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  1. Best day of my life 🤩
  2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (episodes 1-48) ZA WARUDO!!!!
  3. :platinum: Platinum #107 - Gal*Gun :platinum:


    ⭐️ 5,000th Trophy Milestone! ⭐️


    This here be my true magnum opus! Is it really my magnum opus, or is it being #1 fastest in

    Quake? Maybe it’s being #1 fastest in GoldenEye 007 Reloaded? That’s up for debate, I suppose :awesome: I’ll let you create your own head canon on what it should be 😋 Although you can probably take one good look at this and say to yourself “Wow, ShonenCat, you would totally play that game.” Yes, yes I would 😌 But what even is Gal*Gun in the first place? Glad you asked :awesome: Gal*Gun is an arcade style rail shooter with light dating sim elements. Try to think of it like The House of the Dead with anime girls instead of zombies, and with more emphasis on accuracy and weak points than randomly blasting everything on screen as fast as you can. Also, your targets aren’t trying to kill you, but rather each and every one of them wanna live happily ever after 😙 So to avoid being dogpiled with love, you must fend off all girls with an angel provided pheromone gun that makes them experience euphoria from afar with the perfect shot. Without proper context, it sounds rather wild, yes? Maybe I should just leave it at that :awesome: Okay, okay, I’ll fill you in 😆

    In this crazy story that can only be summed up as “Meanwhile in Japan” You take the role of Tenzou. A student who is down on his luck with the ladies. He is visited by an angel trainee from Heaven who’s role in order to graduate from Angel Academy is to help Tenzou boost his popularity by shooting him with a cupid’s arrow. Naturally, things go array as quickly as you’d expect and Tenzou is shot with several arrows instead of one, overly boosting his popularity well beyond the normal threshold. The only downside to that being if he doesn’t find true love by sunset, he’ll never have the opportunity ever again. And if Patako doesn’t fix the issue at hand, she won’t be able to graduate Angel Academy. Now with a common goal, the two must work together in order to save both their hides from certain doom. With the pheromone gun provided by Patako, it’s Tenzou’s duty to fend off the crowds of incoming ladies while trying to win the heart of his true love throughout the story. Here is how the publisher for the English Switch release puts it 😋

    “In your super popular state, girls will be tripping over themselves to confess their love to you! Aim your shots (aka Pheromone Shot) carefully, and give these girls euphoria. Oh, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks of the situation. Live your best life. Don’t let these lovestruck ladies get in the way of finding true love with your favorite heroine, so let those Pheromone Shots fly and seize the day!”
    ❤️ “Choose Your Destiny” ❤️

    When it comes to finding true love, Tenzou has no lack of options at his disposal 😋 From left to right, there is the air headed shrine maiden, Kaname. The tsundere sword swinging tomboy, Akira. Artistic but snarky senpai, Kaoruko. Fun-sized peppy rockstar, Aoi. Scatterbrained and clumsy angel senpai in training, Patako, and her nosy yet finger pointing kohai, Ekoro. If I had to rank the heroines from okay to best, I would probably put Kaoruko at the bottom. She’s a bit too snobby and full of herself, but I suppose anyone would be if they were as rich as she is 😅 Then there is Akira, who is way too verbally abusive for my liking 😆 But this girl is lowkey pretty cool underneath all that murderous energy. I find Shinobu from Double Peace to be the better tsundere of the series anyway 😶 Kaname is where the narrative provides more warm and fuzzy vibes. Since she is a childhood friend of Tenzou’s, she is always pretty nice and soft spoken towards him.. if not completely oblivious at times. But best girl award has to go to Aoi 😁 She has the most fun and energetic personality, can rock out with her guitar, sing exponentially well, and is always very friendly towards Tenzou. The way she constantly says “senpai” will definitely put that cherry on top 😌

    You might of noticed I didn’t rank the angels. They both work a bit differently from the four heroines. Between Kaname, Akira, Kaoruko and Aoi, Tenzou can only choose one as his girlfriend from the main story 😛 By playing Doki Doki Carnival, which is a continuation of the story mode can Tenzou choose a guardian angel as well to ensure his love life stays healthy, whether it be Patako or Ekoro. However, it is possible to end up with two guardian angels under certain credentials 😋 No need to rank them when you can have both :awesome: If I had to guess, Ekoro is most likely the fan favorite between the two. She often makes playable guest appearances in other games like Blaster Master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt.

