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  1. Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Fully Satisfied Completed all Affection Novels. Rare - 17.12% Valkyrie's Paradise Completed the Main Story. Rare - 16.82% For the Glorious Future! Achieved the True Ending. Rare - 17.03% The Best of the Breast Recognized by all Keepers. Rare - 12.43% 'Tis But a Scratch! Cleared the Survival Mode. Very Rare - 7.09%
  2. Platinum #88 - Dragon Ball FighterZ :platinum:

    Ultra Rare 2.63% Completed in 4 weeks, 21 hours ⏱

    Total Play Time: 525 hours, 30 minutes 🎮

    Total Local Battles: 62,901 👊🏻

    Total Ranked Matches: 348 💪🏻 Ranked Matches Won: 174 ✌🏻


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    2. FreshFromThaDeli


      Congrats on completing Goku FighterZ! 😆

    3. Shera L Greenwood
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      A great one to add to your platinum collection :awesome:

  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ Link Level 40 Story - Raise Link Level to 40. Rare - 19.44% My Appetite...Is Insatiable...! Story - Complete the Android 21 Arc. Uncommon - 25.25% Set for Life Acquire 20,000,000 Zeni throughout the course of playing. Ultra Rare - 3.66% Trophy Triumphant Acquire all trophies. Ultra Rare - 2.63%
  4. Platinum #86 - Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit Difficulty Rating 4/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 Uncommon - 34.10% Hello to all you cultured men out there Looking for something to sharpen your hand and eye coordination while also getting a boost in testosterone? I may have found the rhythm game that ticks all those boxes 😁 Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit is a spin off to the infamous hack & slash games starring busty ninja girls. Only here, the plot and premise is more silly than ever before. Master Hanzo hosts a cooking competition and claims the winner will receive a scroll that grants one wish. Leave it to Metacritic to give this game a 62, those uncultured swines. Never trust your mainstream gaming news and review outlets, they’ll lead you down a dark path Play this game because your resident DOOM expert knows what he’s talking about! It’ll bring a whole new meaning to the term “food porn.” 😂 But first you’ll need a Vita, be well equipped! It’s pretty expensive for a physical copy, so you might wanna go digital on this one. Game won’t give you too much trouble in terms of difficulty. Do story modes, grind out 200 songs and many ninja arts. Should take you an average of 25-30 hours. Play it for them mommy milkers, big big mommy milkers, big big huge milkers and huge big milkies
  5. Dragon Ball FighterZ Before Creation Comes Destruction... Practice - Complete 200 Different Combo Challenges. Rare - 16.89% My Power Level is 530,000 World Match - Acquire 530,000 BP. Very Rare - 7.73% Just Looking Arena Match - Observe a match. Rare - 10.67% Arena Aficionado Arena Match - Play 20 matches. Very Rare - 8.48%
  6. Absolute Duo (episodes 1-12)
  7. Platinum #87 - Borderlands 2 :platinum: (+100% ✅)

    Ultra Rare 2.23% Completed in 3 years, 4 weeks 🐌

    Total Play Time: “Way Too Long.”

    Class of Choice: Gunzerker

    Managed to pop over 300 gold trophies! :gold:


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    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. DogFoRaw5


      Congrats! :platinum:

