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  1. Robots only count for the 100 and 1000 total KOs, they will count for the specific characters 100 KOs trophies after next patch
  2. KO's for each character will count in Rocket Bot Attack Mode after the next patch, at least that is what one of the devs told me.
  3. 6, but two didn't gave me any rewards because the servers are a mess
  4. Most definitely this, the tail and ball games are the most inconsistent of them all.
  5. Thanks for the head ups man, such a shame considering it's a 5-year-old game, I expected a polished experience. They definitely butchered it with the price tag also, I'll wait for a sale and maybe try it out in the future.
  6. Hide in the huts in the Ferris wheel, basically, all you have to do is throw back a couple of grenades and then run to the helicopter. Got it on my second try after that technique, died many times before trying that, definitely a tough one. EDIT: My first CoD as well, go the platinum yesterday. If you have any questions let me know.
  7. fuck this, the second time I win and the servers die after the podium celebration. No rewards at all, such bs
  8. Won a crown yesterday and servers failed after I won, never received the crown so it doesn't happen always
  9. Found this review "The basic premise here is in the word simulator. In reality, you aren’t really simulating a park, rather the individual rides within a park. The “game” has no goal, no antagonist, and no real reason to play, more it is a series of tools that can be applied to the real-life workings of theme park machinery." So it's basically trash, not even a game. Easy platinum that I would love to have if it had any actual gameplay. Not worth it in my books.
  10. I read $20 on Reddit. Still too much, I'll wait to see how the game performs in terms of the quantity of players and wait for a sale probably. Already played myself by buying Rocke Arena, can't let it happened again so soon.
  11. Bots are confirmed for matches, they replace quitters also.
  12. I'm buying this one tomorrow first thing in the morning, I hope it lives up to the hype and that there are enough players. Trophy wise looks quite easy
  13. The battle pass XP is to level the pass only. I asked the developers about implementing bonus XP for the characters and I said it would be nice to have it, he said we will put it in the suggestion box for the team.
  14. The trophy list hasn't even been released, what are you guys talking about?
  15. So I added this game to my library just like I do with all the PS Plus games when they are released, but never tried to download it until today. When I click "download" it takes me to a screen asking which content I want to play first but doesn't show me any options, can't click anything besides Circle and X, so I click the X button to continue and it takes me to the home screen and the download doesn't start. Does anyone know why this happens? I have +100 GB of capacity and tried other downloads and they work just fine. 😢 EDIT: Found a solution. Start your PS4 and connect it to the internet, log in into your account, log into your account on your PC and go to the store, go to the game on the store and click "Download on your PS4". Works perfectly, no idea why it can't be downloaded from your PS4 directly though.
  16. agregame hmno ahi jugamos un dia: diegomolinams
  17. You are basically getting yourself into 5-10 minutes of matchmaking and playing with awful ping because you will eventually end up playing in the North American servers. Bro, I still feel so stupid for trusting EA yet again with a game on release. Don't buy this game in general, to be honest, it will probably go Free to Play sooner rather than later because it's pretty much dead at the moment and it's only been like 10 days since it got released. EDIT: EA as a big publisher has the last saying about the pricing and how the game will be marketed. If someone is responsible for the game's state today is them. Today I had the opportunity to talk with one of the developers of the game via Twitter messaging, gave him feedback, and talked about the long matchmaking times (Especially in zones like mine, South America). They are working on a plan to get more players in and reward early adopters, he said announcements regarding this matter are coming soon. So the best thing we can do at the moment is to support the developers, give constructive feedback, and hope for the best. Point is, the developers are fully aware of the low player count and they are working on it which is good. I still can't help feeling completely disappointed with the situation, basically, I can't play. Yesterday and today I simply can't find ANY matches. It's unplayable right now, even with crossplay on. Never buying stuff from EA again, I really wish the developers could have chosen another publisher, the best thing I can do now is hope that they can turn the situation around.
  18. I'm talking about Modern Warfare Remastered that got released in March 2019 for PS Plus members. It's not that hard to understand man.
  19. puta hmno es bueno igual, no tiene mucho contenido pero igual es entretenido para jugar alguna cosa online que no sea battle royale. Es de esos juegos que con el tiempo van a mejorar si o si. Ojala lo hubiese comprado a ese precio si ctm jajaja
  20. lol yes, they gifted 3000 premium currency to everyone that participated in the pre-season too. At least matchmaking is fixed so now I can play without much trouble. The game is actually fun.
  21. Hey man I found a solution. Start your PC and connect it to the internet, log in into your account, log into your account on your PC and go to the store, go to the game on the store and click "Download on your PS4". Works perfectly, no idea why it can't be downloaded from your PS4 directly though.
  22. I'm having the exact same problem, I hope they fix it soon, I wanted to start playing the first MW today now that they released the second one on the plus
  23. The release date is September 4th, I thought it was sooner. Love this kind of games! Trophy list looks easy
  24. Yes, fantastic news. Also I contacted one of the devs and he helped me with my problem so I algo got the extra 1000 RF from my mythic edition. This week ended on a good note with rocket arena
  25. When buying the mythic edition I totally forgot that usually with this kind of games the premium currency is locked to the account where you buy the game. Does anyone know if the battle pass will be giftable like in Fortnite? 😔