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  1. Thank you for you answer. After some research apparently it is a very common PS5 glitch, possibly triggered by unlocking 2 trophies or more at the same time. The trophy appears when I'm onffline but dissapears when I connect the console to the internet, so I definitely earned it. One of the solutions is to just wait until it eventualy syncs and the other one is to earn another trophy, so I will just continued my journey to 100% the game, and hopefully it gets fixed. Otherwise I will try your method, but I really hope it gets resolved before that.
  2. Still a thing, March 2022. I finished the first Doom Eternal DLC, the trophy popped and I have the screenshot too, but it appears as unearned when online and earned when offline. I hope it sync up eventually cause I ain't playing it again lol
  3. I have absolutely no idea what happened, I have the screenshot of the trophy and everything but it appears as unearned. I already restarted the game several times, the console and started a new campaing and nothing worked I played the DLC on extra life mode on my first run, I don't know if that affected the trophy in any way. It is just so weird man
  4. So I played through the whole DLC while unlocking everything on my way, playing on extra life mode and every trophy popped except for the Regime Change trophy and I have no idea why. The trophy for completing the DLC on extra life mode unlocked just fine and I got all the in game rewards. Any solutions?
  5. yes, standard bow and landing my shots. I don't remember very well if bots count but I think they do. Don't just shoot at the air, I don't think they count
  6. The game was pretty bad so It's no surprise to me
  7. what a nice surprise, just got my platinum
  8. what a snooze fest, I'm glad we are getting a new battlefield this year EDIT: just deleted it, I'm glad I don't care much about trophies anymore, this will stay at 1% in my backlog forever lol
  9. I thought we were going to get new dlc trophies 😔 I think I will pass
  10. I thought the n sane trilogy was 60 fps too a shame
  11. I actually loved this game lol found it very relaxing
  12. ayooo the game is fantastic, got the 15 killstreak trophy on my second match and got mvp on all the 5 matches I managed to play, loving it so far
  13. I really enjoyed this game, it was clunky at times but not enough to be a deal-breaker.
  14. You will get it eventually, the messer is by far the best weapon for this trophy. One heavy swing while aiming across the screen and you can get lots of triple kills with bots and injured players
  15. yes, standard bow only. I unlocked the fighting in the shade trophy at level 16 archer