer to this question without any specific spoilers being mentioned by those who may have already seen the leaks. If they turn out to be true, are the leaks as bad as the Mass Effect 3 ending? Because from my personal gaming experience, that's the one game that went in a direction storywise that really pissed me off.
  14. Yeah I get that Cerny's presentation was aimed more towards game devs and the like. I just feel a little misled from the announcements from the official social media platforms.
  15. All I wanted was to see what the physical console looked like and they couldn't even do that
  16. Kojima's stated that he's pretty much done with the Metal Gear series. I think he's pretty much sick and tired of directing those games after being dragged back time and time again to make another by either the fans or the publisher even after stating that each game would be his last. So if Sony does ever end up acquiring the Metal Gear ip, it would probably be directed by someone new.
  17. Since I started trophy hunting three years ago, I’ve managed to gradually reduce my ps3 backlog from ~60 games to 16. All online trophies have been dealt with so no worries there. The only things stopping me now from 100% would be my ps3 suddenly deciding to kick the bucket or if Sony decides to can the entire ps3 network infrastructure.
  18. I spent $4 on a newly sealed copy of agents of mayhem. I have no interest in it and don't ever intend to play it. The only reason I bought the game was to use the new blu ray case as a replacement for a scratched and scuffed copy of Nier Automata that I got preowned. I plan on switching the cases and trading the game back to Gamestop for probably a few cents 😁
  19. Max Payne 3. P.S. That completion rate is glorious
  20. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PS3). A nice linear third-person shooter with stealth elements in the single-player campaign. However, the multiplayer component of the game can go EAD. Over 100 hours of boosting to contend with as 8 different players are required to coordinate matches. Also, you will be dealing with extremely bad servers which refuse to connect you due to the publishers choosing to cut costs and use p2p rather than dedicated servers. Avoid this game like the plague if you are a completionist. 100% psn profiles rarity at 0.30%
  21. The elder scrolls online. Only masochists would be crazy enough to even try for the plat in that game.
  22. Pretty much all trophies mentioned outside the top two could probably be achieved by just about anyone if they are determined enough to do so
  23. Since the ps2 I've always gotten a console very late into the generation. For me, I'll won't get the console day 1 simply because of these reasons: A huge backlog from previous consoles - I've yet to finish my ps3 games (although the number for those is decreasing rapidly) and I've got over 50 ps4 games sitting on the hard drive having never been booted up History tells us that a slimmer and more efficient iteration of the console releases a few years after the initial launch. Usually, any hardware issues present in the original model will be ironed out There is money to be saved for us patient gamers. There will be a time when the price of the console goes down significantly - usually a few years after launch plus even more during Black Friday or Boxing day sales There will be a multitude of great games already released by the time I get the ps5 later into the generation. No waiting at all for the anticipated AAA titles and relating to the third point above, you won't have to spend $60 a pop for those games as they'll probably become dirt cheap as we are seeing now during numerous ps store sales
  24. I'm so glad that I got burnt out after finishing all the online trophies.
  25. Three words - Thieves landing massacre