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About Me

Hmm? I wonder who could be knocking at the door.


Hai! Welcome to this humble little establishment of mine. Considering you are here right now must mean you care to some degree ;D Does this mean you wish to be friends? Or maybe you are just passing through here? Whichever the case is, please come inside. Perhaps I can win your heart by introducing myself and offering you a few treats. There is one goal I have right now, and that's making you as happy as possible ^o^ This is amazing, I don't get visitors often. I'm hoping you can stay for as long as possible. There is so much to go into detail over. Alrighty, what can I provide you with? How about some tea? Please, it is the least I can do for a good friend such as yourself ❤️

Well, my birth given name is Brandon. My name in the gaming world is ShonenCat. My love for shonen anime and cats cannot be topped. I'm your number one shonen anime loving cat. You may call me Mr. Cat or just SC for short if you wish :3 My interests are that of a typical otaku. That means lots of anime, manga and video games. I have been gaming since the days of the NES, and I have grown up with various Nintendo and SEGA consoles. As a child my first anime movies were Akira and Unico in the Island of Magic. It wasn't till I got older that I discovered the magical world of anime with my first series being Fullmetal Alchemist. On the gaming side, Nintendo would start to go downhill and that's when I made PlayStation consoles my primary gaming machines with Nintendo ones now being the secondary ones. I love all game genres and play them too, the only ones I'm not too fond of are sports and real time strategy.. Everything else should be just fine though! My taste in anime is a little more tricky, I either like anime with loads of 1 on 1 fighting or anime that's pure fluff. Quite the opposites, I know ^-^ Still with me? That's great, let me get you a slice of cake to go with that cup of tea!


How does it taste? I am one who loves to cook and bake things for others. Industry secret, it does not take a culinary genius to make amazing food ;D I must say I'm good at what I like to do.. mainly cooking, pixel art, gaming, swimming and discussing anime I have seen. More about myself though. I'm a sensitive young man in his twenties, but please do not confuse sensitive with easily offended. Sensitive clearly means that I am far from being a mean person. For example, I would never laugh at another's pain.. no matter how unintentionally humorous it may be. That should give you an idea of what my sensitivity is like. I suppose the words I would use to also describe myself would be unique, feisty, flirtly, happy and strange. I've also been called delicious, amazing and genuine in the past. Originally, I had joined PSN Profiles mainly because I wanted a way to easily set up sessions for earning those hard to get online trophies.. but just after meeting a few great people on here, my main reason has changed altogether. Now I definitely look forward to seeing what my newfound friends have to say everytime I log in! To put it simply, I now come here for friends first, making trophies the last thing on my priority list ^o^ To have all the friends in the world would be glorious! Still with me? I hope so, because now I get to talk about my greatest passion; video games!


Yes, it shouldn't be such a shocker that I love video games! I mean, a lot! Even when I'm not playing them or sleeping, I'm most likely 90% of the time thinking about them and listening to some type of video game soundtrack. I'm what I consider a jack of all trades, an above average expert. My skills serve me well in about all genres, not just one.. So I'm really good at just about everything-- But not perfect at just one. If I had to pick three favorite genres, it would be RPGs, tournament fighters and platformers. I'm pretty darn good at platformers (growing up with Nintendo) and tournament fighters (being obsessed with competition among friends). RPGs I'm decent at, it all depends on the RPG you can say o; I play games on both handhelds and consoles. Not so much PC or mobile phone, I'm just retro like that ;D Nothing beats the feeling of having friends around and gathering around the TV for some split-screen action. Playing Mario Kart and GoldenEye on N64 involving split-screen is something that is not easily forgettable. Playing Halo and Forza with randoms online AND having to pay money for that luxury? Yeah, its not the same. I also wish I was playing my tournament fighters at a local arcade with others instead of behind a desk with bad net-code involved. I can't complain too much, at least I'm able to play with all you beautiful people ;D



Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)


If you're a 90s kid like myself, chances were this was your first console. Little did I know that this brillant machine was only the calm before the storm. My heated passion still has me gaming even to this very day! ^o^

Super Mario Bros. / The Legend of Zelda

Metroid / Ninja Gaiden / Mach Rider

Castlevania / Kid Icarus / Metal Gear

Excitebike / Fire Emblem / Dragon Warrior


SEGA Genesis


The leap into 16-bit gaming. The SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive still holds fond memories that I will never let go of :3 Its mature edge and gritty seriousness made it the self proclaimed true gamer's choice of its time!

Sonic the Hedgehog / Earthworm Jim

Aladdin / Panorama Cotton / Gunstar Heroes

Chakan: The Forever Man / The Revenge of Shinobi

Zero Wing / Phantasy Star IV / Shining Force II


Super Famicom


Hooy!! Now that's a console! What a beautiful relic from the golden age of gaming! I'll never forget it! In fact, I still play it!

Super Mario World / Super Metroid

Killer Instinct / Panel de Pon / Mega Man X

Donkey Kong Country / Gundam Wing Endless Duel

Final Fantasy IV / Tales of Phantasia / Chrono Trigger

Super Mario RPG / A Link to the Past


SEGA Saturn



"Baka! Y-You should play more Saturn! Its not as if I care if you miss out!" *Blushes Harshly*
Virtual-On Soundtrack


Say hello to the love of my life. The gorgeous yet long forgotten SEGA Saturn. Isn't she beautiful? She never was popular among most Americans.. But if she is NTSC-J format, she plays some of the greatest Japanese games ever!