    I’ve been playing Gal*Gun with the PS Move controller and active 3D glasses. You can’t get any more rad than that :awesome:

    Given that this is a rail shooter, I highly recommend the PS Move controller 👍🏻 It is a huge leap over just using the analog stick for a game like this. Speed and accuracy is essential if you want to get high scores. Even though certain text appears on a target when hovering your crossover over their weak point, you’ll become an even better and faster player if you memorize those weak points and the faces of the girls that go with them. Don’t doubt my ability to weeb :awesome: Perhaps everything pops better with active 3D glasses on, but I know that’s an extreme niche within itself. For the ultimate Gal*Gun experience nowadays, I think the PC version of Gal*Gun 2 has VR support and gyro motion controls 😋 But in terms of the first game, this is where it’s at! If only we could have the visuals from Gal*Gun Returns on top of it 🥲

    When it comes down to earning the platinum, I’d say it’s more of a grind than it is difficult. Although I’d argue arcade mode may give you a tough time considering the difficulty is set to hard by default and there’s no continues. But you’ll spend most of your time in story mode anyway, I personally recommend it 😋 This is where you’ll knock out all story and mini game related trophies as well as earning all the titles. You can earn titles in arcade mode, but it’ll far easier in story mode due to Patako’s questionnaire at the beginning of a route. You are provided a different set of starting stats each time depending on your answers. The titles are dependent of your social stats and what score rank you earn at the end. You’ll have to earn God rank (600,000 points) a minimum of eight times with different stats each time to earn them all. This is pretty doable on Aoi’s route cause she has a few extra stages that will help you barely reach the right amount of points for God rank almost every time 😅 You have the ability to retry certain story segments in case you don’t feel satisfied with your performance during mid playthrough.

    If the titles weren’t already a grind, the true grind comes from completing each girl’s bio. To complete a bio, you have to enter the Doki Doki Field with a girl three separate times in one playthrough. You can often get multiple bios done in a single playthough, and I highly recommend story mode for this as well. Your Doki Doki meter doesn’t deplete completely after one use like it does in arcade mode. There are some girls that are well hidden and can be hard to miss. So much so, I would often have to put a piece of tape on my TV so I would know where to aim at specific points 😂 Ooh, you can’t work on bios while also working towards your titles either. Cause after entering the Doki Doki Field with a girl, your social stats alter and could mess up a tree of titles you were currently going for. You wanna hold onto the starting stats Patako gives you at the beginning if you’re still going for titles. It can sure be rather confusing 🙃 But thanks to a few guides I found scattered about on the internet mixed with my prior experience with the English Switch version.. I was able to make this platinum a reality 😍

    It’s a Pantsu Paradise!

    I originally intended to capture a photo of all three Gal*Gun titles both on PlayStation and Switch, but figured that’d be going a bit overboard. So I decided to keep focus primarily on the first game, considering that’s what the platinum is based on 😛 The original is most certainly an interesting specimen, even if I think Gal*Gun: Double Peace is the better game due to the extra level of polish and a Doki Doki mode that’s not nearly as time consuming 😋 Gal*Gun 2 is a different beast entirely and is hard to compare to the two titles that came before it. Each installment has their strengths and weaknesses, but if you play one.. you’ll likely play them all and find out for yourself 😁

    Here’s a fun fact for ya! I’ve made each Gal*Gun game a trophy milestone of its own throughout the years 🥳 I’m probably the first individual to do that as far as I’m aware 😆 Double Peace was platinum #20, Gal*Gun 2 platinum was my 1,500th trophy and as you already know Gal*Gun 1 platinum is my 5,000th trophy 😙 Must be some type of crazy ShonenCat tradition for sure :awesome: So what’s next for the franchise? Hmm, hard to say if another traditional Gal*Gun game is in development or not. But Inti Creates will soon be releasing a Castlevania clone that stars Shinobu and Maya from Double Peace as the main heroines. It’s called Grim Guardians: Demon Purge and I’m most certainly looking forward to it 😁