    4. Sigma999


      3000 is quite a bunch of gold , you are getting rich with all this hunting :D 

  8. Borderlands 2 Unseen Predator Remain in Zer0's Decepti0n mode for 10 seconds straight. Rare - 12.83% Sabre Rattler Kill 100 enemies with the Sabre turret. Uncommon - 22.23% Phased and Confused Phaselock 100 enemies. Uncommon - 22.12% Challenge Accepted Complete the first rank of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character. Very Rare - 9.16% Borderland Defender Round Two Unlock all Borderlands™ 2 trophies. Very Rare - 7.82%
  9. Platinum #85 - Gravity Rush Remastered (+100% ✅) Difficulty Rating 4/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 Uncommon - 21.32% This game is a unique action adventure platformer with tons of floaty and gravitational physics. Usually fetches for a high price these days for a physical copy, so the only way I was going to experience this one of a kind journey was through PS Now. A world beyond one’s imagination awaits those who have yet to fly into Gravity Rush for the first time. I felt lost and confused in this strange new world, just like Kat.. our rather cute and delightful klutz of a protagonist who suffers from amnesia 😄 Gravity Rush certainly provides its own flavor on what a platformer can really be. By soaring and fighting your way through impossible odds, you will help out the locals as a self proclaimed hero while trying to find ways to reclaim your lost past and memories that may even take you to the ends of the earth. Charming, imaginative and feel-good are the words I would use to describe this adventure from beginning to end. Some timed challenges can be rather difficult, but be sure to max out most of your abilities with gems before attempting the lot of them. I’m rather happy to know a sequel awaits me someday when I get around to it. Thank you for this wonderful experience, Japan Studio ❤️
  10. Borderlands 2 Spicy Boy Defeat Haderax the Invincible. Rare - 12.97% Painbow Connection Equip effervescent-quality gear in all slots (except class mod). Very Rare - 8.60% Definitely An Italian Plumber Kill Donkey Mong. Rare - 17.35% What does it mean? I can't even capture it on my camera. Rare - 19.78% Tribute To A Vault Hunter Get an item from Michael Mamaril. Rare - 19.76%
  11. Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit Happy Cooking Hit a total of 50000 notes. Uncommon - 35.92% Cooking is My Specialty! Completed 200 songs! (Doesn't matter if it's Story Mode, Arcade Mode or Free Mode.) Uncommon - 34.92% See All, Know All Fully enjoyed the dressing room. Uncommon - 43.25% Thank You for Cooking!! Obtained all trophies. Uncommon - 34.05%
  12. I bought it from this seller right here. Still a little pricey, but you know it’s worth it Definitely my proudest fap purchase EDIT: Updated link
  13. Platinum #86 - Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit :platinum:

    Uncommon 34.07% Completed in 6 days, 6 hours ⏱

    Total Play Time: 22 hours, 48 minutes 🎮

    Total Notes: 63,421 🎵 Total Points: 15,893,250 🎰


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      Well done! 💯

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      Late Grats Cat ^.^

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      Congrats ^^

  14. Platinum #84 - Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Difficulty Rating 4/10 Enjoyment Rating 5/10 Rare - 11.72% So what type of game is Fairy Fencer F? A very mediocre turn based RPG. This is one is from Idea Factory, most well known for the Neptunia franchise. I have played two Neptunia games in the past, and while I do like the characters.. the gameplay was never able to meet my expectations. So I thought I would branch out to see if I can discover something a little better. I must admit the character design drew me in rather quickly, but I would soon enough be stuck into a journey that is more tedious than it is fun. If memory serves me well, you play as Fang, a bounty hunter of sorts who pulls a sword out of the ground who in actuality is Erin the fairy. Fang eventually meets other sword wielders who too have fairies as weapons/partners. Depending on the route you take, you will either resurrect one of two celestial beings in order to save or destroy the world. Yes, typical RPG dribble. How did I even stumble upon this in the first place? I think I was browsing for RPGs one night and found this on a list. Digging deeper, I discovered it’s one of those games that go for high prices online. Perhaps $120+ for an English NTSC copy last I checked? I immediately put it out of my mind. That is until one day I browsed all the offerings on PS Now and found it again. It was just my luck that Sony was offering a $1 for one month special and I instantly bought into it. I told myself that if I was ever going to play this, PS Now was the only way. I ended up platinuming three games from PS Now within that one month time span, so this game in particular only cost about 33 cents to platinum. Much more worth it than $120+ let me tell ya 😂 It wasn’t the masterpiece I had hoped for, just another grind fest brought to you by Idea Factory. I can’t really offer much helpful advice for it’s all kind of a blur to me now. I think the best I could give you is stay away from this game. It may have some colorful characters, but the gameplay will put you to sleep. Like no joke, I fell asleep at the controller playing this one time 😶 If you have to play this, make sure to download the free dungeons from the PS Store. They give buttloads of EXP and I highly suggest you use them. The game’s regular dungeons just aren’t that generous, even with the booster swords stabbed into the ground. I’m starting to think Idea Factory’s games just aren’t that great. But knowing me, I’ll likely end up playing another one sometime in the future. Although I’m pretty sure it will be more or less the same experience. Oh well, this one only cost me 33 cents in the end 😛
  15. Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit Girls' True Faces Completed Story Mode with all the default characters. Uncommon - 42.75% Finally! Reached Ninja Arts Lv. 15. Uncommon - 41.47% A Lot of Boobs Saw all the default characters' Specials. Uncommon - 45.12% Panties Collector Obtained all 98 panties. Uncommon - 45.06%