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  1. I see you have some telltale games so I would recommend the Batman telltale, super fun and a good story actually
  2. Easier, I could only achieve the platinum trophy on Crash Warped. I missed 4 gold relics on Cortex Strikes Back, I will try to go for them again one day. They aren't that hard but I needed a rest from Crash. 😂
  3. When I was a kid I thought getting a platinum trophy was impossible. Every time I tried to go for one I ended up failing tremendously. I played Shadow of Mordor, when it first came out, and got like 90% of the trophies and then I stopped playing for like a year. One day I decided to go back to the game and try to obtain the trophies that I left unearned, it took me like 4 hours. When I saw the platinum trophy popping on the screen I felt like Gollum watching the ring, so shiny, so precious... 😂😂 After that, my goal is to try to get the platinum for every game I play.
  4. I remember watching my older brothers playing Metal Gear (1, 2, 3) when I was a kid. I thought Raiden in mgs2 was pretty cool. By the time I was 13 I had already played all the metal gear games myself and it was time for Metal Gear 4. When Raiden calls Snake on the Codec I was like whaaaaat!?, then when 20 minutes later he appears on the roof to defend Snake against the gekkos and Vamp... I was speechless.
  5. Mortal Kombat X 💪
  6. Shadow Of War What a game, loved it even more than Shadow Of Mordor. At first I wasn't sure about the game because of the way they promoted it but it was very fun to play. Amazing trophy list also, it invites you to explore everything you can do with the nemesis system. The only difficult trophy was "Trolling" which required some planning and executing the plan correctly, otherwise do it all over again.
  7. same for me, still had to play the last defense for the cutscene though
  8. Just got the plat of Arkham Asylum so I think I will go for Shadow of War now
  9. Return to Arkham Asylum. The combat challenges were tough but it was worth it, I remember playing this when I was a kid and my dream was to unlock the platinum now I've finally done it 😬
  10. Metal Gear Solid 4
  11. Bought it for 13$ and I'm playing asylum right now, it looks amazing!! can't wait to play arkham city. So many good memories with this game :')
  12. Teslagrad It has many challenging trophies but in a good way, a fun and short platform game.The Protective Father trophy was the hardest, I was so happy and relieved when I got it 🏅
  13. 8/10 never heard of that game but it's a very rare platinum
  14. Bioshock. I have the platinum but on ps4, I wish I also plated it on the ps3 when I was younger
  15. Teletransportation, it would make life 1000 times easier
  16. Metal Gear Solid
  17. They haven't released any patch yet. Just don't go too far from the clock, it disappeared a couples times when I tried it but it was because I went too far by accident
  18. Everything in Metal Gear 4, especially when you go back to Shadow Moses
  19. Shadow of Mordor, Horizon Zero Dawn, Apotheon and all of the Bioshock games 👌
  20. Shadow of War, Spiderman and Battlefront 2
  21. Metal Gear Solid 4 😢
  22. easy plat, having 6 devices makes it much easier though.
  23. Eekeemoo: Splinters of the Dark Shard. Awful gameplay, full of glitches and no content at all but it was cheap and easy plat 😆
  24. So Games Radar just compared Crash Bandicoot with Dark Souls on its review and it has already started some memes 😂 Here is the review: http://www.gamesradar.com/crash-bandicoot-n-sane-trilogy-review/ What do you guys think? EDIT: More memes 😂 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  25. Energy Cycle. Only if you are into trophy hunting, it costs like 3 dollars and you can get the plat in 15 minutes