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  1. DOOM Eternal The Once and Future Slayer Complete the Campaign on any difficulty Common - 58.23% Running Up the High Score Complete Extra Life Mode with 10 Extra Lives in your Inventory Uncommon - 22.71% Gunpletionist Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot Uncommon - 35.18% Heavy Metal Earn all Trophies Rare - 17.94% The most metal platinum screenshot you will ever see 😎
  2. Platinum #57 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Difficulty Rating 3/10 Enjoyment Rating 6/10 Rare - 19.66% Back when I first played the original Hyperdimension Neptunia on PS3 nearly three years ago, I might of been a little too generous in how I praised its game design. I played it out of obligation and wanted to like it really bad because everyone else did. For the most, I do like it. It was a unique experience for me at the time and I still have my PS3 copy to this day. It’s rough around the edges, sure, but I had a decent time with it. I told myself I would play the remake someday to see if it could rope me back into the franchise. Here I am, finished with the remake.. and I dare say.. I prefer the PS3 version over this one. It felt to me like this version had more glaring issues than the original. If there was anything I would say the remake did better, it’s the battle music.. but that’s it. Everything else just cheapened the experience, it seriously felt to me like the Dollar Tree of RPGs. A lot of things were dragged out and felt like an absolute chore. Allow me to explain. Everything you do in this game is governed by the “Remake System.” It’s an option within the menus where you spend points to unlock dungeons and various other paths. Doesn’t sound too bad on paper, but you need these points for other things.. like party members, especially if it’s the platinum you’re going after. You’ll be jumping in and out of dungeons all over the place to find invisible blueprints in order to spend points on to unlock even more dungeons to find several different items.. UGH, it’s just not fun at all 😠 The PS3 original had no such system, you just played dungeons and unlocked things normally along the way.. like you should! Grinding was less tedious and felt more balanced in the original as well. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had to stop and go level up between bosses in Re;Birth1. I would expect SOME grinding, but not all the freaking time! Half the dialogue in Re;Birth1 is voiced, and the other half is not. Like, what the hell happened? Did they just say screw it altogether? It makes all those silent text boxes extremely brain numbing to read through. Because let me tell you, the story is nothing great or exciting. The characters are cute and charming, yes. You know.. when you can actually hear them! But the scenarios they get themselves into are nothing incredible. A lot of missed opportunity here. These characters deserve better. Time for a little positivity 😋 This game is filled with many cuties. Such as the female embodiments of several video game publishers/developers. One girl that comes to mind is Falcom. She is a female version of Adol Christin from the Ys series, and I love me some Ys. It’s safe to say that I really love Falcom for who she is and the type of games she pumps out to this very day Another girl I’m fond of is Compa, who plays a much bigger role in the story. She has a gentle personality, big boobs, boots, plaid skirt, sweater, long hair, what’s not to like? In fact, she is my PSN avatar to this very day. To say have a connection with her would be putting it mildly 😘 And of course, you gotta love Neptune & Noire for their abundance of preciousness ❤️ I don’t really have much advice to offer if you plan on tackling this game. A lot of patience and perseverance is required to see it through to the end. Not a hard game, just a tedious one. Take this guide I found. Sooner or later, you’ll be typing in dungeon names, material names and enemy names to get where you need to go. I highly doubt this will be the last Hyperdimension Neptunia game I play. The girls always seem to get me coming back for more. I hear the sequels incorporate the Remake System as well, and that makes me shudder. Maybe one of the spin-offs will help my outlook on the series. Regardless, I’m certain Neptune and I will cross paths again, ready and waiting to consume plenty of pudding in between many new adventures 🍮
  3. Here are a few things I received for my birthday using gift card money I had. Animal Crossing New Horizons was a direct gift from my sister.. and it’s been consuming all my gaming hours 😅 I used my gift cards to buy this lovely K-ON Ultimate Collection Blu-ray set. It contains all the episodes, OVAs, the movie and loads of special features An essential piece of media for my anime collection. There is also of course this Akane Isshiki 1/8 scale figure from ALTER, because there is nothing better than a girl’s thicc energetic butt stuffed into a pair of red bloomers
  4. DOOM Eternal They’re ALL My Favorite Purchase all Praetor Suit Perks in a single save slot Uncommon - 48.94% If Only I Could Read... Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slot Uncommon - 44.44% Breaker of Gates Complete all Slayer Gates in a single save slot Uncommon - 49.38% Treasure Hunter Beat all encounters and Mission Challenges in a single save slot Uncommon - 40.68%
  5. Newest 100% - DOOM 64 ✅

