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  1. No problem. A good trick I've learnt is when you are ready to sync your games, log into the account your sharing the games from on your PS4 and check your trophy list. If the trophies have accidentally synced during your game play, they will usually appear to of synced on your sharing account.
  2. If you sync now it will go wrong. Because you synced accidentally, some trophies will likely be on your alt account and the rest of your main account. So you will have the platinum unlocked but with trophies missing. You will need to wipe the vita and not sync.
  3. Keep getting error occurred on the server. (HTTP Status Code: 400) (CE-40848-4)
  4. Surely it's the completion percentage that defines the quality of a trophy and not the quantity. Everyone knows what a hard platinum is. If people want to achieve numerous easy platinums then so be it, you do you.
  5. I think single player is also broken, in the Nordlys war story where i pick up the satchel and fall off the cliff side into water, game just crashes everytime it jumps to the cut scene -.-
  6. he is a good guy, it was just an error in judgement.
  7. ah yeah, just purchased the game through the web browser. Thanks. Weird you can't find in when your on the console thou.
  8. i see alot more people have gained access to the game but can't find it on the UK store, any one have this yet?
  9. Pretty sure i've never since the 1st game in this series on PS4
  10. Hi, would really appreciate someone to help me with the 500m minecart track and any other trophies they may have easy access to.
  11. Could it be?
  12. someone buy the digital version and test this shit!
  13. Release date? @RatalaikaGames
  14. From helping so many people I can do all the death mode levels in around an hour. If if anyone needs help, just add me Boxerjack
  15. I'm having difficulty locating this on the JPN store, could some one please provide a link.