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  1. On 14/6/2020 at 4:22 AM, Deluziion90 said:

    What really sucks is that your buildings break down after a while and not having an unlimited amount to build.


    If you could only spam the map full with those ziplines and not being worried they break down..

    I remember I was almost done getting the platinum and the last few hours some ziplines in the mountains broke down for me that just sucked so bad :/

    If you are lucky enough to get players that put strategic ziplines that will show in your map and you add your own, the final deliveries towards the platinum are basically Zip-Line Simulator lol 


  2. 6 hours ago, seblegamer said:

    I did the tennis version and really liked it ^^


    The volley one is in my ps store wishlist (waiting for a sale :) )


    This one will probably join my wishlist too :D


    The only strange thing was in the video at 1:13 ... when the keeper want to shoot it looks like the opposite player could take the ball directly ?!!!! ^^'


    omg I just realized it's from the same guys that made the tennis one, I had that one on my wishlist since forever haha


  3. LMAO what the hell is this, It's from the same developers that made Tower of Dragonasia so I'm guessing it has a debug mode and it is like a 5 minute platinum. Those trophy descriptions also, hilarious. IbadDriverI will post about a video about this game this weekend for sure. 


  4. 1 hour ago, ImmortalFox- said:

    This will pretty much be how First Light was to Second Son. Exactly like other users have said before me. I don't mind that though. I think either way it will be solid. Spider-Man was a great game to play so I'm sure with a few tweaks here and there, give Miles some fancy moves that Pete doesn't do and it will be a solid game.


    I'm not sure if it will be worth the full retail price though considering it will mainly be a glorified DLC.


    It'll be a great way to fill the gap between Spider-Man 1 and 2 for sure.

    Tbh I don't think they will release it at full price. As you said, I think it will be a short game where you play as Miles while


    Peter goes with MJ to Europe to check on Harry or something like that. 



  5. 24 minutes ago, nojokaboom said:

    Can anyone confirm if the infinite health glitch still works or not after patch 1.03 for PS4 Collection ver. at least?

    Still works I think. I don't remember if I used it when I got the plat in 2017, but still, Bioshock 2 is the easiest one to play on hard so I don't think I did. The difficulty glitch works on Bioshock 1 so I assume the infinite health one also works. I remember I used a glitch to kill a boss on Bioshock Infinite, so yeah all the know glitches from older versions work here too.


  6. 10 hours ago, Princess_Nagisa said:

    my game is lord of the rings conquest. the servers went out before i ever had the chance to play online. I love Lord of the rings and it makes me sad that i cant do every game on Platinum.☹️

    I'm looking for a physical copy of that game here in my country just because it is too good, played it in my old account, I would love to play it again even though I know the plat is unobtainable 


  7. Looks interesting, couldn't find any info though, I'm guessing a surprise release one of these days. I hope it's F2P, my bros are cheap af so my only option to play with them is Fortnite lol