    Uncommon 22.10% Completed in 2 hours, 18 minutes ⏱

    Did a full playthrough, no passwords were used 💪🏻

    I shall forever remain #16 in first achievers! 🎂

    Being on the first or fastest achievers list for DOOM 64 doesn’t really mean anything. The whole game can be cheesed with the use of passwords left over by the original release. Both lists are now filled with cheeseballers at this point. A true shame, really. DOOM 64 has finally been rereleased after 20 years, and people are just gonna skip to the last level and not even play it 😑 My skills had me ready to floor the competition, but even I can’t beat the game faster than someone who is capable of punching in a quick password or two. A playthrough on “Watch Me Die” difficulty (secret levels included) takes me roughly about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Sometimes 1 hour and 20 minutes if I have champagne 🍾xD @Sigma999 @Redgrave and @Anxiety have all witnessed my greatness from start to finish through share play and they’ll surely vouch for me when I say I’m capable of beating DOOM 64 that fast 😁 Take it from someone who always leaves his N64 plugged in :awesome: I have no need for passwords, so hopefully my #16 spot on the first achievers list stands for something in a sea of cheeseballers.


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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    3. Copanele


      Hah finally scored this bad boy as well. Congrats! 

    4. Spaz


      I feel the same way. Wish they made you beat the game from start to finish whilst finding all the secrets.


      They ruined Duke Nukem 3D on the PS4 in the same fashion.

  6. ShonenCat’s HappBirthdaExtravaganza 🎂 (05-12-2020) ⭐️

    Beware, a cool cat approaches ^w^ So I’m kind of writing this on a whim 😆 I woke up this morning feeling motivated by a few others, so I decided to do this 😋 I don’t intend on making this wall of text too overwhelming, so I’ll keep the spoiler tags out this time. Most people will tell you they are finicky at best. On with the show! Yes, today is my birthday, as some have addressed already 🍰 Pretty good so far, I wake up, I drink iced coffee, the usual stuff xD Okay, so the day is still early and not much has happened. But I’m feeling pretty good and chances are a surprise or two will likely come my way. I have received a few early gifts from family and saved up gift card money. I’m excited to share them so here they are!

    An anime, a figure and a game. Perfectly balanced as all things should be 😁 By all means there should be a PS4 game here, but it’ll have to come later. As far as new releases go, I’m thinking Sakura Wars for sure! Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a gift from my sister. I’m certain it will eat up a lot of gaming time, my trophy log is screaming at me now 😆 I had to have this K-ON Ultimate Collection, for it all comes in one nice convenient Blu-ray boxset. Mooeeee~~ :3 And the holy grail of the bunch, this beautiful Akane Isshiki 1/8 scale figure made by high quality manufacturer ALTER has been on my online shopping list for far too long. It was time to finally bring her home and make her mine. Do I even need to explain why? :awesome: I’ll leave it up to you to figure it out 😋


    Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I hope all of you are staying safe during these troubled times. I find that RPGs are a great way to pass the time. Consider adding some to your trophy journeys 😄 I’m currently playing Final Fantasy VII (1997) and it’s just what the doctor ordered ^^ Thank you for stopping by and reading this short but sweet update. Good luck to all of you! ^o^


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    2. minh2t


      Happy birthday!

    3. JadedDragos


      Happy Late B-Day!! =-)

    4. Silently


      Heh.. cute figurines ^_^ cool birthday gifts. No worries bro, I too like to collect stuff sometimes I play cute figurines when I'm bored lol.. 

  7. 2quMUHK.png

    1. ShonenCat


      Thank you much, lab coat colleague 😁

    2. Silently


      Belated Happy birthday bro..

      More blessings and stay safe..