    Thank you for joining me here today on this grand celebration of 5,000 trophies synced to my account 😄 And for reading through this glorious write up on such a niche game and platinum 😛 My yearly anniversary status will be dropping in the near future, so I hope you’ll look forward to that as well 😇

    The Good:

    + God tier art direction and character design

    + Cheerful soundtrack goes great with the theming

    + A plethora of cute girls and happy endings that go with them

    + All 78 girls are fully and uniquely voiced (Japanese)

    + An extensive gallery filled to the brim with sexy unlockables

    + PS Move and 3D TV compatible


    The Bad:

    - Language barrier will keep most from enjoying the narrative

    - Framerate can plummet if four or more targets are on screen

    - The fact that you’re not playing this right now :awesome:


    Final Results:

    Completion Difficulty: 7 out of 10 💪🏻

    Overall Enjoyment: 9 out of 10 ❤️

    Very Rare 6.85% Completed in 1 week, 2 days ⏱

    Playthroughs: 21 Story Modes, 5 Arcade Modes, 4 Doki Doki Carnivals

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

      Awesome milestone!

    4. Honor_Hand


      Awesome work! And one cool milestone right here!


      It's nice to be able to read about your platinum experience in this title. I have owned this PS3 version of Gal*Gun for a while now and finding a way to ascertain the platinum's difficulty was always hard because there aren't exactly too many trophy guides out there for this game. I can now see that it's more grindy than difficult and that it requires several playthroughs and stuff to complete. Obviously, the PS3 version is completely in Japanese and while that's a clear barrier to enjoying the narrative, I am hoping it won't impede me from navigating my way through the game and understanding what I need to complete. 


      This sure is a title for us weebs to enjoy and cherish. I was aware of the Move compatibility but I had no idea that it was 3D compatible too. Can't really get any more rad playing this game with those two.


      Kaname and Aoi clearly look like best girls here even at a distance. ^^ And oh my, even the angels are claimable too~ This game really did make sure to have all bases covered, lol. xxD 



  4. Dreadnought Destroyer Plaque Awarded for hunting 1,000 large monsters. Yes, I’m ready.
  5. Bumping for great justice 😋 A new trailer is out (added to first post) and the release date is February 23rd, 2023! We won’t have to wait much longer for the Gal*Gun and Castlevania hybrid 😁
  6. :platinum: Platinum #106 - XBlaze Lost Memories :platinum:


    “The next evolution in 2D drama!”


    Their words, not mine :awesome: Behold, one of the original EZPZs 😋 Yes, I would often see this grouped together with the likes of Hannah Montana, NCIS and Goosebumps when someone was looking for a quick, easy plat. But considering all the marvelous content that has hit the PS Store since those times, this title in specific is probably looking pretty scrumptious right about now 😆 This marks my most common plat to date, with a rarity of 53.75%… Because of that, a part of me didn’t want to play this until I reached over a hundred platinums. Given that its more difficult predecessor (for a VN anyway) XBlaze Code Embryo was plat #6 for me, it has been exactly 100 plats until I got around to playing the sequel. This wasn’t planned in any way 😅 It’s just how things ended up. As things currently stand, I needed a game with precisely 40 trophies, and XBlaze Lost Memories was the only one I had on hand that I could find. Setting up for something far bigger in the near future 😎 But what is XBlaze? It is a visual novel series that tells a prequel story to help shape the BlazBlue universe. Yet every time I try to learn more about BlazBlue and its lore, I’m always left with more questions than answers 🙃 That’s okay though. Because given the current state of certain other franchises, I find myself with a whole new appreciation for BlazBlue in general 😙


    How would I say the VNs stack up against their fighting game counterparts? They’re mildly entertaining to say the least. I didn’t fall asleep or anything :awesome: So my interest is most definitely there, even if I don’t quite understand or remember everything that is going on xD I still read it in full. The story is mostly everything a VN would have going for it, and it’s the most important part. From what I am able to gather, it involves Nine looking for her younger sister Celica within the Phantom Field whilst experiencing Es’s past memories along the way. To my surprise, this eventually becomes a continuation of the story. Yes, all this time I thought this game was just “extra scenes” that were not put into Code Embryo, but it’s much more than just that. So it was very nice to get a conclusion to this part of the story… 100 plats later :awesome: A conclusion that left me quite satisfied. Since the story is everything, I won’t say anymore just in case others are willing to dive into all things BlazBlue someday. Also, I’m not qualified to break it all down. It takes a Philadelphia lawyer to figure this shit out 🤣


    You can’t spell “best” without “Es.”


