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  1. So are all the trophies glitched or no? It has 0% completion yet but I don't think that's accurate since some of you already unlocked trophies
  2. From my experience while going for the platinum. When playing alone or with other PS4 players at my party, we were matched around 90% of the time with other Playstation players or Xbox. It was very rate to come across PC players. But when I played with a friend of mine that plays on PC, the matchmaking was like 100% PC players. Needless to say that I never played with him again 😂
  4. Keep on keeping on, gets easier as you continue with the story, I recall the beginning was the hardest part of the playthrough but it's doable. Use the mines method to kill lady Comstock easier too later in the game
  5. Try to get the piece of gear that makes you invulnerable for a few seconds after dropping from a rail, it makes the game a piece of cake. Reload checkpoint until you get the piece of gear needed
  6. I give you Rocket Arena, that is hot TRASH lol. But Fall Guys, cmon is not my fault that you can't have silly casual fun with your friends
  7. RIP for those that played this trash game
  8. The webpage died Found this one though: https://nfspolska.pl/maps/need-for-speed-payback-fortune-valley-map/#5/5.157/-19.907/m=3.777,-29.377
  9. So it's an easy plat? Same developers as sushi and donut break?
  10. All the KO's trophies for each individual character and the 1000 total KO's can be done in PvE playlists since a couple of updates ago. The player base is so low that the developers decided to allow it, that way you don't lock out anyone out of the trophies. The ones for coins, mega-rocket time, and goals have to be done PvP, they are not that hard. Play with Amphora, Rev, or Topnotch to score easier goals. Just be aware that the XP of this game is absolutely TRASH, you only get more XP based on the length of the match, plus a small amount for winning, but your performance is not rewarded at all. Let's say you kill 20 players and both of your teammates 0, and you win the match, you get the exact same amount of XP as them. This is the only thing keeping me from grinding a character to level 100, feels so unrewarding that I rather play something else.
  11. Nah, that's definitely the ping of each player
  12. Remastered games like Spider-Man will have a different trophy list. Free upgraded games will most likely not have a PS5 stack, it will probably just say PS4 or PS4/PS5 under the list, something along those lines. That's my bet
  13. Sounds about EA
  14. lmao I can see this happening
  15. Weird, I also played since 2015 and got the platinum in 2016 I think. I have all the DLC trophies for free. Very strange, did you link your accounts to epic games before release? Wow, guess you will have to spend $5 for those trophies then, very unfortunate.
  16. Are you sure man? Is the feature blocked or you don't have any objects to trade? Because I think all the objects earned through the free challenges are tradable. EDIT: For example, I unlocked a Decal through the free rocket pass drops and can trade it. So unless the trade feature is blocked for F2P players, which I don't think it is, this trophy don't require you to spend any money
  17. Yes, backwards compatibility for basically every PS4 game is already confirmed, at least for AA and AAA games. I think indie games too. And to answer the main question, it is crystal clear on their blog that it's a feature for PS5 users only
  18. Yes, but it is F2P trash and it hasnot been properly released yet. PVZ 2 mobile was quite good I must observe but still, I don't like the F2P aspects of it
  19. I really wish they just focus on releasing a new REAL plant vs zombies game
  20. Once I got the 100% on Contrast completely offline because my internet died that day and I never managed to sync it with PSN Profiles afterwards. Not even now and it's been a couple of years. Very weird and no one could give me a solution.
  21. So ready to platinum and 100% Spider-Man all over again when I play it on the PS5 😍:platinum:

  22. Omg I'm beyond excited to platinum and 100% Spider-Man all over again. What a game. Playing it with the Raimi Suit once more
  23. #144 AVICII Invector RIP to this legend, mental health is important people, never forget that.
  24. Looks easy I guess... tried to find anything about this game but I couldn't find any information. Looks interesting, I hope it's a cooking game or something like that.