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  1. Lego Marvel Super Heroes Have you ever tried Shawarma? That's it, no more lego games for me. 😴
  2. Do this method, just remember to let the eggs hatch first, otherwise they will no count I think.
  3. Yes just keep doing it till the trophy unlocks, it just takes a while
  4. Death Stranding. Just saw a video theory that says the game is actually Metal Gear Zero and it was crazy, lots of things actually made sense! I'm hyped. Spiderman also, I'm definitely getting that one in September, hopefully, we get to see new villains on E3. 🕷️
  5. God Of War Father And Son An absolute masterpiece, this is one of the best experiences I've had on the PS4. The game is filled with epic moments and the visuals and music are outstanding, the lore and attention to detail were terrific also. The progression system was perfectly balanced. When I went to kill a Valkyrie for the first time I got my ass kicked, so I went to Nilfheim and Muspelheim, to level up and unlock new gear and the Valkyries were easier but still challenging. This game is one for the books, will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. A must-have for sure.
  6. Atreus: *Does something*

    Kratos: BOI IF YOU DON'T GET

  7. Platinum #50 Far Cry 5 We Always Had Faith In You This is my second experience with Far Cry, the first one I played was Primal and I loved it. This one wasn't any different, at first it took me a while to get used to the gameplay mechanics again, but when I did, I had a blast. I gotta be honest though, the story wasn't that good and the game was a little bit too chaotic at times, but the gameplay was amazing and I had so much fun doing the side missions and activities. The Arcade mode is interesting and fun to play also.
  8. With the latest patch, you can boost 10 featured maps with another player easily.
  9. Got 5 stars on expert on every song on DJ Hero 2, but I doubt I will go for the platinum, the online grind is nonsense. I'm happy that I could get all the songs on expert and the platinum on DJ Hero 1 though. 😁

    1. DiegoMolinams


      @JorgeSleep Es dificil, el otro día intente sacarlo pero lo máximo que llegue fue como a 340 de racha. Por casualidad eres chileno? jajaja porque en tu perfil sale "saco huea" pregunto.

    2. JorgeSleep


      jajaja sí, de Chile.

    3. DiegoMolinams


      @JorgeSleep jajaja buena yo tambien!

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  10. I accidentally started that game thinking it was the short version and then when I saw the guide it said difficulty 9/10. Reading your experience gave me more hope with this platinum.
  11. #49 Black The Fall Short, easy platinum to relax on a Sunday. It had some good puzzles but the ending felt kind of weak on the gameplay. Still enjoyable.
  12. I don't know, looks like something you can plat in 10 minutes. But you never know with this kind of games, it could be a 10/10 difficulty plat.
  13. Plat #48 DJ Hero Collect all other Trophies. Rarity 0.43% Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10 (Personal estimate) 8 years ago, for my 12th birthday, I got this game as a gift from my parents, fell in love immediately with the game. By far the most fun I've had while going for a platinum, loved the challenge, being able to achieve a section of a mix flawlessly after practicing over and over was so satisfying (Of course playing on expert, which gives you the most fun and the whole experience). The soundtrack of this game and visuals are also amazing, I believe this is a highly underrated game. DJ Hero got me into real DJing and into music production, so it had a huge impact on my life, I'm so happy to have this platinum. Now it's time for DJ Hero 2
  14. I like that they are taking a new approach to the gameplay to keep the game fresh
  15. I've just full filled my childhood's dream, earn 5 stars on every mix on DJ Hero on expert difficulty. Tomorrow I will buy another turntable just to get the platinum. :popcorn:

    1. Midnightwards666


      Congratulations. Are you over the moon?

    2. DiegoMolinams


      @Midnightwards666 Yes! I used to play a lot when I was a kid but it was too difficult and I wasn't as patient as today. So this is my favorite trophy to date.

    3. DeejBruce


      I need to dig this out again.

  16. Turntable Perfection 0.60% Ultra Rare Earn 5 stars in every mix on expert difficulty. My rarest trophy at the moment, tomorrow I will get the platinum for DJ Hero which is 0.43%
  17. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  18. #47 Energy Invasion Energy Invasion Platinum Cool concept, horribly executed. The controls were so stiff and the level design was repetitive, the whole game felt like playing a long level. The music was kind of annoying, I'm a producer myself and I like various styles of music but this was just bad. Whatever was left in the game to enjoy was overshadowed by the huge amount of glitches. Enjoyment: 1/10 Difficulty: 3/10
  19. Just finished watching The Office finale...oh man 😢

    1. Shinobi


      I'm getting there myself. I'm currently on season 8 episode 19.


      Heard a lot of good things about the show, I was disappointed. 

  20. Eekeemoo was the worst for me, but now that I've played Energy Invasion I changed my mind. What an awful game, the handling is rough, the music is annoying and it is full of glitches, it is almost unplayable. Plus you can't save any progress so you have to complete a game mode entirely without being able to quit.
  21. Platinum #46 Midnight Deluxe Midnight Platinum Fun little adventure. The new gameplay was fun, but I still like 36 Fragments Of Midnight better, the physics and flow in that game were really satisfying,
  22. Little Adventure on the Prairie
  23. Need For Speed Platinum Trophy One of the most frustrating platinum trophies I've earned. This game reminded me of why I haven't touched a racing game since the PS2. The game is fun though, I loved the drifting and time trial races. On the other hand, I hate racing against others especially the AI on this game with that terrible rubberbanding, sometimes it felt lucky to win against the AI. Good game overall, I had fun but also experienced lots of frustration, the feeling when I finally got the platinum was amazing. If I ever play another racing game I think it will be Cars 3 😂