    One of the main key things that drove me to experience these VNs was a girl named Es. She is an android of sorts made up of organic materials. Her design speaks loudly to me :awesome: In the beginning, she does have the bedside manner of a turnip 😅 But as the story progresses, her character grows and she develops a will of her own. Complete with emotions and desires. Her VA does a fantastic job delivering such a soft and sultry tone of voice 😌 She is what I find the most interesting part about this whole thing 😗 And I’m happy to say that XBlaze Lost Memories is mostly centered around her in general! She has since then became a playable character in BlazBlue Central Fiction, and is one of my main tiers next to Ragna.


    Overall, it was a fun enough time reading through this story, and I’m glad I didn’t put it off forever now that I have learned there is a conclusion to the whole thing 😁 Some of the banter and side story stuff can be a bit mentally exhausting, but certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s hard to recommend unless your interest in BlazBlue is already there. Mine was, so I guess I’m the demographic they’re looking for :awesome: I don’t do VNs often, but if I do dive into anymore in the future… it’ll likely be the Steins Gate series. We’ll see what the future holds ;)


    The Good:

    + Pleasing character design

    + Fully voiced (Japanese)

    + Painless trophy hunt

    + Good presentation

    + Sexy CGs

    + Es


    The Bad:

    - You’ll need to first play XBlaze Code Embryo for full context

    - Confusing story, adding to the already confusing lore of BlazBlue
    - May only appeal to the most extreme of BlazBlue enthusiasts

    - Weak dungeon designs and exploration


    Final Results:

    Completion Difficulty: 1 out of 10 💪🏻

    Overall Enjoyment: 7 out of 10 ❤️

    Common 53.75% Completed in 4 days, 5 hours ⏱

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Nicely done!

      Imagine coming back to complete this particular chapter in BlazBlue's story 100 platinums after playing the first chapter. Convoluted story and lore aside (which is pretty much a given with BB at this point), pretty sure you enjoyed Es' "stack factor" a great deal. ;D 


      I am certainly part of the demographic of this one, but I probably won't play it until I'm done with the main BB games and maybe a few other VNs in the process just so that I can get more "acclimatized" to the genre, so to speak. x3


    3. IesuHado


      Nicely done!!

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  7. I have yet to experience Persona 3, so I’m rather excited to start that game whenever I get around to it 😛 Will probably end up being a milestone like the other two I played 🙃
  8. ⭐️ ShonenCat’s PS5 Extravaganza ⭐️


    🎉 I got one 🎉


    Welcome back, everyone! Been a while since I last posted, but today calls for a celebration 🥳 Whenever someone claims a PS5 around here, it’s usually treated like a party. So I thought I would keep that tradition alive 😛 That’s right! I am now the owner of a PlayStation 5 console! It was a gift from my older sister since I’m always helping out 🙃 She said it had to be preordered directly from Sony at the time. As you can clearly see, there is a game that came included with the console. Modern Warfare Roman Numeral 2 🙃 Sis said the bundled game couldn’t be helped, however I find it’s a pretty decent included title all things considered. It may be a digital voucher, but what isn’t nowadays? 😶 The whole package here is still rather shocking and I don’t think the feeling has quite sunk in yet, despite having it for a couple weeks now 😅 In my head, I wasn’t planning on owning one of these anytime soon. Yet it’s great to get that leap into the next generation for free 😙 Now I merely need to just focus on games. Speaking of games, I have some already 😁