  8. Funny to notice you share your birthday (thanks to @Sigma999) with Arc System Works AND Tony Hawk!


    Enjoy it to the fullest! 👍

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    2. Copanele


      Holy ! SERIOUSLY? That is so goddamn awesome xD please don't lag like their servers though! Yep, it was fate for sure!
      Anyway happy birthday man, have a wonderful party! (slightly highjacking @FinalFan's birthday wish but hey it's a great celebration we're having xD )

    3. MidnightDragon


      My sister’s BD is today, too

    4. Sigma999


      Also shares the same birthday with Mob-kun :awesome:


      Anime Mob Psycho 100 II estreia a 7 de Janeiro •

  9. My sincerest wishes of a Happy Birthday for my dear friend :yay::yay::yay:

    May we continue to be long lasting friends like we are today :highfive:

    1. ShonenCat


      Thank you much, Kagami-sama ✨😁✨ I intend to make the most of it!

  10. DOOM 64 Persistence is the Key Acquire all 3 Demon Key Artifacts in the main campaign Uncommon - 24.99% Escape Artist Finish 'No Escape' on Watch Me Die skill level Uncommon - 23.52% Mother May I? Defeat the Mother of All Demons on The Absolution Uncommon - 28.68% Walk the Path Finish the Lost Levels mission Uncommon - 25.68% #14 in first achievers, no passwords used.
  11. Love this series ❤️ Trophy list seems like a hearty challenge with the S+ ranks and all that. I’ll be waiting patiently for the physical release 😀
  12. Platinum #57 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 :platinum:

    Rare 19.61% Completed in 1 week, 1 hour ⏱

    Total Play Time: 48 hours, 6 minutes 🎮

    Battles: 1,553 👊🏻 Enemies Defeated: 3,025 💥 Jumps: 8,942 😂

    Made the platinum my 3,000th trophy! 💎


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    2. Honor_Hand


      Congrats. :)


      I had a good time with this one. A bit too grindy towards the end for my taste, though. I need to get back to the rest of the games in the franchise, but for some reason, I'm not particularly motivated to do those right now. Probably due to the grind involved.


