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  1. It looks like all six are in non-combat areas, you should be more than safe collecting them on hard mode.
  2. Effectively yeah, and the Intergrade Yuffie DLC is PS5 exclusive so it will only appear on the PS5 list.
  3. As long as you upload your save from the PS4 version of the game and use it on the PS5 version, you'll auto-pop the entire main game's trophy list. The Intergrade DLC is indeed an additional DLC list outside of the platinum. You'll need to purchase it and earn those trophies, even if you auto-pop the main list. Hope that answers your questions 😁
  4. Just a quick heads up for anyone waiting for a nightfall belonging to the Forsaken expansion, the Warden of Nothing strike is the weekly nightfall starting this Tuesday (8th June, 2021). That means you'll have until the following Tuesday at reset (6pm UK time) to complete the nightfall strike and earn the trophy. 🏆
  5. Breaking Bad S4 E10 On my fifth re-watch now 😅
  6. Reminded me of GTA: Chinatown Wars. I'd agree with a 2.5/10 difficulty rating too. Very enjoyable game.
  7. Did anyone else hold off from playing this sooner for the shiny PS5 version? I haven't played Yakuza since 0, very excited to dive into this with its JRPG mechanics! ⚔️
  8. Love the art style from the looks of the trailers. Hopefully an easy plat too with a good guide if it's mostly puzzle-based.
  9. Sophisticated Blitzball enjoyer 😎
  10. I'm pretty sure this is all RNG. Without any friends playing recently I got one of those chests randomly when sailing by a very small island 🏝️ Good luck ☠️
  11. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 1-800-GODDAMN (Get an A+ rating on all levels) 😎
  12. Yakuza 0 for you!! Honestly, learning to play Mahjong for the completion list is a highlight of my trophy hunting career 😁
  13. Looks like the kind of game you'd play long-term, with a couple of matches here and there. Rushing to the platinum could be tough without private lobbies. 🚗
  14. Same trophy lists but I can't speak for the save data, I imagine you'd be fine? good luck 😁
  15. Damn reel it in a little? I thought the other major ongoing IP by the same company would make a good point of comparison. Sorry I didn't enjoy the narrative of TLOU2, not everybody has to.