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  1. Really hoped this would come out normally, but Samurai Jack is like my all time favourite cartoon so I might make my first purchase at LRG
  2. I was just thinking about buying it, not sure if there will be enough players
  3. Currently 42 physical games, I try to avoid buying games digitally
  4. Easiest: Burly Men at Sea Hardest: Absolver, probably
  5. Metro 2033 was a blast 😁
  6. The game is a fighter with characters from various indie games 1000 K.O. and 1000 Eject really sounds grindy Really thinking about cancelling my physical copy
  7. Anyone knows if any of the methods work with Death's Gambit? Edit: Method 1 works, and you can access the Debug Room in Death's Gambit 1.0
  8. Really thinking about this one, but I always prefer physical games.
  9. 1995 was a good year because i did not yet exist BTW i might get this because i have a craving for Silent Hill type of games
  10. The school codes no longer work for me
  11. Same for me, crashes every 20 minutes and i can't make any progress
  12. For me it was Prey, i had a blast with it, played it through 3 times