    Software for the adventurous type


    Be mindful that not all of these were bought on the same exact day 😄 These are only my newest and most recent PlayStation related purchases prior to owning a PS5 console. Some of you may recall Demon’s Souls Remake as my first PS5 game. I played it on my nephew’s console back when he was on vacation and made it platinum #101 🥳 As for Neptunia ReVerse, that was picked up during my birthday month mainly cause I thought it was going out of print 😅 Even though those two games were once shown in previous statuses before, it felt only right to showcase them here again with the real new stuff as well 😆 Those new games being Ghost of Tsushima, Castlevania Requiem and Nioh Collection. Action oriented titles with swords, of course 😌 Not sure when I’ll be able to play some of these more epic blockbusters, but I’d say I’m sitting with some pretty good options right about now 😛


    Must accessorize one’s self


    Gotta have accessories as well 😗 These were pretty important to me, cause a couple years ago I said a black PS5 console would be most ideal for me. There is no boxed black console as far as I’m aware, but luckily Sony has provided me with the needed tools to help still make my vision a reality ✌🏻 With the midnight black DualSense controller and official midnight black PS5 console covers 🥳 My new console is looking pretty sleek 😎 This is helped further with the third party products I ordered from FlamingToast’s website. A classic logo sticker and power light decals. These help give my console a more nostalgic flare. I really like how everything ended up looking in the end 😁 You’re probably wondering how it looks yourself, but I’d rather not make this status look too overbearing. So I’ll be sharing the rest of the details within the spoiler tab 🙃 Ready to dive deeper into this rabbit hole? Let’s go! 👏🏻


    Glad you could make it! Let’s keep going 😛
    ❤️ Old logo is best logo ❤️

    That is the classic logo sticker applied to the outline that is hidden away behind the console covers. When I saw others doing this in various YouTube videos, I just knew I had to do the same 😄 Some people might not realize that logo outline is there behind the console covers. The sticker wasn't the easiest thing to align, so I did the best I could o: Most people probably just live with the plain black logo with white console covers on. But we can’t lie to ourselves here… the old colored logo surrounded by black does bring the most cozy feeling for sure :awesome: I refuse to have it any other way 😅 It might not bring back the golden age, but if you boot up a PS1 or PS2 game and pretend really, really hard.. we just might achieve certain enlightenment 😋

    Retro lit goodness

    Here be the power light decals applied with the console powered on and the bedroom lights turned off. The colors reflect much better on camera this way 🙃 Are you able to tell what these colors represent? In case you’re having trouble, they’re the old PlayStation face button colors! Yes, those ones :triangle::circle::cross::square: I’m sure you see now ;) Good old classic Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square ❤️ I too saw someone using these in a YouTube video and I really liked the idea. It’s merely to bring about that cozy nostalgic feeling, and yet it looks neat nonetheless 😌 The logo sticker and power light decals didn’t set me back all that much, which is why I jumped at the idea. 
    The Monolith

    There she is 😛 The whole console with her black console covers and DualSense controller, pictured in full 😁 Quite a sight to behold now that I look more closely at it. Might take some getting used to before it starts blending in with everything else 😆 Truth be told, I haven’t been able to put too much time into this new machine yet. I have a couple PS3 titles I need to focus on first, but after that.. I’ll be putting the PS5 to regular use. The most I’ve been doing with it so far is monkeying around in Modern Warfare Roman Numeral 2’s multiplayer :awesome: My recent pick ups say what is definitely planned for the future. There are a few more titles on my radar as well. I’m keeping a close eye on Gran Turismo 7, Soul Hackers 2, Rise of the Ronin, Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters, Stellar Ass Blade and maybe, just maybe Final Fantasy XVI. This new console also keeps my monstrous PS4 library alive and well. There’s no telling when my actual PS4 could go kablooey. In other words, I’m well prepared for the foreseeable future :awesome:

    A bit of a quick write up on my end, but I appreciate all who made it here to the end 😁 If you are one those select few, give me a Crash Bandicoot “Woah!” in the comments so I know for sure :awesome:
    It’s been a slow trophy hunting year for me, but maybe things will begin to pick up now that I have this console. Here’s hoping anyway 😄 Thank you for joining me here today on this glorious occasion ^w^
    Game on!

