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  1. Mine did this a lot with AC Valhalla until I cleaned it out. There's a little hole specifically for hoovering out the dust from some of the internal components safely. That seemed to fix it.
  2. Yeah unfortunately none of the settings seem to have made a difference. Just gonna wait a few months for a patch & if it's not sorted I guess it's round 2 with Kratos.
  3. Really sucks man. I fully understand a few bugs here and there on such a massive game, but this has apparently been there since launch and survived several beefy patches. I just need my circle button back. 😂
  4. So upon attempting to 100% the collectibles and backtrack through Alfheim to the Temple of Light, I've hit a wall - literally. There's a wall 'crack' that you're supposed to shimmy through to the nearby Nornir chest and onwards to the Temple of Light, except the circle button prompt is entirely absent and my post-game partner either refuses to enter the crack all together or gets through to the other side with no option for me to join them... Quite a frustrating bug and it seems to have been in the game since launch based on others comments on YouTube. Anyone here encountered this? Any solutions beyond waiting for a patch? Itching for that 100% 🤣 EDIT: Found a video of exactly what I'm talking about, happening to some other poor soul.
  5. Notorious BIG - Big Poppa Funk meets rap. Block that attack. 😅 💿
  6. I think I'm gonna wait for a potential flamethrower buff + jeep/half-track auto spawn before going for this. I hate trophies where you HAVE to boost otherwise it takes an unreasonable amount of time.
  7. Man it's been about 6 months since I platinumed this, gonna take some adjustment to get back into it. I don't think I often got close enough for a flamethrower to be effective on the enemy... Most gunfights are across fields or down lanes.
  8. Looks like we finally made it 😅 I for one cannot wait for a more streamlined, condensed experience in AC: Mirage.
  9. This is one of those cases where somebody hardcore into the gaming community assumes the casual, everyday fans have the same wants & needs as them. Many people are happy with a couple of quality PS5 games for a long time. My father for one will be playing the current Call of Duty exclusively for the next year. 😅 So yea, to call it a flop based on your own unfulfilled desires is a strange measure of success.
  10. I kinda assumed that's what this game was anyway. Borderlands style.
  11. Those DLC trophies for the first game were painful 😅 the MMORPG one was especially buggy and dull.
  12. I just hope they have some depth and aren't a complete cliche, for the sake of representation alone.
  13. Something about the art style & movement reminds me of Don't Starve. Is it made by the same folks?
  14. Just managed this with the tiniest amount of health on both Kiryu and the car, getting lucky with the truck driver at the end stopping his first charge with enough shots on center. Don't give up on a bad run and prioritise hitting the center of the target over firing as many shots as rapidly as you can!
  15. Now all of the people who cheesed the exploit for the platinum are a bit stuck 😅