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  1. Platinum #81 - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot :platinum:

    Uncommon 41.25% Completed in 1 week, 4 days ⏱

    Total Play Time: 61 hours, 21 minutes 🎮

    All 85 Sub Stories Cleared 📖


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    2. Copanele


      Oh you went even further beyond with this one! Congrats! 

    3. Shiraishi Urara

      Shiraishi Urara

      Excellent work Sho. :)


      Man I feel really tempted to get this game lol.

    4. Sigma999


      Good plat to get 😄 

      Congratz for one more achievement 😙

  2. Platinum #80 - Trials of Mana :platinum:

    Uncommon 40.42% Completed in 1 week, 9 hours ⏱

    Total Play Time: 44 hours, 30 minutes 🎮

    I have achieved Trophy Level 360! ⭐️

    I’m a GhOoOoOoOoOsSsSsT!!” 👻


  3. Play has no limits... except when it does
  4. Platinum #79 - Spyro: Year of the Dragon Difficulty Rating 3/10 Enjoyment Rating 9/10 Uncommon - 35.87% Here we come to the third and final game in Spyro Reignited Trilogy. This one is certainly my most favorite 😁 It takes everything that made Spyro 2 did and multiplies it. Levels are bigger, even more vibrant and brimming with personality than ever before. Interesting characters with each having their own unique play styles to break up the monotony, even Sparx gets his own levels now. In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, the objective is to retrieve all the dragon eggs before the Sorceress ends up destroying them all. Many new characters will help Spyro in his journey along the way, including Hunter from the second game as well. The eggs act like “Power Stars” and they’re your main reward for completing missions and trails across many levels. This is probably the easiest game in the whole trilogy, but only because it has become so much more polished than the other two that came before it. Some people will still not be a fan of the flying levels, for they hold more than one objective now. Specifically a time attack, a race and a hidden Hunter mission in each one. If you’ve beaten the past two games, these shouldn’t give you too much trouble anyway ^^ The journey to the platinum is fairly easy. There are no missables, so you can keep playing and worry about clean up later. In fact, the trophy list doesn’t even ask of you to play the hidden level found after doing everything else. The bosses are also much easier here than they are in Spyro 2. Because of the size of these new levels, finding all gems will prove to be a bit more long winded... but keep pressing L3 and Sparx will point you in the right direction 😋 All in all, I really enjoyed my time with this whole trilogy. Fun cutesy platformers that are sure to bring a smile to anyone looking for some great PS1 nostalgia with modern controls and a fresh coat of paint 😊
  5. Not nearly as painful as the PS3 version. On PS4, there is no multiplayer or classic DOOM games to worry about. The campaigns have a ton of missables with no checklists or mission select. If you miss something, you’re starting over. The original campaign is very bloated and slow paced. Nightmare difficulty constantly drains your health down to 25% and enemies will most likely one shot you every time. It will require a great amount of patience and a quick trigger finger to get thru.
  6. Ugh, it’s the same monotonous campaign trophies from the past two stacks. And Nightmare difficulty will most likely be locked AGAIN until you beat each campaign at least once. I hate that, just let me do it all in one go 🙄 As someone who wants to complete all DOOM stacks, I’ll have to take this on sooner or later. First I need the damn VR headset though 😅
  7. Trials of Mana Extreme Power Learn all abilities as any character. Uncommon - 44.93% Rabite Trapper Defeat Black Rabite. Uncommon - 49.09% Immortal One Defeat Dark Lich. Uncommon - 45.35% Trials of Mana Obtain all trophies. Uncommon - 40.33%
  8. Trials of Mana Horticulturist Max out magic pot level. Common - 55.33% Wealthy Accumulate at least 500,000 lucre. Common - 50.33% Glorious One Defeat Mondoragon. Common - 55.98% Overcoming Reality Defeat Archdemon. Uncommon - 49.41%
  9. Trials of Mana Treasure Hunter Open 200 treasure boxes. Common - 58.72% Cactus Companion Find Li'l Cactus in all possible areas. Common - 52.50% Heroes of Mana Stop the end of the world. Common - 58.55% Chosen One Defeat Anise on hard. Common - 50.89%
  10. Platinum #79 - Spyro: Year of the Dragon :platinum:

    Uncommon 35.92% Completed in 2 days, 8 hours ⏱

    Total Play Time: 11 hours, 32 minutes 🎮

    20,000 Gems 💎 150 Eggs 🥚

    All 20 Skill Points Acquired 💫

    Super Bonus Round Cleared 🐉


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      Well done! 💯

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      Pretty good game indeed 😊 Many congratz on achieving the plat 😀

    4. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations !! This is one of my all-time favorite games :)

  11. My Switch Revolution continues with two new games 😁 Starting with Xenoblade Definitive. I found the original on Wii to be criminally underrated, but it seems the series has really picked up in popularity since Shulk got into Smash. This Switch remake looks to be even better, especially in the character model department. If it follows closely to the original, then I think it’s criminal it was overlooked and wasn’t at least nominated for best RPG or game of the year. A game like this would certainly benefit from a potential Switch Pro. Looking forward to it either way 😀 Next up is Gal*Gun Returns. Look out, too hot for PlayStation or Xbox Honestly, it’s no worse than any other anime fanservice in general. It plays like a rail shooter and is filled with cute girls and happy endings, what more could a boy ask for? 😋 I really like Inti Creates as a developer and I always try to support every release they send out at launch. Fighting the good fight 😎 Whenever I can add new soundtracks to my slowly growing collection, I get all ecstatic 😁 What we have here is a nice chunk of NeoGeo goodness. SNK can have all my money, in fact they can keep my wallet... for what it’s worth They’ve given me everything I could have ever asked for and then some. First up is King of Fighters 98. The game is kind of a blur to me, but it’s that one KoF game I played the most at the arcade and the tunes really stuck with me overtime. Also here is Fatal Fury. I’m much more familiar with this game thanks to the console ports back in the day. Much like KoF 98, this soundtrack is based off the NeoGeo AES original, as it should be. If SamSho would be my favorite SNK franchise, then Fatal Fury would probably be my second. Terry Bogard is one awesome badass 😎 Happy to have these, and I must keep collecting composed greatness until I have a stack of CDs that towers over me 😂 What we have here is a 512GB microSD bought specifically for my Switch. If I’m to make the most out of my revolution, that 32GB internal memory isn’t going to last forever o: A card of this size may seem a bit overkill for a console like Switch, especially when I always buy my games physically. But many games do have some rather beefy updates, there is also DLC for certain titles too. Even still, this is a lot of space.. but I’m sure as heck to never run out anytime soon. If I use this card for only patches, DLC and very small digital only titles.. I won’t have to upgrade to a 1TB microSD until they become much, much cheaper 🙃
  12. Platinum #78 - Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage Difficulty Rating 3/10 Enjoyment Rating 8/10 Uncommon - 38.53% I’d like to start out by saying this sequel improved a whole lot over its predecessor. More characters, more story, bigger levels, more challenging and much more charm! 😁 After saving the dragons and roasting Gnasty Gnorc, Spyro finds himself ready for a vacation. Upon going through a portal, he ends up in Avalar where Elora and Hunter ask of his help to get rid of the angry warlock Ripto and his lackeys from taking over their fantasy realm. This installment certainly reminds me more of Banjo-Kazooie in sense ^^ This is because the levels are bigger and have much more life in them. Each one is unique in its own right and has a set of characters that fit that level well. You learn new moves along the way and even have to pay gems to open new paths, so it gives you more of an incentive to keep on collecting. You collect orbs along the way by doing certain objectives and helping out the local residents. Reminds me of Power Stars or Jiggies 🙂 Makes it feel more like you’re making a difference that way 😋 There are cutscenes along the way too, making this Spyro more of a story driven experience. It is still a fun 3D platformer at its core, and