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  1. They don't matter. A friend of mine was going for this trophy and it didn't pop for some reason, he wanted to check which mode was missing, but the leaderboards are off atm. The game is 100% possible right now, this is just an online feature that doesn't affect trophies.
  2. Is there anybody else having trouble accessing the Battle Mode leaderboards? When I try to access them a message appears: "The Injustice: Gods Among Us server is not available at this time. Please try again later.", even though the matchmaking seems to be working fine. PS: this feature doesn't affect any trophies, the game is still 100% possible, it just helps you to track which modes you completed. edit: the daily challenge is not working as well.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've bought the game after this post and it worked like you said. I've ended up earning some easy trophies after the 3000 team trophy poped.
  4. That sucks. It often happens to me as well. Unfortunately some games doesn't pause when it happens. Congrats on getting it later.
  5. I'm playing myclub in the lite version of the game. If I start playing the full version later, will I have to fulfill the requirements again or the trophies will pop at once?
  6. You can do it. I have struggled with the initial no-death runs, spent more time than you on the kid warpzone and still got the platinum. After a lot of practice it starts to feel like it is automatic. When trying the no-death runs I think it is better to spent at least a few hours per attempt because there is a learning curve every time you play the game again. But if your fingers are hurting or you're getting frustrated, don't mind taking a few days off. Edit: I haven't got the platinum yet, saving it for 200.
  7. I'm glad they patched it as well.
  8. I'm having a lot of trouble with the AI. I always pass every item in the race to them, but they keep finishing last. I don't know what to do anymore. For the normal races it's fine, but for the key objectives and the Grand Prix it's frustrating. Who thought it would be a good idea to release a game that you gotta hope your AI teammates do their job to achieve the goals?
  9. I do not play race games often, but I still managed to get the plat. You can do it, for sure.
  10. I didn't see this post earlier. I unlocked the trophy some weeks ago and I can assure you that I have earned some kudos by quitting in the middle of my trophy streak. I've always taken screenshots after I earned a crown, so I'm sure the kudos went up. I don't know if they were from a match before the streak began and only registered in the middle of the streak, but that's what happened to me.
  11. Anybody receiving kudos after quiting a match (even when quitting before the "eliminated" message appears)? Does it matter?
  12. If the message of the server disconnecting appears it counts as a lost match (during the game)?
  13. I don't think it is against the rules. But it's better to report them to avoid any unnecessary discussion. If you can't report an ID, it's because someone did it already.
  14. Let the cheater removal team deal with it. There's no reason to post it on this topic.
  15. Does anybody have a full netherite armor available?