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  1. You're right, how foolish of me. I was just jealous, best I could muster was the SMB platinum. I am not worthy to be in your presence.
  2. I bet day of the tentacle, rocket league, that's you, lara croft go and hitman go are the platinums that are really worth bragging about! /sarcasm
  3. It also doesn't seem to stack for different regions. Just bought it on ps4 on the EU store, while already having the US version platinum. No trophies are popping.
  4. They don't work for the trophy, though. I was at 103% and the trophy didn't pop, until that weird glitch happened that I explained earlier in this thread.
  5. Something even weirder happened for me. I had 98/100 bandages, all warp zones done except skyscraper. Everything else was unlocked. I did the very first warp zone in the game (1-5, I think?), that popped the trophy, and I had 105% completion on The Forest. I rebooted my game, and it was gone. I don't recall if meat ninja stayed unlocked, I think he did (as he can't 're-lock' himself?). After completing skyscraper with both bandages, nothing happened and I got my 100% completion as normal.
  6. Thanks guys, i'll try again soon with those tips.
  7. How? How do you beat this thing? At 20% of his health, he shoots an arch of 3x3 bullets which is unavoidable, and there's so many enemies on screen there is nowhere to go. I've been trying for 4 hours after going through the game without any problems. Is there something i'm doing wrong?!
  8. Wouldn't most things be in life? 7-18x yeah. I feel that that is the easiest level to keep for last, as even when you're high on adrenaline, it's easy to know for sure when you're gonna mess up. on 16x i was bound to just say 'fuck it, risk it for the biscuit' and then obviously die when I tried scraping past a saw blade. That's just my 2 cents though, it seems to be different for everyone.
  9. Nope. I died 3 times on a 19 streak on 16x. nerves will get the best of you, that's why I didn't leave it for last. I saved the one with all the big round monsters that come after you for last, which you can horde up. Can't remember what it was, it's almost been a month already since this juicy platinum popped. Time flies.
  10. Fighting games aren't my thing, although PvP on any game isn't a good way to show it's difficulty. That's like saying super smash bros is hard, because you're playing against the world's best players. Yes, I absolutely loved this game. I even got 2 t-shirts custom made with meat boy on it, and imported a disc copy from the UK. I recommend this game to people all the time, I just discourage them from trying to get the platinum as it might ruin the game for them.
  11. So you just don't like it? Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's a bad game. That would be a very ignorant thing to say.
  12. Why is it not a good game? As I said, the movement is fluid, the gameplay is extremely hard but fair, the graphics, while obviously not pushing the PS4 to it's limits, look very nice. It's in my opinion one of the very best games ever made. Looking at your trophy list, it just seems that you don't like challenging games, which is perfectly fine, but that doesn't make the game bad.
  13. Keep at it. Eventually, you will get them. Take breaks, by the way. I found it to help a lot. I used to play 12 to 16 hours in a row, barely making any progress. It helps to take a 30 minute breather every 2 hours or so.
  14. Platinum #84. Super Meat Boy. This game needs no introduction. Even though it's extremely hard, I did really enjoy this game. The last trophy, impossible boy, took me 72 hours. Difficulty: FML/10 (10/10) Enjoyment: 10/10 My run (turn your volume down after 7-18X, trust me. I got a little too excited. video is mostly in dutch, only the end is english. sorry for that)
  15. Why? In my opinion, this is one of the best games ever made. Even though I got very, very frustrated, I did enjoy the game. It's nearly completely clean of glitches, the movement is extremely smooth, nearly every death feels like your own fault.