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    2. Gommes_


      Awesome stuff! Enjoy

    3. Honor_Hand


      Well earned, Mr. ShonenCat. Pretty cool way to jump into the new generation. Amazing that your sister had this in store for you. That was very thoughtful of her. Glad to see you are now equipped with a pretty powerful device of your own. That starting selection of games you have there should help kick things off in a rather nice way. ^^

      Also, totally agree with the PS5, or just any electronic in general, really, looking sleeker and sexier in black than in white. Had no idea Sony had made original accessories to wrap the console and controllers in black, though. I mean, I knew there were some out there but I thought they were all third-party. x3 Classic logo is great, a timeless classic for sure, but I do like the new redesigned logo just as much, I think.


      And here's your Crash Bandicoot Woah! xD




    4. NullRay85


      Congrats and hope you enjoy the pickups!

  9. Kill la Kill (episodes 1-24 + 1 OVA)
  10. :platinum: Platinum #105 - Castlevania Advance Collection :platinum:


    🎃 Halloween Platinum! 🎃


    Bats, ghosts, skeletons and spooky castles! The stuff Halloween is made of 😋 This status may be a little late, but the platinum was popped on October 31st. So it still very much counts, and I’m sure you’d agree with me 😛 Castlevania Advance Collection contains four titles from Konami’s better days 😅 Three Game Boy Advance games as the name implies and one Super Nintendo title thrown in specifically. Included are Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow and Dracula X being the SNES game. A fine collection for any Castlevania super fan like myself 😁 That said, there are some gems and some stinkers in the mix. I’d say Circle of the Moon is on the lesser side along with Dracula X. Now I know Circle of the Moon was a launch title for GBA, but its poor presentation, bland characters, recycled music and cookie cutter castle rooms kind of makes it a novelty more than anything now. Except the DSS card system is its most unique feature for sure and hasn’t been in any game in the series since. But other than that, there really isn’t much else to say 😋


    The other lesser title is Dracula X (SNES) which is a less than stellar, horribly unbalanced insufferable reimagining of a game that borrows a lot from the 1993 masterpiece Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo on PC Engine. It’s like they stuck it in a blender, tried to mold the mush into a SNES cartridge and release it to the public 😵 I can however appreciate some of the exclusive bosses and unique graphical techniques that push the SNES beyond its normal threshold. Even the chiptunes are catchy, but are still inferior to the CD quality soundtrack of the PCE original. I used the rewind feature a lot for this one 😆 It’s extremely difficult, but I may still go back and do a legit run so I can have closure on this 😅 It’s a strange inclusion to this collection, but it’s good to have the SNES version here on a cheap.. considering original copies can go for $300 to $400 🤯 



    Who thought it would be a good idea to add pitfalls to a Dracula fight? :awesome:


    But as a super fan, I come to like even the lesser titles xD It’s still Castlevania so it warms my heart regardless. But the true gems of this collection start with Harmony of Dissonance. It doesn’t pull anything new per say, but you do play as a Belmont. Juste Belmont to be exact. Him and his friend Maxim set out to rescue a childhood friend from Dracula’s castle. Juste can only use his whip as his main weapon, but it’s solid Metroidvania gameplay with a two layer castle system that will spin your brain at first, but eventually that “ah-ha” moment will hit you, and it feels great once you manage to figure it out 😆 The music is pretty good too, good enough to keep you going and keep those creatures of the night slain 🦇


    However, the real diamond here is Aria of Sorrow. Yes, this is the game that carries the collection on its back, and then some. This is the reason you buy this collection for sure 😋 Taking place in the year 2035, this is Castlevania in the future. Which may sound strange at first, but everything here is handled quite well. From the lore and the carefully fleshed out characters. You play as Soma Cruz, a Japanese teenager who happens to be the reincarnation of Dracula. Him and his friend Mina get pulled into the eclipse to find Dracula’s castle within it. Even Alucard is there to help and give sound advice 😁 The music is top notch for GBA standards, and the game incorporates what is known as the Tactical Soul system. Soma can equip three types of souls at a time dropped by enemies for unique abilities and certain play-styles. If you buy this collection, you’re most likely doing it for this game xD Yes, it was so good that it actually spawned a sequel for DS in 2005.


