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  1. what a snooze fest, I'm glad we are getting a new battlefield this year EDIT: just deleted it, I'm glad I don't care much about trophies anymore, this will stay at 1% in my backlog forever lol
  2. I thought we were going to get new dlc trophies 😔 I think I will pass
  3. I thought the n sane trilogy was 60 fps too a shame
  4. I actually loved this game lol found it very relaxing
  5. ayooo the game is fantastic, got the 15 killstreak trophy on my second match and got mvp on all the 5 matches I managed to play, loving it so far
  6. I really enjoyed this game, it was clunky at times but not enough to be a deal-breaker.
  7. You will get it eventually, the messer is by far the best weapon for this trophy. One heavy swing while aiming across the screen and you can get lots of triple kills with bots and injured players
  8. yes, standard bow only. I unlocked the fighting in the shade trophy at level 16 archer
  9. Unfortunately, you can't choose servers atm I think. This made the 50 kills trophy a breeze, my record is 135 kills lol if it wasn't for this then the plat was a no go for me
  10. It's aimed for people 20 and older. Lots of classic characters from the 90s and early 00s
  11. 10 P.M. just chilling playing some bot lobbies. 103 kills, could have been more but I had to go, so I just pushed to win as fast as possible
  12. For the kills only the archer with the bow counts, I'm not sure if it is the same case for the shoot arrows trophy, but I would advice to use that subclass to be sure
  13. Just got this one easily doing this method, took me like 4 matches. Just hit them once and then throw the bread
  14. If you are playing in a match with many bots on the other team, try charging them, let them hit you a couple of times, and then do a heavy swing with a long weapon, it should kill two or more in one swing. I managed to get this trophy without even thinking, just playing recklessly lol. I've managed to meet the requirements a couple of times after that. Long weapon, heavy swing and some bots should do the trick
  15. The list is Takedowns/ Kills/ Deaths, if you get 50 in the kills column you are good to go. I managed to end up in a bot lobby by sheer luck, just 4 players in total and like 20 bots, I got like 60 kills. This was in a ps4, I play in the BR servers because I'm from Chile. Crossplay was on and I was playing on a Sunday afternoon, I have no idea how I ended up with so little players lol