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  1. Borderlands 2 (PS4) World Traveler Discovered all named locations Rare - 15.38% Thresher Thrashed Defeated Terramorphous the Invincible Uncommon - 23.28% Did It All Completed all side missions Rare - 11.85% Capped Out...For Now Reached level 50 Uncommon - 28.22%
  2. All challenges with all characters? Dang, that's cruel ._. That's Persona 4 Arena levels of cruel. Most certainly the most difficult trophy in this game.
  3. A fine taste in music as ever, my boi 😙 Seems very fitting for a climatic final battle. DMC3 is shaping up to be a great game already and I'm super pumped to play when I get there 😊 As much as I love this song, I do not understand the complete context behind it for I have never played MGS Portable Ops. My experience with this piece of music comes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I used to let it play in the menu after very long play sessions as it gave me some kind of dopamine rush 😄 Thankfully Snake will be returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so I hope this track also makes a return along with him ^^
  4. Vampire Hunter D (1985)
  5. NieR Automata - A Beautiful Song (Opera Boss Theme) I haven't even played this game yet and I'm already floored by it's music, this truly is a beautiful song ;-;
  6. Platinum #28 - Devil May Cry (PS4) Difficulty Rating 8/10 Enjoyment Rating 10/10 Very Rare - 8.61% It's been well over fifteen years since the very first Devil May Cry released on PS2. Within that time, I have never played it up till now in the recently released HD Collection on PS4. As a matter of fact, I haven't played many games at all that fit the character action genre. I do know however that Devil May Cry is pretty much the grandfather of that said genre and believe me, there was no better way to introduce me to this style of gameplay that I would soon learn to love so much! You play as Dante, a demon hunter who ventures to Mallet Island to destroy the demon lord Mundus. You slash and shoot your way through waves of enemies and bosses progressing chapter by chapter of increasing difficulty. Upgrading health and devil trigger bars as well as buying new moves for your weapons is key to survival all whilst studying enemy patterns and encouraging you to become versatile in any given situation. Dante being a well respected character in all of gaming for being badass as much as he is passionate, rounding him into a well defined character that players would soon continue to follow sequel by sequel. This game for me was a true godsend. Amongst today's corrupt gaming industry, I took a journey to the past with a game that started something fresh for it's time with no anti consumer practices hidden behind the curtains. My quest with Dante was a delightful one and upon conquering all three difficulties, I felt a sense of accomplishment different from many. By overcoming the game's brutal challenges and subtle yet captive enough storytelling, I was able to experience one of gaming's best classics as it kicked this gamer's fiery spirit back into full gear. I was sad when the journey finally ended with Devil May Cry and was left with only wanting more. However, over the course of those years I've only heard horror stories about Devil May Cry 2 and I don't dare ruin the closure I feel and the perfect relationship I have with the first game, it means far too much to me. Should I decide to play it's sequel someday, it won't be anytime soon. I'm still basking in the goodness that is the first game. Some may say it's too clunky, but that's okay because I play Ocarina of Time like 20 times a year Now I wish to go experience more games in the character action genre, titles such as Bayonetta & Ninja Gaiden seem like worthy candidates to me. To those suffering from modern game fatigue may find happiness just like I did waiting for them in Devil May Cry. Let's rock, baby!
  7. Needless ED1 - Aggressive Zone It's a pleasure to listen to and look at. But I don't have to explain, see for yourselves 😎
  8. I've got a set amount of games I'm excited for as well (: -Shining Resonance Refrain -DOOM Eternal -Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise -Yakuza Kiwami 2 -Resident Evil 2 Remake -Tales of Vesperia Remaster -Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  9. Platinum #28 - Devil May Cry :platinum:

    Very Rare 8.83% Completed in 1 week, 16 hours ⏱

    I have now achieved Trophy Level 15! ⭐️

    "Let's rock, baby!"


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    2. BG_painter


      Oh I hated it!!! especially that part that we have to beat everything again with Dante, then all the bosses again a third time with Nero... omg it bored me to death. 💩

    3. ShonenCat


      I believe I allowed enough time to pass by now ^^ Hello everyone, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for this great amount of praise. This might be the most feedback I've recieved in a single status post regarding a platinum trophy o: I certainly don't take it for granted, I will use my newfound power to keep popping platinums going forward.


      Big thanks to everyone once again, especially to my boi @Sigma999 1f600.png He kept me motivated throughout my entire trophy run. I didn't think I could ever complete a high octane action game like this one but he ensured me I had the strength to complete Devil May Cry and he was right (: Hearing his praise to me for completing a game he loves so much means the absolute world to me 1f60a.png I know my boi can pop the platinum too, as well as Onee-chan @Silently The sky is fair, it will always be above everyone's head, no different ^^


      Until next time everyone, take care! ❤️

    4. Sigma999


      Not much thinking of plat Devil May Cry tbh , got so many other games i want to play next . Started again Devil May Cry 3 tho but not seeing myself doing those hard difficulty trophies i have left to gain . 

  10. Devil May Cry (PS4) I Read You Like A Book Unlock all the entries for every enemy file in the status menu Very Rare - 9.39% The Devil Made Me Do It Finish the game without using any Yellow Orbs Rare - 15.70% Blue Devil Max out the Health Bar Rare - 12.06% Combustible!!! Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode Very Rare - 9.42%
  11. Now here is something juicy you don't find every day 😶 Megadimension Neptunia VII Limited Edition! Comes with game, soundtrack, art book and mini poster.
  12. Devil May Cry 1 - Statue of Time So calm, so serene and so welcomed between all the hectic shooting and slashing
  13. My first PS4 game was the marvelous Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. I still have the photo from the day I brought it and my new console home 🙃
  14. Anime Blu-ray haul! Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Mary and the Witch's Flower & The Boy and the Beast.
  15. Only 1 trophy left to plat that great game called Devil May Cry 😮

    You're almost there , Kitty-kun . The plat will be yours soon 😆

    1. ee28max


      You're almost there, good luck :) 

    2. ShonenCat


      I shall be victorious!


    3. Sigma999


      You already have triumph , my boi 😊