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  1. There's a delistings section on this topic and Driveclub is listed as still available. I just gave a heads up to OP, since I coudn't find the game on NA stores.
  2. I think Driveclub games got delisted even on NA. I've looked into the usa and canada store, some of the content doesn't appear and the rest appears as unavailable.
  3. Good luck on the project. I would use this for some games for sure (if this eventually becomes acceptable by the community).
  4. I didn't know about that. I'll correct my post. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, it isn't possible to gain mastery of one fighter and gain mastery of all fighters 9 seconds apart from each other. Besides that, "Finish Him" and "Ultimate Humiliation" are seconds apart from each other too and you unlocked "e-X-cellent!" and "Back In Time..." after "My Kung Fu is Stronger". Using your own save without syncing the trophies before isn't allowed. Edit: You can actually unlock the two trophies about the masteries together and I didn't know about that.
  6. I enjoyed it a lot. Great game to play while listening to a song or a podcast. I'm kind of addicted to this type of games that you have to beat a timer.
  7. I let my VITA run out of battery and then charge it again. It took 4 minutes and 20 seconds before I was able to turn it on. I don't know if it depends on the model though. If you had to do the warp zone again to trigger the trophy, we would need to add 1min~2min at least.
  8. The problem with your trophy list is that you got "The Kid" 4 minutes after "Retro Rampage", while this other users got it seconds apart. I believe this would be possible if you ran out of battery right after the first trophy unlocked, but that is unlikely. Does anyone know if the trophy could be triggered right after he turned the VITA on? He would have to do this warpzone again?
  9. I think it is worth buying, it's almost free and the game is fun. But if you care about incomplete games, I would recommend waiting for the events to show up in the calendar before adding it to your account.
  10. Nice to know that. I'll try this out, at least for the "trofeo" trophies.
  11. This rotation system is a bummer. Luckly I did this way back, when there was a Boss Hunt every month. It was hard and I still had to wait a year for the Gnome Boss to show up (the easiest for me). This is certainly one of the worst trophy lists ever.
  12. I don't think it's possible, since you have to beat Tropy first to unluck Oxide's ghost. The powerpyx's guide says it too. Btw, wich characters are the best for the time trials? I have seen some videos with Coco and Tiger, but they have different stats.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I don't know why it happened, when I tried another time it worked indeed.