I love it so much more than the first game 😄 This one is a bit more challenging however, but nothing that a seasoned gamer can’t handle. The flying levels return and now they have time trials too. These are tricky, but it’s more of a matter of knowing what the best path is to saving time. I didn’t find them too difficult. The hardest trophy in the game I would say is trying to beat the second boss “Gulp” without taking damage. His attack pattern can be a bit sporadic and that’s why I give this game a difficulty rating of 3.. but nothing in the game is missable. You can replay any level at anytime. It would probably be best to save a lot of the harder challenges after you unlock the permanent Super Flame ability at the end of the game which comes from collecting everything. I didn’t know at first you could get that and go run trophy clean up with it 😅 So if anything gives you trouble along the way, remember that you’ll have that waiting for ya as an insurance policy. Something tells me the third game in the trilogy will be even better. We will find out soon enough, but Spyro 2 I often hear is the fan favorite. Just don’t have too much trouble with the trolley, eh? 🚃
  13. Spyro: Year of the Dragon Sorceress Down! Sorceress's Lair: Defeat The Sorceress Uncommon - 40.51% 8000 Reasons to Kick Butt Midnight Mountain: Get revenge on Moneybags Uncommon - 39.45% Debugging Bugbot Factory: As Sparx, defeat the Metapede Uncommon - 38.06% Party like it's 2024 Win all trophies in Spyro 3 Uncommon - 35.91%
  14. I never thought this day would come, but Ys IX: Monstrum Nox has finally been localized! This is one of my favorite game franchises of all time, certainly in my top 5 😁 Pure adventure at its core ❤️ Hopefully NISA got the translation right at launch this time 😋 I’m not really sure what to expect here, for I have been avoiding spoilers for a while now. So yes, I’ll be going in completely blind. This is one of the few new releases I’ve been highly anticipating this year. As soon as I’m done playing what I’m currently working on, I’m jumping straight into this one 😙 A whole new Ys, a brand new adventure! How exciting is that? Pardon my French but count me the fuck in! 😍 Pact Edition comes with a sampler CD and mini art book on the inside much like Ys VIII did with its Day One Edition. What new threats will Adol and Dogi face in the prison city of Balduq? What colorful new comrades will they team up with? What gigantic threat has yet to show itself? I’m eager to play and find out 😁 Picked up a few Soulsborne games for I’m planning on some jolly co-op in the near future ^^ I found this here Dark Souls III Complete Edition for a great price and I can only assume it becomes more popular and sought after with each passing day. From the gameplay I’ve seen, it looks like the most robust and polished Dark Souls experience out there. Never played any of the others in the past, but it’s finally time to give the series a chance. Also here is Code Vein, which is like Dark Souls but can only assume it’s a bit easier and carries a more anime aesthetic along with it. I’ll most likely be starting with Code Vein before getting my feet completely wet. Some of the weapons I’ve seen look really badass, can’t wait! New challenges ahead and I’ll be ready to face them head on 😁
  15. A Senran Kagura and Neptunia crossover is a godlike concept... too bad it has to release now of all years and on a Sony platform to boot. Who knows, it might not even get localized like Disgaea 6 and Mary Skelter 2. If anyone thinks Sony/PS HQ isn’t going to take a red marker to this, you’re dead wrong. They’ll be fine combing thru the whole thing. It baffles me both Marvelous and Idea Factory to this day still choose to put up with Sony’s nonsense. Purple Heart’s outfit is already looking more “covered up” but that could just be the ninja aesthetic too. Still, Tamsoft best rename themselves to Tamesoft Will this game still be fun? Probably. But I feel a great injustice in the works. A crossover like this has so much going for it, but Sony in the long run is only going to restrict what it’s fully capable of. I hope I’m wrong and that it releases the way it was originally envisioned. I want this to be good and for both franchises to retain the glorious fanservice they’re known for.