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  1. Fist of the North Star (episodes 58-109)
  2. ShonenCat's 2nd Year Anniversary Extravaganza 🎉 (01-29-2019) ⭐️

    Welcome back to my humble abode ^^ Thank you for opening up the status post that is the embodient of all things pure, noble and good. It is January 29th and I've been a member of PSNP and owner of PS3/PS4/Vita for two whole years now. I'm not sure how to begin saying this, but it would seem my Platinum count for most of 2018 hasn't been looking so hot. I've only earned a total of 12 Platinums since last January. It's probably a lack of motivation and enthusiam and I've boiled it down to two problems. I like to play my games loud, but the neighbors I need to share a wall with can hear my subwoofer quite clearly so I'm always having to turn the volume waaay down even though they make a great deal of noise themselves. Might be a good idea to finally invest in an excellent pair of bass headphones :3 That would help greatly in roping me back into my major gaming habits. The second problem is Sony themselves for they moved PlayStation HQ to California and started a censorship crusade >.< It's made me bitter towards the company and it's been hard turning on any PlayStation console I own lately. Which is funny because no more than a year ago I thought Sony was near perfect with the consoles they provided along with all the beautiful niche Japanese titles to play on them, which will all now be ruined going forward thanks to their newfound constant chugging of soy milk. I can only hope they see the error of their ways soon, for it is ruining art and alienating the Japanese console market. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see Sony fail, I want to see them succeed and learn from their mistakes. I want them to think more of what the gamers want and less of what the shareholders want. Trust me when I say I'm most certainly not giving up trophy hunting ^w^ I've already spent a fortune on these consoles and a big mountain of games to go with them, so I'll be stacking them trophies big time for 2019, once this bad aftertaste of Sony leaves me soon ;) During that wait, I've been playing my Switch, finishing games that need completing like Super Mario OdysseyDOOMSplatoon 2 Breath of the Wild. Plus, Super Smash Bros Ultimate came out in December and it's practically ran my life ever since xD
    Having to play my games at low volume and Sony censorship aren't my only two issues, but I would say they are the biggest ones. Other things consist of me constantly spacing out when I could be earning trophies or watching a darn good anime. My eating habits haven't been the very best lately, so I find myself being slow and spacey when I could be using that time to watch the programs I'm interested in seeing. My taste in anime has changed drastically and now I prefer to watch shows from mostly the 80s or 90s. I think that's what they called the golden age x3 It's hard for me to have patience for newer anime, not sure what that's all about o: But now I have a new list of stuff I'm interested in watching like Gundam WingHokuto no Ken 2Galaxy AngelGreat Teacher OnizukaHellsingSailor MoonThe Big OInitial DBerserkLupin the 3rd Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It's quite a mixed bag if I do say so myself :D I've only watched half of Fist of the North Star and all of Pokémon Indigo League in 2018. I know that's nothing compared to what otaku really go through in a year, but maybe 2019 will be the year I up my anime watching once in for all ^o^ Anyone got any excellent recommendation for TV munchies? I like myself a good chip & dip, whether it be Ruffles and ranch or spicy Doritos and tuna mixed with mayo. Considering I want to watch more TV but cut down on calories, I welcome any flavorful ideas :9 Thought about going the Wheat Thins and tomato hummus route.
    It's all good though (; 2019 is the year I'm going to give it my all and experience several games and anime. When I'm not doing one or the other, I'm usually making video game characters out of perler beads, preferably from the NES era. I've got a pile of characters already made, I'll need to share them in a future status post for sure ^w^ Even if I didn't get much gaming done in 2018, I still made a little bit of history and got myself on a few boards. Here, allow me to show you now ^^
    GoldenEye 007 Reloaded - Platinum in 11 hours, 52 minutes (1st fastest)
    Gal*Gun 2 - Platinum in 2 days, 4 hours (4th fastest, 2nd first achiever)
    Under Night In-Birth Exe Latest - 8 hours, 21 minutes  (6th fastest)
    Arcana Heart 3 Love Max - 6 days, 2 hours (4th fastest, 46th first achiever)
    I've got this really bad habit of going after difficult or grindy Platinums. Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise is one of those games I'm currently working on that fits that description. Hence why I might get tired from time to time 😅 But a Platinum would mean absolutely nothing if it was from a game like NCISHannah MontanaGoosebumps or My Name is Mayo. I like my game list to be of quality, I'm sure many others feel the same way (: I'd like to point out that my most favorite game I've played in 2018 was Devil May Cry, the very original of course! I experienced it through the HD Collection. Something about it was so very magical, call it gamer's intuition but I believe it to be one of the very best games I've ever played in my life. I love me a good challenge, within reason x3
    I must commend you for making it this far and reading everything that came to my mind in good faith, thank you so much ^^ It's amazing people like you that keep me going and never giving up. 2018 was a lackluster year for me in terms of trophy hunting and watching anime, but that means there is room for improvement. I've got many great games that need playing such as The Witcher 3God of WarHorizon Zero DawnShadow of the ColossusCrash BandicootAkiba's TripTokyo XanaduPersona 4 Golden & Monster Hunter World. I swear, this is the year I get things done! We all need to buckle down and make the most of 2019 by doing the things we love with the ones we love! I cannot stress this enough, but none of this would of have been possible without you all! You are some of the finest people to ever grace an online forum. Makes me very happy to be a part of this community (: Let's give it our all this year, shall we? ^w^
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    2. Honor_Hand


