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  1. must be the quarantine
  2. Glad I read this forum, I was about to buy this game
  3. Ok so MK11 was the first fighting game that I took seriously. Some tips are to remember to turn off Release Check on the menu, you are probably pressing the buttons way too slow and the last two buttons of a combo can be pressed at the same time.
  4. omg I'm glad I managed to do both DJ Hero games on time
  5. Every time they pay too much their happiness will be affected negatively until it's so much that they decide not to pay, to avoid these I would suggest keeping your GP Office at -80% of the price and the rest of diagnosis room at 0%, that will help with not decreasing the patient's happiness too much before treatment (Keep treatment rooms at max). Even without doing that extra step the number of people that still pay and the money you get is ridiculous, just put everything back to normal when you need to make sure everybody pays to increase your cure rate. Edit: Also, I don't know if it is a glitch or if it's just super effective, but after a 12-month big reputation campaign it will basically never decrease again
  6. I just set everything to the maximum amount of money I can charge, your reputation will crash fast but you can gain it back with a 12-month big reputation campaign, after that you will never lose reputation again. After a year or so you will have money to do basically whatever you want and you can cheese the game in many ways. Always do the longest objectives first and then let's say you need to increase staff morale, just put all the salaries to the max and boom, 100%morale. Same goes for cure rate, when that one is your last objective, reduce the prices to normal again that way you make sure everyone pays (refuse to pay counts as not cured) and make a marketing campaign with an easy disease to cure like pharmacy or injection room and boom, you cure rate will achieve 90% in a couple of months, and with so much money to spare you don't even have to worry at all. Other things that I don't like about the game are entertainment, for example, if its someone's turn and they are playing the arcade they will continue playing until they finish the game, thus making the queue times even longer, so now I don't even bother with that.
  7. I made the habit since day 1 to save my data to a USB after every play session, I've never had a game crash or anything but better safe than sorry. Also a general comment, the game is good on the surface but it has many exploits or ways to cheese the system that makes it a little too easy/ repetitive at times
  8. Big fan of tycoon games too, I recommend to you Farm Together and Megaquarium two fantastic indie tycoon games. Big pharma is another one developed by the same studio that made Megaquarium but I haven't played that one, I assume it's good too. Be on the lookout for Planet Coaster releasing later this year. My dream is to get a good restaurant tycoon/simulation game soon. Regarding your question, the DLC will most likely come to PS4 but we will have to wait a couple of months to see them I think.
  9. How is it risky? Everybody does that, especially trophy hunters. Just create an account for each region, activate all of them as your main and enjoy the benefits
  10. Looks promising and fun, nothing too complicated. Been waiting for this one for a long time ๐Ÿคฉ
  11. I think not many people know about this but there is a glitch with the nitro boxes that allows you to finish the level in less than 2 seconds thus making the platinum relic very easy to obtain. ๐Ÿ… Shoutout to Kiranoid who uploaded the video to Youtube.
  12. Thank you @Malachen @NZjoey89 and @Naomie_Len just got the platinum!
  13. I just wanna take the time to say that this whole thing is very wholesome and amazing. People creating content so it is easier for others to get trophies, people making and contributing to guides, people competing at the same time for speedruns. It's like all the positive aspects of a gaming community emerged on this game out of nowhere, truly spectacular.
  14. Does anyone have a solution for the EA accounts /items/ # not appearing on the browser? I need to download NZJOEY89 family and the triplets but every time I try to search for anything I get 0 results back EDIT: Got it, don't leave blank spaces after the text. Still can't find triplets though.
  15. Looks fun and should be an easy plat, will get this one for sure
  16. I thought this was finally a restaurant management/cooking simulator for the PS4, my disappointment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined.
  17. I can see it being a problem on larger TVs. I played on a medium-sized TV and turned the brightness down a little bit and played with my blue light block glasses and I had no problems. The trophies don't auto pop on other regions, but it is so much fun that it is worth playing again. I already have the EU and NA stacks and I'm considering buying the AS stack haha.
  18. To be honest I thought this was a cooking or restaurant tycoon game lol I'm disappointed. Some of the trophies look very annoying and no platinum, it's a no for me.
  19. Can confirm that you can still sync your trophies for the AS version of the game, just got 100% in 1 minute ๐Ÿ™Œ
  20. Any good attack strategies to get 2500 faster, feels like I've been playing this game forever
  21. I'm currently finishing Tropico 5, this one looks pretty similar. Many trophies can be achieved fairly easy and quick in sandbox mode , should be an easy plat.
  22. It's a combination of factors, level up the facilities as much as you can before continuing to the left part of that map, that way you are sure that you have the max bandwidth capacity. Upgrade your zip lines to increase the max distance to 350m and put them in strategic places (Top of hills combined with entrance to facilities works best). The rest is luck depending on how efficient are the zip lines of other players building on your server
  23. 1. Because there are levels for the DOOMs sufferers, sam is on the low end, fragile is on the middle and Higgs is almost at the top that's why he can control bts. 2. From what I learned from the game interviews and cutscenes is that a void out is triggered when a corpse is left without proper cremation for too long and when a giant BT captures a living person
  24. alright so I finished the game yesterday, these are my thoughts, although I still have A LOT to digest and analyze so correct me if I'm wrong with any of the answers. 1. It's what gives people the ability to sense, see, even control in the case of Higgs, the bts. Fragile also has DOOMs I think which allows her to fast travel. 2. When a human dies and enters into necrosis the body causes a void out, that's why they have to burn the bodies. When people get trapped/swallowed by bts, that causes a void out too 3. Amelie/Bridget who is the sixth extinction entity kickstarted the Death Stranding when she revived Sam when he was a baby or something like that. 4. That went completely over my head, I was too busy crying on that scene lol. The game is truly a masterpiece, as time goes it will gain the title of one of the best, if not the best, of this generation.
  25. It's a very unpolished game, it gets very frustrating at times because of bad level design and audio quality. Also, the lack of checkpoints especially at the mazes makes it super frustrating, it's even worse when you go back to get all the collectibles, which are A LOT!. It has some fun elements but all of them get overshadowed because of the quality of the game. I contacted the devs via Twitter and they said they will bring new updates to the game in the future if I were you I would wait before buying this game. For the price, it's an ok experience, I would rather pay more for a more polished game though.