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  1. Level 17 DOOM (1993) Completionist Unlock all trophies in DOOM Very Rare - 6.68%
  2. Platinum #40 - Persona 4 Golden Difficulty Rating 3/10 Enjoyment Rating 7/10 Very Rare - 6.32% I’m certainly no stranger when it comes to Shin Megami Tensei games. I’m what you would call a huge fan of the mainline series, but I never branched out to give the spin offs a try until now. Persona 4 Golden is the very first Persona game I have ever played. In many ways it’s similar to SMT so I had a fairly easy time getting back into such things like the press turn battle and demon fusion systems. In fact, I would say P4G is a lot more forgiving in it’s default difficulty compared to something like SMT:Nocturne or SMT4. If you ask me, P4G is a much more relaxing experience compared to games in the mainline SMT series. Character relationships and development seem to play a much bigger part here with a story that’s not as dark and is much more filled with modern anime tropes in between. While the storyline still very much has it’s mature themes, a majority of the time it feels like a slice-of-life comedy series. I can’t say much because a big part of this game’s appeal is not knowing what comes next and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone. I really want to share my knowledge with you all on how you should go about obtaining Hardcore Risette Fan the most dreadful trophy in the entire game, but just PM me and I’ll provide you with some simple and easy to understand tips that will get you on the road to success. For now, here is a nice Fusion Recipe Generator for all your fusing needs ^^ It’s hard to say where I stand on the Persona series right now, I feel like I should play Persona 3 FES and Persona 5 before properly giving it the slaughter or salvage. Right now, I very much prefer my mainline SMT more. Darker stories, more emphasis on dungeon crawling, more satisfying demon collecting, more control over party management and not filled with anime tropes. Don’t get me wrong, P4G is a good game. In fact, it’s damn good. My Vita system has the official ATLUS P4G skin attached to it with official Vita wallpapers to match, so that should tell you that it’s left an impression on me for a while now. For three weeks straight I couldn’t put the game down, I lounged on the floor and played it every waking moment I could while living off spicy beef stir fry the whole time. It’s safe to say I had a great time with this title as it has started to help me overcome some of my more recent depression and now I can’t wait to play more in the series. I wish I could say P4G has a best girl, but not a single one was able to catch my interest whatsoever, a total letdown in that department... hopefully Persona 5 will have some babes ready and waiting when I get around to playing it Of course, what I’m eagerly waiting to play is Shin Megami Tensei 5, but I have a good amount of Persona games to play until that day comes
  3. I had the luxury of being one of the first American audiences to watch it dubbed when it was in theaters for only two days. Still have my ticket, I keep it safe inside my No Game No Life series Blu-ray case ^^
  4. Initial D Second Stage (episodes 1-13) Initial D Extra Stage (2 OVAs)
  5. Newest 100% - Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX ✅

    Uncommon 22.52% Completed in 9 hours, 58 minutes ⏱

    Currently #5 in fastest achievers! ☄️

    I shall forever remain #22 in first achievers! 🎂


  6. Initial D First Stage (episodes 1-26)
  7. My guess is because the PS4 version had to suffer, the Switch version is merely getting “port leftovers.” That may not be the case, but it is a possibility.
  8. I need this in my life, so it better get localized. Ys is an absolute treasure ❤️
  9. Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Luminous Avenger iX Clear “Boss Rush” for the first time. Uncommon - 26.80% The Muse of Hope Unlock every song in the jukebox. Uncommon - 37.11% Ability Collector Purchase every ability for customization. Uncommon - 24.74% #5 in fastest achievers at 9 hours, 58 minutes 😇
  10. Platinum #40 - Persona 4 Golden :platinum:

    Very Rare 6.32% Completed in 3 weeks, 3 days ⏱

    Total Playtime: 167 hours, 21 minutes 🎮

    I have now achieved Trophy Level 17! ⭐️


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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice plat and milestone :) 

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      ...167 hours. 😨 


      Great choice for your 40th milestone.  And congrats on making it to Lvl 17. :D

    4. Sigma999


      Superb platinum to make your 40th milestone , i love P4G so much , its one of my fav games ever. Any ideas on you next milestone platinum ?

  11. Persona 4 Golden Legend of Inaba Max out all Social Links Rare - 11.26% Thorough Bookkeeper Complete the Persona Compendium Very Rare - 9.53% The Power of Truth Create Izanagi-no-Okami Rare - 11.35% Golden Completed Earn all trophies Very Rare - 6.32%
  12. The latest wave of Smash amiibo. Squirtle, Ivysaur and SNNAAAAKKEE!!! SSBU Challenger Pack 3: Banjo & Kazooie SEGA Genesis mini. The first piece of SEGA hardware in a long time that’s not an arcade cabinet. It’s a stellar product, even though I question a handful of game choices... like Alex Kidd. Only a matter of time before I put MUSHA, Aladdin and Sonic 3 on it 😎
  13. The trophy icons are very nice and colorful. Each one is different from the next too. That’s something even certain triple A titles don’t go through the trouble of doing anymore. Looks like an easy enough max out.
  14. Platinum #39 - DOOM (1993) Difficulty Rating 7/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 Very Rare - 7.05% Fastest Achievers - #3 What can I say about DOOM that hasn’t already been said a hundred times already? It’s one of my favorite games of all time, doesn’t matter which one really.. as long as it follows the classic DOOM formula, I’m all for it. Near the launch of this particular title, it was required that you make a BNET account to even play it. As much of a fan I am, I refused to purchase it and strongly suggested everyone to follow my example. That example being “Don’t settle for less, fight for more.” At least Bethesda saw the error of their ways. Thankfully, it’s been patched since then to make the BNET login merely an option now. This is a tough platinum because you’re required to beat the game on Nightmare. Every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case you can bring friends along for the ride. But this is also where people have even more hatred for this particular release. There is no online, you’ll have to round up some local friends for split screen. I recently helped a local friend with his Xbox copy so he came over and he helped me with my PS4 version. Because we both knew the game so well, we were able to blaze thru it so fast on Nightmare that I became #3 in fastest achievers 😇 I can confirm right now that only one person can pop trophies while doing multiplayer, and that’s whoever player 1 is. You heard it here first, I tested it and if a group a friends all want the Nightmare trophy, you’ll have to do multiple playthroughs, taking turns being player 1. Rest assured that you only need to do the first 3 episodes on Nightmare, no Thy Flesh Consumed required 😅 Ultimate DOOM isn’t nearly as difficult as DOOM II, which I do intend to tackle sometime in the near future.. but when I’m good and ready What I’m truly looking forward to is DOOM 64. November 22nd will be an amazing day. DOOM still holds up on it’s own to this very day and is practically running on every device out there. When you wanna play DOOM, you’ll never have to look very far ^^
  15. Persona 4 Golden Card Collector Register 100 Skill Cards Rare - 14.59% Fusion Expert Perform 50 Persona fusions Uncommon - 31.60% Mr. Perfect Max out all social qualities Uncommon - 39.89%