    Even though I don’t speak highly of Circle of the Moon and Dracula X (SNES), make no mistake.. this collection is VERY much worth its asking price 😮 It goes for $20 on a normal day, so that equals out to $5 a game. An absolute steal! I’m still holding out for a physical copy before I buy on Switch, but as far as I know.. there is nothing on the horizon. I wouldn’t doubt that Limited Run will take care of it one of these days 😋 As for the rest of you, wishlist it, wait for a sale and nab it! Dracula ain’t gonna defeat himself, you know :awesome:


    Final Results:

    Completion Difficulty: 3 out of 10 💪🏻

    Overall Enjoyment: 8 out of 10 ❤️

    Uncommon 25.53% Completed in 1 week, 5 days ⏱

    Dracula X (SNES): 1 hour, 27 minutes 🎮

    Circle of the Moon: 12 hours, 41 minutes 🎮

    Harmony of Dissonance: 12 hours, 13 minutes 🎮

    Aria of Sorrow: 9 hours, 25 minutes 🎮

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    2. JadedDragos



      The card system for CotM was great, that's what made it different. HoD and AoS are the favorites for me though.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Incredible work, ShonenCat! ^^


      This one is on my wishlist for sure. I still need to experience the console Castlevania games first, but the handheld iterations are also on my radar too. I'm sure they won't disappoint me. Aria of Sorry definitely looks like the better game in this collection from what I can gather from your write-up here. Will look forward to that one.


      And hey, even though you mentioned Dracula X as the less impressive game in the bunch, at least you only played that for an hour and a half, so it at least went by fast, lol.

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  11. There is Neptunia ReVerse. Which is mostly a facelift of Rebirth1, but it’s a version of the game currently exclusive to PS5.
  12. Nice 😛 I’m quite intrigued by that trailer. Looks like something I can look forward to someday. It’s cool that Konami is finally putting their IPs back to good use in the form of video games and not just pachinko machines. No love for the first game I see 😞 Even the ability to play my digital PS1 copy on PS4/5 would be enough for me. Make it happen, Konami 😁
  13. I too find this release strange considering that I heard the PS4 version runs amazing with a patch made for PS5 hardware. But.. eh.. like I always say, you can never have too much Ys I doubled dipped with the Switch port, so I can see myself triple dipping with PS5 someday... probably
  14. As someone who has played this on Switch numerous times already, I can vouch that collecting all the death chips is not going to be enjoyable at all. Collecting them comes in the form of finding the materials to craft them. Those materials can only be obtained via super RNG by replaying boss fights from the time machine over and over and over again. Certain rare materials only come from higher difficulties as well, which means Death difficulty will come into play. Beating bosses on Death difficulty is tough too, for it means 1 hit death for you, but it can be cheesed by reviving yourself with the roulette wheel if your main file is on an easier difficulty. But even that is extremely time consuming and will break most people. Even if you were to somehow fight any of the bosses perfectly and achieve an SS rank on Death difficultly, you’re still not guaranteed the rare purple material you require, and you’re going to need several of each one. So your only choice is to keep trying till your brain turns to mush. If the material drops work the very same way here as they do in the Switch version, prepare for hell. I’m telling you, it will make you hate this game. For more on the death chips and materials, watch this video from 30:19 to 37:08
  15. :platinum: Platinum #104 - Quake (PS4) :platinum:


