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  1. Adam's Venture: Origins Hero Of The Day I really enjoyed the puzzles of this game, some were easy and some were quite challenging but none of them felt unfair. The story of the game is quite ridiculous and the graphics are straight from a PS2-early PS3 game but I didn't mind since it was very cheap. About the voice acting...omg, it was so emotionless that I found it relaxing,😂 to the point that it gave me ASMR which was super weird. Anyways I had a lot of fun with the game, recommended. Super easy platinum also. 👍
  2. Crash Team Racing remake to be announced at The Game Awards 😳😳

  3. Got this trophy today, it wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. Yesterday I managed to destroy two in my first match going specifically for the trophy, then on the second match, there was this mf that was super good with the Spitfire and he killed me everytime I spawned. 😂 I was super mad with that so I continued today, and today I managed to destroy 6 in one match so yeah it was a breeze to get the trophy. My recommendations are: Play on Arras on the German side and use the JU-88 Bomber. The stationary weapon that I destroyed was the one in the enemy base and I used the 250 kg and 5 kg bombs (No need to have the 1000 kg bombs). Go in a straight line eighter from A to the enemy base or from F to the enemy base and drop all your bombs. Once you manage to see where the stationary weapon is and destroy it for the first time the rest is super easy. The only annoying part of the trophy in my experience was when other planes attack you, the rest is easy. Best of luck to everyone! Edit: Once you start a game as the Germans on Arras, immediately redeploy and get into the bomber, go to the enemy base and drop the 250 kg bombs and the 5 kg bombs, I got 10 kills lol everyone is running from the starting point. After that just keep dropping bombs on the enemy base and you will get the trophy eventually. No need to boost or anything for this trophy, just play and have fun! Destroying Stationary Weapons and vehicles with the bomber is super satisfying
  4. I used the Danny Elfam soundtrack while playing Spider-Man PS4 and it was EPIC! it gave me goosebumps, those melodies will always take me to my childhood :yay:

  5. I haven't played it yet but I'm guessing you don't see the dodge alerts, enemies with more HP and you die in fewer hits
  6. #60 - Linelight Beautiful game, challenging yet relaxing (Most of the times 😅). The music was fantastic and the simplicity of the game was kind of addicting.
  7. Platinum # 56 - Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater Absolutely fantastic, the quality and quantity of content of this game are amazing and the gameplay was almost flawless. The story was unexpectedly spectacular, a rollercoaster of emotions, I haven't felt that connected to Spider-Man and Peter Parker since the Sam Raimi trilogy. The game was a truly refreshing experience. Also, I had the luck to travel to New York for the first time just two weeks before the game release. The way they recreated New York in game blew my mind, it made me feel homesick for a place that's not my home for the first time ever, I can't wait to go back!
  8. To me sometimes the pigeon icon would not appear on the map after completing a crime or side quest, they eventually appear again after playing for a couple of minutes. Other than that I got all the pigeons with ease.
  9. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Hopefully, they will include it in a patch, most games include many languages options for the subtitles. I'm from Chile and I'm also playing on English, I don't mind because my English is very good but I can see it being a problem for many people that want to enjoy the original audio but need the translation. If Insomniac pays attention to their customers I think they will add the option in a patch.
  11. I did the method were you play on "Lunar Apocalypse" > "Overlord", I did 32 rounds of killing and loading the save and counted all the kills and I already killed more than 1000 enemies and the trophy doesn't pop. This is the second time I try it, I restarted my ps4, reinstalled the game and I deleted my saved data before starting again but the trophy just wont unlock. Any idea on how to solve this?
  12. Fallout Shelter Platinum Trophy A very fun game, it exceeded my expectations. It is clear that it was designed as a mobile phone game because it is not that convenient to log into your PS4 about 3-4 times a day to check your vault. Some trophies were a little of a grind but overall it was an entertaining game. It is my first Fallout game and although the gameplay is completely different from the main titles, it helped me to learn about Fallout's lore, which could be helpful if I ever play them.
  13. I don't remember having problems with that trophy, keep trying and go inside the secret door just to make sure the game counts it
  14. So for example, if I do this method on the 27th, after I finish time skipping I have to set the PS4 on the 27th again to avoid the game from glitching? Also, when is it safe to reconnect your PS4 to the internet? After setting the date to the real one and closing the game?
  15. So you say that it is better to just play the game, get all the trophies but the one for the raider attacks, and then downgrade your vault to get the rest of the raider attacks needed? I think I will do that because I stopped accepting new dwellers into my vault just because I want the 50 raider attacks, but it slows down my progress way too much and the game gets boring.
  16. Fallout Shelter exceeded my expectations, I love all the management stuff and exploring and the missions are a nice addition :yay:

  17. Lego Marvel Super Heroes Have you ever tried Shawarma? That's it, no more lego games for me. 😴
  18. Do this method, just remember to let the eggs hatch first, otherwise they will no count I think.
  19. Yes just keep doing it till the trophy unlocks, it just takes a while
  20. Death Stranding. Just saw a video theory that says the game is actually Metal Gear Zero and it was crazy, lots of things actually made sense! I'm hyped. Spiderman also, I'm definitely getting that one in September, hopefully, we get to see new villains on E3. 🕷️
  21. God Of War Father And Son An absolute masterpiece, this is one of the best experiences I've had on the PS4. The game is filled with epic moments and the visuals and music are outstanding, the lore and attention to detail were terrific also. The progression system was perfectly balanced. When I went to kill a Valkyrie for the first time I got my ass kicked, so I went to Nilfheim and Muspelheim, to level up and unlock new gear and the Valkyries were easier but still challenging. This game is one for the books, will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. A must-have for sure.
  22. Atreus: *Does something*

    Kratos: BOI IF YOU DON'T GET