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  1. Hyperdimension Neptunia
  2. Date A Live. All 12 episodes.
  3. No Game No Life Zero. Went to the cinema and watched it on the big screen!
  4. No Game No Life. All 12 episodes.
  5. Gabriel DropOut. All 12 episodes.
  6. This place is totally like a second home to me! My friends know all about my fascination for Es Shame on Arc System Works for putting a price on her in the first place! But if $3.99 is what it takes to add her into everyone's copy of Central Fiction, go for it! I bought Es at full price but now that Mai is discounted, I can finally add her to my game's roster. Of course Jubei would still be full price >.<
  7. Platinum #14 - Wolfenstein The Old Blood Difficulty Rating 5/10 Enjoyment Rating 8/10 Rare 19.33% Any red blooded gamer can tell you that Wolfenstein is the franchise to have started the first person shooter genre back in 1992. It certainly deserves more appreciation and attention from players and critics alike. Much like the game before it (The New Order) you'll find that The Old Blood looks and plays very indentically but are still two completely different animals. The Old Blood takes back to it's roots as B.J. Blazkowicz must infiltrate and escape from Castle Wolfenstein in this prequel story that leads up to New Order. There are fewer levels and they don't last as long either. It feels more like an expansion instead of it's own game. But it comes in a physical disc and doesn't require New Order to play so it's definitely a stand alone game. While Old Blood isn't nearly as story or character driven as New Order, it still has plenty to offer for fans of the series. Even if this game came out after New Order, I highly recommend to newcomers that they play Old Blood first. To make it last longer, you'll want to do an Uber difficulty playthrough while finding all the collectibles and Nightmare bonus levels. The hardest obstacle to getting this game's Platinum trophy is earning gold medals within 10 unlockable challenges. While hard to get used to, you'll find that headshots, cautious gameplay and video guides will help you in your hunt. With Wolfenstein II The New Colossus coming out soon, there has never been a better time to look into a strong and powerful franchise like this one. Get Psyched!
  8. Gal Gun Double Peace - BANG! BANG!
  9. Platinum #14 - Wolfenstein The Old Blood :platinum:

    Rare 19.33% and dual wielding weapons is still awesome!


  10. Gal Gun Double Peace! Ooh baby!
  11. You changed your avatar and display name, what a nice and excellent new set up you have going, sis! Hope all is well with you! ^o^


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    2. ShyLent


      Aww how adorable😊💕

      I would love to give each of these cute little key chains or stuff toy that I found in Claire store earlier today 😊🐦🐔🐰🐱💕







    3. RVMcypress_grave


      I'm taking that owl. It's majestic. 

    4. Fluffy


      cool this owl  i want ^^

      (but also have six different owls with same structur)

  12. I made #5 on the Samurai Shodown V Special first achievers! I think what made this possible is being a huge fan of the series combined with the game's niche nature.
  13. Got 100% in Samurai Shodown V Special.

    I placed #5 on the first achievers list!

    "Fair & Square, EnGarde!"


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    2. LunarCharm


      SC, you're on a roll, my man!!  Awesome!! :highfive:

    3. ShyLent


      Cool! Great work bro🏆:dance:

    4. ShonenCat


      As always, thank you for all the praise! Big fan of this franchise, would love to see SNK release a new one! ^o^

  14. The Last of Us Remastered. I figured it was about time
  15. That's excellent news! I can't wait!