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  1. Say what you will about GameStop's greedy practices, every company comes with some type of malicious intentions. But I for one would hate to see them go under, because physical copies may cease to exist someday without the proper retailers. If the day ever comes when only digital copies exist, that's when I'll go full on retro. I need a tangible item in my hands, no company is getting my money for a borrowed license.
  2. When I was watching the trailer, I kept yelling cause Scorpion was getting beat into a bloody pulp and he wasn't fighting back. Then he made his comeback in some shape or form 😂 Good job, Scorpion! You showed Raiden who is boss! Interesting choice of music but the game looks extremely awesome nonetheless!
  3. Out of the entire Game Awards show, this was definitely one of the bigger and more awesome reveals. I could use a good kart racer for my PS4 and it can't get any better than Crash Team Racing. The nostalgia is really starting to kick in!
  4. I picked up this drawing of Sephiroth a few months back at a local yard sale. I have no idea who drew it or what it's true origin is, but it was so awesome that I had to buy it 🙃 One of these days I will frame it and hang it on my wall. Seemed appropriate enough to share here ^^
  5. Date A Live might be one of those few harem anime I don't despise. Hearing that this PS4 game was on the way proved exciting until Sony had to get their soy-based hands on it and provide censorship-- When will this madness ever end?
  6. I've played every Mortal Kombat game to date (minus the DC crossover because no) and I'm pretty darn hyped to see a reveal trailer for the newest in the franchise. Scorpion is and always will be a childhood hero of mine, what a badass ^^ Looking forward to throwing spears and summoning hellfire once again when the inevitable "Komplete Edition" of this game comes out
  7. Platinum #32 - Arcana Heart 3 Love Max :platinum:

    Ultra Rare 1.60% Completed in 6 days, 2 hours ⏱

    Currently #4 in fastest achievers! ☄

    Forever will be #46 in first achievers! 🏅


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      Well done! 💯

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      Great job! 👍

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      Nicely done ,my boi 😊

  8. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Just Getting Started, Buddy! Played in 100 Ranked Matches. Ultra Rare - 3.66% You Only Have Eyes for Me! MAX!!!!!ed out a character's LP level. Ultra Rare - 2.87% Good Morning, Angels Fought and defeated all the characters in Network Mode. Very Rare - 7.67% All online trophies achieved with @Honor_Hand and the power of our turbo controllers! ^o^
  9. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max I Was Just Looking! Unlocked all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode. Ultra Rare - 2.00% It's Moving... Unlocked all of the linked animations in Gallery Mode. Ultra Rare - 1.93% I Remember EVERYTHING! Unlocked of all the "Memories" side-stories. Ultra Rare - 2.42% Jeez, what a grind.
  10. Got some new PS3 games of the fighting and rhythm genres ^^ Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F2nd! Looks like I'm crazy enough to try and Platinum Arcana Heart
  11. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max God is Dead... Defeated Kamui in Survival Score Attack Mode. Very Rare - 6.42% Over Before it Began...? Cleared Time Attack Mode within 10 minutes. Ultra Rare - 3.37% Gold Arcana Obtained all the gold medals in Trial Mode with one character. Ultra Rare - 2.19%
  12. Well this totally sucks. I was earning those reward points with honest Platinums. Keep at it, Sony, just keep giving me more reasons to hate you on top of your new soy based policies.
  13. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Famous Last Words Complete the Deathcry Collection. Very Rare - 6.67% Surgical Precision Perform a perfect combo in Ken's Clinic for all songs. Very Rare - 6.76% Grand Slammer Obtain S rank on all Death Batting difficulties. Very Rare - 7.67% Sit down! Let me tell you a little something about pain!
  14. Fist of the North Star (episodes 1-57) Pokémon Indigo League (episodes 1-78)


    When Sis meoski, bro Shonen, bro kaiwan and I dances altogether. We all rockin it.. 😂😂 😊 and sis bg_painter is the camera lady..

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