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  1. Platinum #13 - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Achieved Trophy Level 12 ⭐️ Difficulty Rating 7/10 Enjoyment Rating 7/10 Ultra Rare 1.20% Oh man, what a Heavy Day indeed! I haven't felt this drained in a while. Guilty Gear is the main and flagship franchise from Arc System Works. As I got older, it would become my favorite fighting game right next to Mortal Kombat. I still have my Guilty Gear disc for the PS1! The journey for this game's Platinum takes a great deal of patience, skill and understanding of the game's mechanics. Some may find completing 300 combo challenges as well as 30 missions with S rank trophies to be very infuriating. But when it comes to finally doing Medal of Millionaire mode, that's when the game starts to take your soul away. They expect you to do absolutely everything in that mode and let me tell you, it was one major grind. Not many people have this Platinum for a reason. Because this is the first and most vanilla version of GG Xrd, the online is completely dead and will require a boosting partner. That's when I met @skateak! An awesome dude who took on the online trophies with me! I couldn't of asked for a better partner for he made the experience buttery smooth, easy going and plenty of fun! It was a great way to cool off after Medal of Millionaire mode and I made a new friend in the process! Thanks for all the help, buddy ^-^ Taking Medal of Millionaire mode out of the picture, I throughly enjoyed playing this game! I'm a huge Guilty Gear fan and genuinely love having both Platinums for SIGN and Revelator, as well as being 8th fastest in both their 100% Clubs! Looking past the overly demanding trophy list, Guilty Gear Xrd is another solid tournament fighter for this generation that deserves the attention of most! You'll find Sol Badguy to be one badass protagonist I cannot stress enough how amazing this game is! Today, the most up to date version would be GG Xrd Rev 2. What are you waiting for? It's time to rock!
  2. Platinum #13 - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- :platinum:

    Ultra Rare 1.20% and 8th fastest in the 100% Club

    "What a Heavy Day!" Achieved Trophy Level 12 ⭐️



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      WOW. Congratulation! I played the Game and know how hard it is. This is a great Plat. ^_^

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      Congrats on both platinum :platinum: and milestone catbro  (^_^ )

  3. Kiki's Delivery Service
  4. A Man of Wealth and Taste [M.O.M.] Collected all items Ultra Rare - 1.43% Arc System Works actually had the audacity to make us collect all the items in M.O.M. mode after grinding all the way to rank 14.
  5. But This One Goes To 14 [M.O.M.] Unlocked class 14 Ultra Rare - 1.63% The start of my trophy hunting journey is still rather fresh. But at this very moment, the gold trophy you see here now must of been the most grind heavy task I have experienced yet. It's even more rare than my GG Xrd Revelator Platinum. It would appear that GG Xrd SIGN certainly doesn't mess around. This game's trophy list will have the biggest fighting game enthusiasts running for the hills!
  6. Cradle Will Rock [STORY] Finished the entire story.
  7. Platinum #12 - Mortal Kombat X Difficulty Rating 5/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 What can I say about Mortal Kombat that hasn't been said before? I can proudly admit that it has always been a big part of my early years of gaming! Scorpion was my childhood hero, I even had a costume for Halloween! As for MKX, it's a marvelous tournament fighter and it certainly provides more offline content than Street Fighter 5. You can tell that NetherRealm still cares about their flagship franchise. Obtaining the Platinum is simple but very very time consuming. This is due to the fact that certain Living Towers only appear at specific times and are online generated. There are several online trophies to watch out for, like winning 10 ranked matches in a row. You also have to max out the levels of all 5 factions, which is nothing a little Brutality grinding can't take care of. 1000 hits to the Invasion Boss is also a real pain and only appears at a specific time as well. You'll also need a partner or friend to send you a Challenge Tower to beat. I recommend unlocking the Juggle Modifer before attempting 10 hit combos with all characters, but even that Living Tower appears at a complete random time for it to unlock. Trophies or not, MKX is still a most excellent and solid fighter for this generation! I highly recommend it as a Mortal Kombat fan and fighting game enthusiast!
  8. Platinum #12 - Mortal Kombat X :platinum:

    Got 100% as well thanks to Mortal Kombat XL!

    "Get over here!"


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      Congrats bro ^^


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      Hai everybody! Thanks for all the praise! I'm very proud of this Platinum ^_^

  9. Yo, Catman!  How's your summer, bro?

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      Haaii, LC! My summer involves a lot of Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat! Which are both MK when abbreviated!



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  11. Elder God Reach personal level 65 in XP
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  14. Super Mario Odyssey - Jump Up, Super Star!
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