      That's the @ShonenCat I know. This was a very entertaining summary of 2018 to read. Even if you didn't get many games done or that you didn't attain all the trophies you were looking for, it certainly sounds that you got a lot of fun on the ones you played. There's a lot of positivity in your status. Glad to hear that you are happy to be a part of this community. 


      Your lack of motivation due to Sony's new policy on censorship is understandable. Who would have thought that they were gonna fall onto such a vile practice nowadays? Even so, let's hope is something that will only last for a couple of months until they get a true idea of what gamers really want.


      As for the anime you mentioned from the golden era, I'm not really much into those, except for 2 that you mentioned that I've been eyeing for a while. Those are Hellsing and Initial D. I feel I could totally get behind those. You asked for TV munchies, didn't you? Eh, the only ones I could recommend that I loved back in the day are Pringles. You mentioning Ruffles brought them to mind. I haven't had both in ages due to reasons but I'm sure you will probably enjoy Pringles too.


      You should definitely share all of that pixel art you have been doing. You know I love those x3


      Hope you have a great 2019, my friend. Looking forward to hear more about you. :)

    3. Silently


      Hey bro congrats! Great intro by the way.. like reading ur long detailed experienced on gaming and the anime part.. sorry about ur neighbor since it's next to ur wall.. kinda sad u can't really enjoy much due noises issues.. well good luck on everything happy 2019!! take care.. ^_^v



      And this cat is adorable isn't it?? 😍

    4. Sigma999


      I loved every bit i read , quite Inspiring year for my boj nontheless , the platinums might not be much but they are of good quality and quite rewarding , not much like myself i guess ehehehehe. I hope this year of 2019 would be of great doings and challenges for my Kitty-kun , you always manage to pull it off with style somehow and that's the reason i adore you and admire you above all ^^

      Keep it at your fullest 😄



    1. ee28max


      Happy Birthday! 🍰 

    2. Chirithy


      Thank you  ^.^

    3. PvtVoid


      Happy Birthday :D Hope your week is being awesome! 

