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  1. Not bad Thinking about getting The Last Remnant (because no physical release!!!) and Dawn of Fear
  2. Shame the best game of the bunch is PS5 only
  3. You might wanna check out Chronos: Before the Ashes which is a prequel to Remnant: From the Ashes but it has classic melee combat I was very disappointed in Death's Gambit, it just felt stiff and no fun, but there is a huge update coming for it so you might wanna wait for that
  4. Sagebrush Short narrative game
  5. Any chance someone can take me to the center in permadeath today?
  6. I really enjoyed this game during the beta, I would actually be happy if it was in PS+
  7. OMG YES! I wa skinda worried they would only make one big list for the 3 games but this is awesome news! who the hell cares about the name
  8. Thanks! I was even thinking about getting the physical version for this
  9. Huge japanese game fan
  10. I hope they make a physical version so my collection will have an impostor... among us
  11. Nice! Well there it is, happy platinuming this game
  12. Still not available in my country so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. I remember playing the original Nier on my Xbox, a shame that I didn't even understand half of it, finally I can experience this awesome game again
  14. Dear Jim Ryan I may not own a PS3 or a Vita or heard your name before but I thank thee for keeping the online stores for my gamer friends Sincerely I
  15. So, Im gonna write down everything I know Not many people play this game on this site, thats why the platinum is at 0% here Achieve all 3 endings and Get all collectible trophies are big two that bugs for a lot of players, but somehow it is achievable. The developers know about the trophy issues and said that in the following weeks they will release a patch (which will hopefully happen) This is all I know for now