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  1. Gal*Gun Double Peace Kurona = Best Girl View Kurona's True Ending Rare - 14.15% Patako = Best Girl View Patako's True Ending Very Rare - 9.93% All Options Considered View All of the True Endings Very Rare - 9.30%
  2. Hi bro ☺how are u? Hope u having a great weekend 🌞✌take care. Great work on ur completion games by the way. Oh and don't forget to check ur inbox from ur console. See ya..👋

    1. ShonenCat


      Haaii sis! Feeling pretty good ^-^ It would seem I have been on a roll lately with the games. So much so, it's been hard to stop. As long as the motivation is there, I can keep going (: I'll check PSN, wishing you a very lovely weekend!


  3. Gal*Gun Double Peace Ekoro = Best Girl View Ekoro's True Ending Rare - 14.25% Gal*God Achieve Godlike Rank Rare - 10.20% Pilferer of Panties Collect All of the Panties From the Changing Room Rare - 11.19% Another true ending down! In order to achieve Godlike rank, you need to have 1 million MP at the end of your story mode run. Keep that Ecstasy combo going and you'll score big time! As for the panties, well...
  4. Gal*Gun Double Peace Shinobu = Best Girl View Shinobu's True Ending Uncommon - 23.94% Maya = Best Girl View Maya's True Ending Uncommon - 21.92% I Love 'Em Both! View Sisters Route's True Ending Rare - 14.54% I probably shouldn't share any of the ending pics or give much detail, just note that Shinobu and Maya are very sweet girls :3
  5. This is Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown! She is a mail-in exclusive only from Hobby Japan Magazine. Beautifully crafted and super moe~~ I've wanted to own her for nearly five years and now she can finally come home ❤️ This sweet jungle girl cheers me on in all my trophy runs ^o^
  6. With or without microtransactions, it's not Metal Gear without Kojima
  7. Platinum #19 - Drive Girls Difficulty Rating 3/10 Enjoyment Rating 6/10 Rare - 13.16% First Achievers - #45 (NA) Fastest Achievers - #13 (NA) Ooh boy, let's talk about Drive Girls. I decided to wait for a few days and calm down before discussing it. I stumbled into GameStop one day, and I like anyone with a brand new Vita I wanted some games. This one in particular stood out to me. It's exclusive to Vita, it's from 2017 and it was at a very low price. The cover and premise made me think it was the only game of it's kind, how could I go wrong? Well, if you tried fusing Senran Kagura with Ridge Racer, you'd get something like Drive Girls. Only to discover it didn't exactly inherit the good traits from the two good games. Drive Girls is about a group of chicks who can transform into sports cars (not really explained how or why). Their world is over taken by mechanical bugs and they must put an end to their existence. This brings the term Cy-Bugs quite literally, which are from Wreck It Ralph. Although these bugs can't multiply, thankfully. But they do have a queen sooo, who the heck knows. The game tries to take itself seriously but does little explaining on how things work. Every campaign mission is more or less the same. Characters have a conversation until the alarm goes off and "Yo, we got bug invasion! Take them out!" Strangely enough, this game was developed by TAMSOFT. The same team responsible for my beautiful Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, but don't let that fool you. Character models and enviroments don't look anywhere near as impressive as Senran Kagura. This game must of had one heck of a low budget, but I can forgive it more if that's the case. No need to spend millions of dollars just so Kevin Spacey can provide a voice in your game. Still, Drive Girls should of been no more than a simple hack n slash but it even manages to mess that up. The driving sequences are wasted with very little racing missions, which all three played exactly the same on the same track! Levels are repeated constantly and offer no momentum. Even transforming into a car during combat is pointless cause they got LAND MINES all over the field! Your eyes and ears will go crazy from the same desert highway, same pieces of music (even though I love Lancier's overdrive theme ) and the same two bits of dialouge whenever you pick up something! You can't change audio settings in the pause menu, and I wanted to keep the voices on to experience the little to no story. As soon as campaign mode was done, I immediately turned off the voices. The roadmap states the difficulty for achieving the Platinum is 3/10, but I would give this a good 6/10 if you are stuck doing the multiplayer missions by yourself. Nobody plays this game, so you will likely never find another partner to suffer this out with. Looks like most will do it solo. The later half of all multiplayer missions are dreadful, be prepared to get knocked back again, and again, and again, and again. Even though the Platinum is simple, it's not exactly easy. Beat all campaign & multiplayer missions. That should leave you with enough money to buy/trade for the rest of the needed stickers. There is also one very important rule. Overdrive, overdrive, overdrive, OVERDRIVE! Always go into overdrive when you can and always make sure to have enough meter to charge back into overdrive. Healing items help you too, make sure to have them on hand. When you go into overdrive, your ATK/DEF doubles, but there is a Over D sticker set that I strongly recommend once unlocked. It makes overdrive that much more uber. Instead of ATK/DEF going up to 2.0 , it goes 3.5 instead! This is crucial, probably better than the Drive Girls sticker set in my honest opinion. Don't forget to raise your character's stats using L Gear which is pretty well hidden, I made the mistake of not increasing stats until campaign mission 12. Energy Gun lvl.3 is also very beast once unlocked as well. Don't invest in Galaxa either, there is a campaign mission where you can't play as her and you'll regret it if she is the only character you've been increasing stats for. Best to just stick with Lancier to be honest. The game also doesn't tell you that by pressing up on the D-Pad, you can lock onto enemies. As far as I know, you can't block or defend yourself, making the combat that much more frustrating. I recommend staying away from this game period, there are better hack n slashes out there. I'm not the only one to suffer with this title either, I'm sure @LightningCharm feels the same as I do . If you must still play it, I hope my advice and tips reach you If TAMSOFT plans on a sequel (which I doubt) hopefully they can expand upon it by ten and give an experience us Vita players deserve. "Drive Girls, hit the road!"
  8. Gal*Gun Double Peace Euphoric! Give a Girl Euphoria Common - 95.97% Shot to the Heart Get 100 Ecstasy Shots Common - 72.60% Round Thing in Your Face Get a Perfect Score on "Shinobu in the Window." Common - 50.77% I am only on Episode 3-2 and already have I had the genuine pleasure of pushing, pulling, rubbing and performing a drum solo on Shinobu's butt! Ooh, and she enjoyed every second of it so we're doing alright for ourselves! Seems like only her 89cm/35inch booty is capable of providing such an excellent sound when used as a pair of drums Because her butt is that big, she got stuck in the window so it was my job to do everything I could for that "round thing" to get her free. And I did, and I like it... A LOT!!
  9. Platinum #19 - Drive Girls :platinum:

    I placed #45 on the first achievers list!

    I currently stand as the 13th fastest achiever too!

    "Drive Girls, hit the road!"


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      *High-fives*  Yeah!  Nice going, Sho-bro.  Although I gotta apologize for unleashing this beast upon you..nice job making it to the finish line.  Next up is your 20th plat too.  Hot dang. :yay:

    4. ShyLent



      Congrats bro :yay:

  10. Drive Girls Perfect Sticker All the stickers have been collected Rare - 13.31% Drive Girls Drive Girls has been cleared Rare - 13.31%
  11. Drive Girls Bug Busters All bug types have been suppressed at least once Rare - 13.39% Weapon Horder All CARMS have been collected Rare - 13.39% Galaxa of Sunshine Island All missions have been challenged Rare - 13.10% It looks to me that they didn't spell "Hoarder" correctly. They must of been in one heck of a hurry to localize this. By they I mean Aksys Games. I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel 😂
  12. Drive Girls Fully Tuned A characters stats are maxed out by using L Gear Rare - 19.05% Lanciers Diary All episodes have been viewed Rare - 18.75% Guzeg Suppressor Guzeg has been suppressed Uncommon - 20.24% Bolor Suppressor Bolor has been suppressed Rare - 18.45% Now they are missing apostrophes in "characters" and "Lanciers." 😂
  13. Aww, thank you sis ^-^ Haha, well currently my brain automatically thinks of @Shirokane84
  14. Drive Girls Vylon Suppressor Vylon has been suppressed. Uncommon - 22.92% Drive Girls Roll out! Episode24 has been cleared Uncommon - 22.62% Research Grant Total amount of credits has reached 2,000,000 Uncommon - 22.59% Regalith's pocket money Total amount of credits has reached 2,000,000 Uncommon - 22.92% Your eyes do not decieve you. These trophies share similar descriptions, miss capital spellings and do not seperately space words apart. I'm pretty sure they meant to say "you spent 2,000,000 credits" on Research Grant. Oh well, game is nearly finished. I really want it over with already.
  15. Resident Evil 5 Veteran Complete all chapters on Veteran. Uncommon - 36.69% Stockpile Obtain all available weapons. Uncommon - 28.65% Take It to the Max Completely upgrade all weapons. Uncommon - 27.17%