  4. Platinum #32 - Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Difficulty Rating 5/10 Enjoyment Rating 7/10 Ultra Rare - 1.61% First Achievers - #46 Fastest Achievers - #4 While I think the difficulty rating should be much higher, I'm only basing it from the PS Trophies roadmap. But how can one say no to an all waifu roster fighting game? It's like two of the greatest things coming together! Don't let this game's flowery facade fool you. It's one major grind that will have you doing a bunch of unnecessary tasks just for the sake of trophies, but it also completes the in-game gallery so I suppose that's cool. It also has it's fair share of ordeals and trial mode bosses that are extremely difficult to beat. Even though I'm an above average player at fighting games, I had no chance against these titans normally. Luckily, there is a cheese. Use Angelia as your main fighter at all times and select Oreichalkos the Metal as your Arcana. Whenever you can, you'll be charging your Arcana Guage to max level so you can pull off her Critical Heart constantly. It involves a large clocktower crash landing on the entire battlefield and the CPU usually has no clue how to counter this. This method got me through time attack, survival score attack and even the trial mode bosses. I wouldn't be standing here with the Platinum or the number four spot on "fastest achievers" without this cheese 🧀 Many thanks to @Honor_Hand for teaching it to me ^^ The online trophies are easy but painfully time consuming. You have to get 10,000 LP with one character. You earn the most points playing online and should rake in 11-19 LP per match. This was the straw that finally broke the camel's back and made me invest in a turbo controller. Soul Calibur V was almost that game that made me give in, but somehow I managed to tough that out till I got to Arcana Heart 3 Love Max. Together with @Honor_Hand we left our turbo controllers to do most of the online work for us Do I recommend this game? To stare at Mei-Fang alone is totally worth it to me ❤️ As for everyone else, if you like attractive, colorful anime girls and can hold your own in a fighting game, then yes, this game will give you a super hearty challenge. For those who will be consumed by frustration, I recommend looking elsewhere. Tekken 7 is still a rather easy Platinum for those who want to ease their way into fighting games before climbing up the ladder to something more difficult. I'm here to let you know what you're getting yourself into: hot chicks and major grinding. Hey, it doesn't sound so bad when I put it like that 😎
  5. HAPPBIRTHDAY FELICIA-BOY! ✨🎉🎂🎁🍾🍕🌭🍰🍦🍫🎉🎈🎊


  6. The trophy list looks easy enough but I'll be skipping this installment. I can't believe I have to say that regarding a Senran Kagura game. Until Sony stops sucking down soy milk and gives up on their censorship crusade, I'll be voting with my wallet.
  7. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of the community! Be sure to make the most of it and stuff yourselves silly with plenty of great food. Hoping you all receive that one special gift you've been hankering for. But let us not forget this is the time of year we spend time with our loved ones. Be sure to add that extra measure of comfort and joy to those you care about, I wish you all the very best! ^o^ See you all in 2019! 🎁🎄🍗🍾⭐️luckystar-christmas-06.png?w=630&h=354


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    2. Leon Castle
    3. Honor_Hand



      Christmas Felicia is here to wish you a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas as well, my boy. Let's spend time together with our most loved ones for that is the true spirit of the holiday :3 

    4. ee28max
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with Inkling, Ridley and Wolf amiibo. The game is badass and has been eating into my trophy hunting schedule Needs more retro reps!
  9. Say what you will about GameStop's greedy practices, every company comes with some type of malicious intentions. But I for one would hate to see them go under, because physical copies may cease to exist someday without the proper retailers. If the day ever comes when only digital copies exist, that's when I'll go full on retro. I need a tangible item in my hands, no company is getting my money for a borrowed license.
  10. When I was watching the trailer, I kept yelling cause Scorpion was getting beat into a bloody pulp and he wasn't fighting back. Then he made his comeback in some shape or form 😂 Good job, Scorpion! You showed Raiden who is boss! Interesting choice of music but the game looks extremely awesome nonetheless!
  11. Out of the entire Game Awards show, this was definitely one of the bigger and more awesome reveals. I could use a good kart racer for my PS4 and it can't get any better than Crash Team Racing. The nostalgia is really starting to kick in!
  12. I picked up this drawing of Sephiroth a few months back at a local yard sale. I have no idea who drew it or what it's true origin is, but it was so awesome that I had to buy it 🙃 One of these days I will frame it and hang it on my wall. Seemed appropriate enough to share here ^^
  13. Date A Live might be one of those few harem anime I don't despise. Hearing that this PS4 game was on the way proved exciting until Sony had to get their soy-based hands on it and provide censorship-- When will this madness ever end?
  14. I've played every Mortal Kombat game to date (minus the DC crossover because no) and I'm pretty darn hyped to see a reveal trailer for the newest in the franchise. Scorpion is and always will be a childhood hero of mine, what a badass ^^ Looking forward to throwing spears and summoning hellfire once again when the inevitable "Komplete Edition" of this game comes out
  15. Platinum #32 - Arcana Heart 3 Love Max :platinum:

    Ultra Rare 1.60% Completed in 6 days, 2 hours ⏱

    Currently #4 in fastest achievers! ☄

    Forever will be #46 in first achievers! 🏅