    💫 #1 fastest achiever! 💫


    I would almost say this is my magnum opus, but that’s being saved for something else entirely :awesome: Quake could be considered a very close second though. If you know me, I’m crazy about DOOM. It’s my most favorite game of all time 😋 If it follows the classic formula (DOOM, DOOM II, Final DOOM or DOOM 64) then it’s my favorite. Put me in any official title or wad pack.. it’ll definitely suffice 😛 That being said, Quake isn’t too far off from that classic DOOM formula. Also made by id Software, Quake is a dark fantasy first person shooter where you obliterate enemies, hit switches, collect keys and find the exit before moving on to the next level. Its influence on the industry is strong and helped pioneer many other titles like Half Life, Unreal, etc. If Wolfenstein & DOOM was the incubation of FPS, then Quake was definitely the birth xD And I LOVE IT 😍 Okay, so I didn’t grow up with the PC original right away. It was the N64 port that introduced me to the series. It borrows a lot from DOOM, and maybe that’s why I like it so much 😅 Here’s an unpopular opinion, but I’m a bigger fan of Quake 1 than Quake 2. That’s probably because the first game is much closer to DOOM in both its formula and concept. It truly is a 3D polygonal DOOM made by the same peeps responsible 😆 Moving along, you probably wanna hear more about me placing #1 in fastest achievers, yes? Let’s do it then 😙



    I’ve endured the cruelest heatwave of my life


    It’s true. The summer this year was a living hell. Even now the heat continues on as things slowly start to slip on into autumn. During my trophy run of Quake, my local area was soooo hot that my phone notified me of many heat advisories. It was practically a state of emergency 😵 Staying indoors until further notice was the safest thing to do, so I did just that. But I didn’t feel like lazing about in misery during that time. I wanted to make good use of the free time, regardless of how much the heat tried to stop me. That’s when I got the idea to see how fast I could pop all the trophies in Quake 😋 I fueled up on caffeine early in the day and ripped & teared until it was done 😈 Roughly 75+ levels of various lengths across five campaigns on Nightmare difficulty, with very small breaks in between 😁 A non-stop onslaught from start to finish, all whilst under the spirit breaking heat that would seep into the house overtime. Of course I wasn’t without a bit of practice 😛 I was raised on Quake, but I’ve also been playing my Switch copy for months now and have even helped a local friend pop a few of his achievements on Xbox. This has been a long time in the making, but I only decided to do this trophy run for myself recently xD I’m glad I did it now, for it was an interesting test of my own skill, patience and endurance 😂



    The only physical copy of Quake I currently own

    I haven’t been able to place #1 fastest achiever in any game since GoldenEye 007 Reloaded, so it’s rather exhilarating to do it again.. especially for a legendary title like Quake 😁 Although I don’t expect my #1 spot to last forever on this one. Without a doubt someone more insane will eventually take the crown, but they’ll need to work pretty hard to claim it 😛 Should it ever happen, I’d sure like to shake his hand 😄 In the meantime, I’ll be basking in the #1 spot for as long as I can and continue to play both DOOM and Quake for many years to come! If you haven’t played Quake yet, please do! It often goes on sale and you get both a PS4 and PS5 version from one purchase! Nightdive Studios always does amazing work with their ports, and this here is no exception. Even Machine Games is on board with providing new official content, so please don’t sleep on it. Thank you all for joining me here today! It has been a real pleasure 😃 id Software salutes you! 🫡


    Final Results:

    Completion Difficulty: 5 out of 10 💪🏻

    Overall Enjoyment: 10 out of 10 ❤️

    Very Rare 6.40% Completed in 15 hours, 17 minutes ⏱

    Total Play Time: About 14 hours, 30 minutes 🎮

    Fuel: Bacon, Eggs, Coffee, Mtn Dew & Leftover Pizza :awesome:

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    2. Astray404


      congrats~ xD 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Honor_Hand


      Exceptional work here, Mr. Shonen. Fair to say you ripped and tore your way on this one to claim that much-coveted #1 fastest achiever. ^^

      Despite loving old-school FPS, I'm not that much familiar with the Quake series. Muck like DOOM, I got to experience it on PC in short bursts but I never owned the game at the time. I guess you could say I was too knee-deep in DOOM to try anything else, lol. That said, I did buy this Nightdive remaster here on PS4 and I'm looking to having a blast with it one of these days. Considering it's from id Software, I'm sure I'll be having a blast with it.


      And damn, those heat waves have been strong here too. We've been getting those alongside lots of rain, so yeah, really hot and humid over here. Highly uncomfortable.


      Any plans on shooting your way through the Turok games or maybe Powerslave Exhumed? What about Serious Sam? I have those on my wishlist and I'm sure you'd love them as well. Cheers! =)