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  1. #43, Rime I love the art style of this game, the music is absolutely beautiful also. Some visual elements of the game reminded me of Bioshock, one of my favorite games ever. The design of the trophies is charming also. I have to say thanks to Youtube user Fuzzy Baerbarian for his amazing guide on this game, he managed to make a very clear guide without commentary, so I recommend that you check his guide if you want to go for this platinum.
  2. Plat #42 Game Of Thrones Lord Of Ironrath I've never seen Game Of Thrones, so I was completely lost while playing this game. I found the first three chapters very boring, but I found chapter 4 and 5 very entertaining, full of action, difficult choices and crude outcomes.
  3. Game of Thrones and That's You, I've postponing those games for a while 😅
  4. 50 platinum trophies before March. I'm trying to avoid super awful games like Orc Slayer though, I want it to be an enjoyable experience not just playing boring games for trophies.
  5. SQUAREBOY VS BULLIES This game could have been so much better, I like the concept but the game is so repetitive and empty. The story was fine and the combat had some decent combos, but they could have added some power-ups or more variety on the levels. Anyways I shouldn't be so hard on this game, it was only $3. 😂
  6. Metal Gear Solid 4 by far
  7. Same, took a lot of grind playing HvsV. Countless matches destroying teams with Chewbacca and Palpatine it was so boring man, but I was already committed to go for the platinum.
  8. Play heroes vs villains, use Chewbacca and Palpatine. With them, you can get easily over 15k points per match and the matches there are on average like 10 minutes. Expect a nerf for both of them on future patches because they are way too overpowered for heroes v villains at the moment.
  9. A Hat In Time, I played a couple of hours and really liked it, I want to achieve the plat on Battlefront II first but A Hat In Time will be my next plat for sure
  10. Level 50 on Battlefront 2 😩
  11. Horizon and Crash Bandicoot
  12. Game of Thrones Telltale Knight You completed Episode 2. I've never watched Game of Thrones, so I'm totally lost with the story of this game.😂
  13. Good game, it was a nice quick challenge
  14. It's not that hard, people make it sound harder than it is just because they don't like the game mode. I got the trophy in about 18 rounds, doing 2-3 hero kills per match. Just play however you want and when the heroes start to spawn check the leaderboard and hunt them, it gets easier every time. It is best to go for small hero ships, Slave 1 and Millenium Falcon have too much health and someone can steal your kill after you've done all the hard work. I still managed to kill the Falcon 3 times. I found the "Choose your path" trophy way more time consuming than this one.
  15. My Name Is Mayo, hands down
  16. Batman Arkham Knight. I love the Arkham games, I got the platinum for Asylum and I will go for City next month. Maybe after that I will go back to Arkham Knight.
  17. Black & White Bushido. A very fun game, I wish it had a story mode or something to make it longer, the combat system is very fun.
  18. haha just bought it for $2
  19. I would be happy with an exclusive avatar for each plat, like the one they send you for getting the platinum on Horizon Zero Dawn
  20. Platinum on Dark Souls III but 26% on Crash Bandicoot... I guess crash really is the new Dark Souls 😩 haha jokes aside I think he is really good at fighting games
  21. I see you have some telltale games so I would recommend the Batman telltale, super fun and a good story actually
  22. Easier, I could only achieve the platinum trophy on Crash Warped. I missed 4 gold relics on Cortex Strikes Back, I will try to go for them again one day. They aren't that hard but I needed a rest from Crash. 😂
  23. When I was a kid I thought getting a platinum trophy was impossible. Every time I tried to go for one I ended up failing tremendously. I played Shadow of Mordor, when it first came out, and got like 90% of the trophies and then I stopped playing for like a year. One day I decided to go back to the game and try to obtain the trophies that I left unearned, it took me like 4 hours. When I saw the platinum trophy popping on the screen I felt like Gollum watching the ring, so shiny, so precious... 😂😂 After that, my goal is to try to get the platinum for every game I play.
  24. I remember watching my older brothers playing Metal Gear (1, 2, 3) when I was a kid. I thought Raiden in mgs2 was pretty cool. By the time I was 13 I had already played all the metal gear games myself and it was time for Metal Gear 4. When Raiden calls Snake on the Codec I was like whaaaaat!?, then when 20 minutes later he appears on the roof to defend Snake against the gekkos and Vamp... I was speechless.