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  1. I'm pretty sure the games has a mission select menu
  2. Are you sure you finished the story? I got this plat a couple of months ago with no troubles at all. I played the whole campaign on Hard without changing it at any moment, that's the only insight I can give
  3. The ones obtained trough the challenges are automatically bought for free, if you have to buy it to obtain it it counts towards the trophy
  4. Not a city simulator exactly but since everyone is recommending Two Point Hospital, I will recommend Megaquarium, awesome game
  5. 5/10 difficulty for the ones not used to shooters in general I would say. For me, it was a 3/10, after getting the wins all you have to do is grind the levels
  6. Thank you, very helpful
  7. Don't even bother tracking this trophy, by the time you hit level 50 you will definitely have it. The ones you will most likely have for last will be the energy cannon and the sheep cannon
  8. Glitched on PS5 only I believe, PS4 works fine from what I've read. Bear in mind that I'm not fully updated with the topic
  9. The DLC doesn't have achievements on steam so I highly doubt that new trophies will be added.
  10. I'm a day 1 Rocket Arena player and it only taught me one thing, NEVER BUY GAMES FROM EA ON RELEASE, lesson learned the hard way
  11. I enjoyed the beta, was a bit rough on the UI, but if it's more polished it's definitely worth it. It will definitely need more content in future updates IMO
  12. Nah, there are far worse. My Name is Mayo at least has some substance with the story, it's actually quite entertaining and fun if you pay attention
  13. Yeah, I read that PS4 save transfers will not be possible for this game on the PS5 so it makes sense that we can get the platinum twice. IBadDriverI told me that it's correct, let's hope it is!
  14. So these games offer a free next-gen upgrade if you buy the PS4 versions. From what I understand this is a separate list, meaning a free stack of the game? So we will be able to get two platinums for this game?