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  1. I can't get it to work, watched this video and read the text guide and it's not happening for me.
  2. According to this game, going insane doesn't actually count as dying. (crazy I know). The easiest way to get everyone killed is to get certain clues to tell the military which ship you're on. If you tell them you're on the Man of Medan and destroy the distributor cap they'll come and kill all survivors to keep the secret safe, this is how I got this trophy in the end. The first clue is when you're playing as Fliss is to pick up the Captain's hat and the 2nd clue is a certain logbook which has the ships name in it. You'll know it's the right book because the character who picks it up will say the name of the ship. After this when you use the radio, Fliss or Alex (whoever is alive at that stage) will tell the military the name of the ship they're on.
  3. No there's one online co-op trophy.
  4. I have run into some serious grief with this trophy. I thought it'd be one of the easiest trophies to unlock but it's proved to not be the case! Firstly in the theatrical cut. I had one person alive at the end I used the radio the military came I destroyed the distributor cap and the military let Alex on to the helicopter. So I tried it in Curator's cut had everyone alive at the end, called the military, destroyed the distributor cap and everyone got on the helicopter again. I also tried to not call the military and destroyed the distributor cap and two people escaped on the duke and two people stayed on the ship and the trophy still didn't pop. (Don't know how people staying on an abandoned ship with no food and two people starving to death on a floating boat with no power or food counts as living?). This trophy is driving me crazy and I've come to the conclusion that you can't kill everyone in Curator's cut. So I'm heading back to the theatrical cut and see if I can get the military to kill everyone and destroy the distributor cap there. Unfortunately, the trophy guide doesn't go into enough detail of how to kill everyone which is one of the reasons why this trophy is so hard to get! EDIT: After not realising that finding certain secrets to get the military to kill you was the reason why I couldn't kill everyone I finally realised this on a different playthrough so if you're struggling make sure you discover the Captain's Hat as Fliss and an engineer's logbook just before you use the radio.