Nights Into Dreams / Daytona USA / Virtual On

SEGA Rally / Virtua Fighter 2 / Fighting Vipers

Guardian Heroes / Mr. Bones / Magic Knight Rayearth

Astal / Radiant Silvergun / Baku Baku / Burning Rangers

Panzer Dragoon Trilogy / Fighters Megamix


Sony PlayStation


Ahh, the original PlayStation. Such a simple and lovely time to be alive. No updates, no digital rights management, no installing *Sighs Happily* If only I could turn back the clock or transform every internet savvy console on Earth into one of these ;D

Castlevania Symphony of the Night / Guilty Gear

Resident Evil / Silent Hill / Final Fantasy VII

Grandia / Xenogears / Tekken 3 / Twisted Metal 2

Metal Gear Solid / Chrono Cross


Nintendo 64


Nintendo 64! Oh yes! The ultimate local multiplayer machine! The console of choice for shooters and platformers of that generation! Small selection of games but high in quality!

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time / GoldenEye 007

Super Mario 64 / Conker's Bad Fur Day / Perfect Dark

Mario Kart 64 / F-Zero X / Killer Instinct Gold

Banjo Kazooie / Star Fox 64 / Diddy Kong Racing


SEGA Dreamcast


Yes, even I owned a Dreamcast at one point. Though it will never be the great SEGA Saturn, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Sonic Adventure / Crazy Taxi / Shenmue

Skies of Arcadia / Soul Calibur / Jet Set Radio

Power Stone / Ikaruga / Space Channel 5

Chu Chu Rocket / Phantasy Star Online


Hoy! I think I showered you with enough video games, but it should give you a good idea of what my tastes are! I commend you for making it this far ;D But we are far from finished! Next, I get to tell you about my favorite foods! You like food? Of course you do, and so do I! Hey, we have something in common already! I will list some my favorite foods now, see if you can find any that you absolutely adore!



Pepperoni Pizza / Chocolate Chip Muffins / Steak Burritos

Spicy Buffalo Wings / Bacon Cheeseburgers

Philly Cheesesteaks / Teriyaki Chicken / Garlic Fries

Chili Cheese Hot Dogs / Various Sushi Rolls / Sloppy Joes

Spaghetti & Meatballs / Gourmet Ramen & Udon

Spicy Beef Egg Rolls / Mozzarella Sticks / Glazed Donuts

Buttermilk Pancakes / Spinach Salad / BBQ Beef Ribs




Coca-Cola / Rockstar Energy Drinks / Green Tea

7-Eleven Slurpees / White Mocha Frappuccinos

Vanilla Lattes / Dr. Pepper / Caffeinated Root Beer

Crystal Pepsi / Malibu Coconut Rum / Porters & Stouts



That was a fun little detour ^o^ Now I will show you a list of my most current favorite anime! I'm a pretty crazy gamer but I'm also a pretty crazy otaku. If you ever see a lad with purple Lennon sunglasses and a Hatsune Miku shirt, chances are its probably me xD And if you think that's overdoing it, well, maybe you should see my room! Available only by request ;D But for now, let's talk anime! I did mention before that I really like two types of anime. Either lots of 1 on 1 fighting or pure fluff. But I've been known to step out of my favorite zone as well.. so you can recommend me shows I haven't seen. Chances are I will give them a chance! Let's get on with the list shall we? ;D



#7 - Bleach (Episodes 1-63)


Ichigo obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper from Rukia. Now Rukia is sentenced to death by the Soul Society for her crime. To stop that from happening, Ichigo & friends attempt to rescue her. But first, they must defeat the thirteen captains that stand before them.


#6 - Lucky⭐️Star


A satire of the gamer/otaku lifestyle. Konata is an overall talented girl who doesn't like to do much but watch anime and play video games. Her friends try their best to understand her motives.


#5 - K-ON!


Yui & friends from the Light Music Club form together to start a music band of their own. They have band practice, tea time and go about their everyday lives. Moe~~


#4 - Slayers (Episodes 1-78)


Powerful yet hot headed sorceress Lina Inverse and her party of misfits are always out to make a buck and score a hot meal. Like it or not, they're always stuck having to save the world by almost destroying it at the sametime.


#3 - Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star


Kenshiro is the successor to a deadly martial arts style. In a post apocalyptic world where raiders and other fighters roam, Kenshiro will battle gangs as well as rivals to protect the weak and innocent.


#2 - Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X


Once a government assassin, now a pacifist wanderer. Set in feudal Japan, Kenshin must keep the peace by helping others by not killing. However his past keeps emerging and plently of fighters want to challenge the killer he once was.


#1 - Yu Yu Hakusho / Ghost Fighter


Yusuke is a Spirit Detective who hunts down demons that threaten Human World & Spirit World. Together, he and his friends take on several cases and enter various fighting tournaments.



Wow, that sure must of been a lot to take in! You know what kind of person I am now! You also know my favorite games, anime, foods and drinks! Many thanks for sticking with me to the very end! ^o^ I'm so happy, I must be extremely interesting to you now :3 Wanna know more? All you have to do is ask me all the unanswered questions! The most amazing thing of all is you don't even have to leave if you don't want to! Stay and keep me company! ;D I would love that! Maybe there is something I can learn about you too! I do hope we can be friends and you'll consider me a part of your PlayStation family!


If you love me, don't be afraid to say so ❤️