      Anyways, IF is best girl for me there. :D

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    4. Sigma999


      Congratz on that new plat and the miletsone of 3000 trophies 😊

  13. Platinum #56 - Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Difficulty Rating 2/10 Enjoyment Rating 8/10 Uncommon - 22.97% We are entering an age where everything needs to be politically correct or else cancel culture will come after said media. Senran Kagura is a franchise that went against giving itself blue checkmarks across the board and is all about providing busty, thicc cuties for male entertainment. However, I have this sinking feeling that it’s about to change for the worst. This is still the newest game in the series as of writing this platinum summary (not counting the Burst remake) but somewhere around a year ago, the producer of Senran Kagura left Marvelous Entertainment due to having restrictions on his creative freedom. One has no clue how the series will end up looking from this point forward. Probably much more tame, but I sure hope I’m wrong about that. Senran Kagura always has been what it is currently. To change that would be blasphemous, but only time will tell if Senran Kagura 7EVEN will end up being as voluptuous and delicious as the previous titles. This may be the last good and most lewd game in the series. It is a treasure that should be cherished by all men of culture. Snag yourself a copy while there is still time, for it already a rare breed of software. This title in particular is a spin off of sorts while remaining canon at the same time. Instead of being the usual hack n’ slash, it takes a different approach of being a third person shooter using what I can only assume are highly powered water guns. The closest thing I can compare it to is probably Splatoon. Mainly cause you have two competing teams trying to spray each other, but both are still very different from one another. I can’t say it would ever become my competitive shooter of choice 😅 But I do really like what I see here. Peach Beach Splash makes for a nice single player experience worthy of its trophy run with a story that takes itself in a more lighthearted approach than the usual mainline games. Even the teachers from the good and evil ninja academies (Kiriya and Suzune) are completely out of character, but that doesn’t make their chemistry any less hilarious 😂 This platinum is very easy if not a bit of a grind. There are no missable trophies to worry about, so you can take it at your own pace. Play the story mode, play the tournament mode, so miscellaneous things in battle and you will soon see the platinum is yours I recommend leveling up the mini gun (or is it called the gatling gun?) It’s the best weapon and your AI partners will perform amazingly with it. The game becomes a cake walk with you and your entire team with this weapon. It takes quite a few cards to upgrade everything the trophy list expects of you. So it’s best to upgrade only what you are really going to use and save the rest for later. You could always upgrade a set of one thing, pop the trophy, quit the game without it autosaving, go back in and upgrade other items with your hard earned cards Very simple, you won’t have any trouble. Just expect to put some time into gaining lots of cards though. Best girl? My infatuation for Hibari has not changed across the four Senran Kagura games I have played. She may not be wearing her gym uniform by default in this game, but the dressing room allows me to stuff her phat ass back into the bloomers she belongs in 🤤 I can only hope the future of Senran Kagura is a bright one, even if it doesn’t involve Kenichiro Takaki any longer ): I’ll be praying that the “Righteous Boobage Producer” will soon bring us cultured software once again, whether it’s using Senran Kagura or a completely new IP entirely. He said we have his word, so I will wait patiently for him to make good on that promise 😁
  14. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Neptune Level Max Neptune reached level 99 Uncommon - 28.73% Millionaire Obtained 100 Million Credits Rare - 19.79% Item Master Made 100 different items Uncommon - 23.40% Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Master You played the game so much, you made Neptune folks proud! Rare - 19.60%
  15. Platinum #55 - Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Difficulty Rating 3/10 Enjoyment Rating 7/10 Rare - 10.15% You might be asking yourself what kind of game is Akiba’s Trip. I’m not really sure how to answer that question, but let me try to conjure up the right words here It’s a game about some organization using the selfish collective nature within hardcore otaku and using that energy to basically turn them into vampires.. or something. I can’t really remember the specifics all that great 🙃 It’s certainly not for the average going gamer. I’m referring to those who like to stay within the realm of Call of Duty, Madden, FIFA and Assassin’s Creed. This title in particular caters for a very niche demographic. That being the hardcore otaku crowd who find enjoyment in the themes this game provides. Yes, I fit that demographic 🧐 But even I must say I had a hard time enjoying this game... at least at first. I found the combat super jank, not the QTE part where you’re ripping off clothes, but the part where you’re hitting people with your weapon in real time. My fault though. I started a new game on the highest difficulty available when I should of been saving it for New Game Plus. You will have to do at least 4 playthroughs anyway for each true ending depending on which girl’s route you end up completing. The game doesn’t take too long if you skip cutscenes. Somewhere around a 2-4 hour average depending how much dialogue you skip. Your first playthrough will be the most boring, but it gets more fun in New Game Plus. More customization options will be open to you and your character can look however you want them to. Even your AI battle parter can be customized. I had my battle partner and I dress up like Daft Punk by using motorcycle helmets and tuxedos 😂 I set us both up with drunk walking animations as we hit the streets clubbing everyone with pink baseball bats 🤣 Ooh, it sure was a unique experience. Anyway, here is what I recommend. Start your first playthrough on the easiest difficulty and use your little sister as much as you can. No, not like that I mean your little sister acts as a shop to upgrade your weapons and armor. Should you max out a full set to 999, it’ll make future playthroughs more of a breeze. You’ll be glad you saved the harder difficulties for later. You will need to complete “Gamer” difficulty before “Otaku” difficulty can be accessed. A good way to make money fast is to beat all of the arena with your maxed out gear. What’s great about Akiba’s Trip is that you can end a playthrough and start new at anytime by “Leaving Akihabara” at the subway station (New Game Plus only). That way you can keep doing the arena over and over again in short increments of time Like the name suggests, the game takes place in Akihabara, a real anime/game shopping district set in Japan. I hear it’s a pretty accurate representation too, minus all the loading zones It is pretty much an otaku paradise where one can thrive and collect all the goodies one needs in their life. Environment in the game looks top notch, but the characters models and combat mechanics could of used some serious work. Regardless, the dialogue is mostly voiced and keeps the otherwise plain story rather interesting cause you don’t have to force yourself to read it all 😋 Who is best girl you ask? Well, I’m sad to say that a majority of them are super lackluster. Kati, the bar maid is my personal favorite, but you can’t romance her 😣 She can be used as a battle partner, but that’s about it. Instead, you’re stuck with chicks that make you wanna shoot yourself in the head. For those who aren’t so bad, my choices are certainly Shizuku and Nana, for they are the most respectful and loving towards the protagonist. My next stop in the series will be Akiba’s Beat. Here is hoping it does things a little bit better 😄