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  1. 1 hour ago, gameoncomrade said:


    I'd say so. I don't think save transfer is supported, but if you upgrade, which this game supports, you'd be able to obtain two platinum trophies by buying the game once on PS4. Don't hang me up on it though.

    Yeah, I read that PS4 save transfers will not be possible for this game on the PS5 so it makes sense that we can get the platinum twice. IBadDriverI told me that it's correct, let's hope it is!


  2. So these games offer a free next-gen upgrade if you buy the PS4 versions. From what I understand this is a separate list, meaning a free stack of the game? So we will be able to get two platinums for this game? 


  3. It all comes down to how difficult is to get 5 stars, the rest looks easy. I loved both DJ Hero games and although the gameplay is completely different here I think I might get it.

    Does anyone know how streaming this game will work? I'm talking about copyright strikes because of the music. The only thing that worries me 


  4. 3 hours ago, sepheroithisgod said:

    I doubt this affects many people. I actually don't know a single person that doesn't have PS+ that owns a PS4. Not saying choice isn't good, but this isn't a big deal.

    The problem is that you only can use the cloud for your saves in the account that has the plus, in my case we have the plus on a burner account for the whole family, so I've never been able to use that feature :( USB sticks was my only option 


  5. Of course, you can deactivate the voice guys, it's meant for people with eyesight problems. I'm guessing it will be on by default, it's much easier for us to turn it off than for people with visual impairment to turn it on. 


  6. Got the game on day 1, even wrote the trophy guide for it, I love it. The game looks and plays beautifully, the only complaints were the loot boxes the first month but it got fixed quickly, other than that this and BF1 are top tier shooters. 


  7. 15 minutes ago, Devil-Danna said:

    I tried the game for a few minutes, see how it works. From what I can see it's doable with time. But I think the game isn't finished yet. I didn't see any way to choose a game mode, or to invite a friend, let alone play in private. Maybe these features will be added later.

    Even if you suck at fps games like me, the trophies are cumulative and will probably unlock at some point. Some of them might be difficult though, like being the first to kill someone, as I can't even kill someone in a whole match, or kill with 5% hp left. Gameplay and aiming in particular is horrible, way worse than the previous Operation7 game, and most of the time I end up shooting at the ground when I want to aim at the head. I just hope they'll improve it in the future, especially by adding a private mode which will allow us to boost easily.

    Damn, I'll give it a try in my burner account to see how it is 


  8. From my experience while going for the platinum. When playing alone or with other PS4 players at my party, we were matched around 90% of the time with other Playstation players or Xbox. It was very rate to come across PC players. But when I played with a friend of mine that plays on PC, the matchmaking was like 100% PC players. Needless to say that I never played with him again 😂