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  1. #144 AVICII Invector RIP to this legend, mental health is important people, never forget that.
  2. Looks easy I guess... tried to find anything about this game but I couldn't find any information. Looks interesting, I hope it's a cooking game or something like that.
  3. Rogue Company #142 Rogue's Gallery Got the platinum trophy today! I love the game, I'm having a blast with it. It reminds me of when I was a teen playing Metal Gear Online 2, fun times. I also made a lot of good friendships while playing. Amazing experience with this game so far, looking forward to future updates. Congrats to the devs!
  4. wow what a shame, I was super excited for this game
  5. Me too , been waiting since November last year. Unfortunately I'm saving for both crash 4 and the ps5 so my budget is not enough for Tamarin. I will definitely get it when it's on sale though. The trophy list looks easy and fun
  6. Understandable, stupid people in my country (Chile) and many others, offer a year of PS Plus for 10 USD by creating multiple accounts,no wonder Sony starts removing the trials.
  7. My Name Is Mayo Mr. Massagy Hatoful Boyfriend
  8. For me it's too expensive at the moment, I will definitely grab it when it is on sale.
  9. I played Castle Costume from this same developer, it is definitely not the most polished indie game ever, but it was a super fun experience regardless. The devs are awesome too, great interaction on twitter.
  10. So now that the game is out. Is it actually an easy plat or nah?
  11. Is Spider-Man available as a playable character on THPS2?
  12. I love it
  13. Sorry for the toxicity but it was like 4 AM so were barely thinking 😂😂
  14. I played the beta and the controls felt so clunky, didn't like the gameplay also. Give it a try, it was a very disappointing experience for me lol.
  15. my expectations where low but wow
  16. First time playing Rogue Company today, it is fire!! Free and easy platinum too. What a discovery, just found out today I could get a code by watching twitch streamers.

  17. Skipping games or getting extremely mad at trophies is something I will never understand tbh. In the real world outside the trophy hunter community, no one really cares about your list.
  18. bro just do it on the first mission after training, the first half of the mission you don't even have to worry because you have infinite ammo, then the second half is just like 40 enemies tops. If you are about to do run out of bullets change your weapon with at least 1 bullet in the magazine otherwise your character will auto-reload your gun and that can mess everything up. Leave at least 1 bullet on each gun before picking up another of the floor. I got it on my first try and it's my second time playing a Call Of Duty ever, this trophy is not glitched at all.
  19. lmao some trophy hunters are just something else 😂
  20. Looks like a grind fest tbh, especially the 1000 wins. The game looks cool, I love football but I think I will wait for a sale on this one.
  21. I'm in for the next-gen single-player games, that's enough for me to buy it.
  22. Yeah, you have to put more thought when using him, personally I like him a lot on Rocket Ball mode because his mobility, It's easy to hide in hard to reach places and throw a couple of rockets, wait for your teams to distract or KO the enemy and then proceed to score. I've scored 5 goals in a match with him multiple times, but yeah, he's not for everybody there are better options for rocketball
  23. They will revamp the XP system to a certain degree. I talked with a dev and explained to him that the XP reward system makes no sense at all, he agreed and said that the team have received the same feedback before so they are already working on a new XP system. I'm talking about getting XP for KOs, assists, goals, rockets captured, etc, much more rewarding and encourages players to play the objective. I will wait for that patch (He said late August but I think it will be September) before going for the level 100 character, it will be a much more pleasant experience then.
  24. So, for those that have already played this game, how difficult is Delta compared to other games?
  25. Use Topnotch and Amphora, top tier characters for scoring goals, the mobility is ridiculously great. Not yet, will have to wait until further patches