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  1. It's a combination of factors, level up the facilities as much as you can before continuing to the left part of that map, that way you are sure that you have the max bandwidth capacity. Upgrade your zip lines to increase the max distance to 350m and put them in strategic places (Top of hills combined with entrance to facilities works best). The rest is luck depending on how efficient are the zip lines of other players building on your server 


  2. 18 hours ago, SuperSaiyan3985 said:
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    1. So if that's the case, and Sam has DOOMs, why can't he do the same things Higgs and Fragile can? Is it a random ability that they get and not all of them?

    2. And a voidout is that explosion that happens (at the beginning when you were transporting that corpse). However, at that instance, that giant BT showed up (the same one you fight at the end that's controlled by Higgs) - you sure it was because of the corpse that there was that voidout or because of Higgs summoning that BT?


    1. Because there are levels for the DOOMs sufferers, sam is on the low end, fragile is on the middle and Higgs is almost at the top that's why he can control bts.

    2. From what I learned from the game interviews and cutscenes is that a void out is triggered when a corpse is left without proper cremation for too long and when a giant BT captures a living person 


  3. alright so I finished the game yesterday, these are my thoughts, although I still have A LOT to digest and analyze so correct me if I'm wrong with any of the answers.


    1. It's what gives people the ability to sense, see, even control in the case of Higgs, the bts. Fragile also has DOOMs I think which allows her to fast travel.

    2. When a human dies and enters into necrosis the body causes a void out, that's why they have to burn the bodies. When people get trapped/swallowed by bts, that causes a void out too

    3. Amelie/Bridget who is the sixth extinction entity kickstarted the Death Stranding when she revived Sam when he was a baby or something like that. 

    4. That went completely over my head, I was too busy crying on that scene lol. 


    The game is truly a masterpiece, as time goes it will gain the title of one of the best, if not the best, of this generation. 


  4. On 3/11/2019 at 4:11 PM, The_Snooze said:

    I'd love to hear some opinions from people who have played this game. I was excited about this when I first heard of it, but after seeing gameplay I think it looks pretty underwhelming. :/ It also seems the audio is really unbalanced. 


    Is it worth a buy? 

    It's a very unpolished game, it gets very frustrating at times because of bad level design and audio quality. Also, the lack of checkpoints especially at the mazes makes it super frustrating, it's even worse when you go back to get all the collectibles, which are A LOT!. It has some fun elements but all of them get overshadowed because of the quality of the game. I contacted the devs via Twitter and they said they will bring new updates to the game in the future if I were you I would wait before buying this game. For the price, it's an ok experience, I would rather pay more for a more polished game though. 


  5. It's a fun platformer game, not difficult at all, the difficulties come from some poor level design at times but other than that it's super easy. The only things I have left are the collectibles which fortunately don't require you to complete the levels again, you can collect the ones you missed and then go back to the main menu. 


  6. 8 minutes ago, Dino_Roar said:

    Available in the UK store now.

    Hyped it’s got a platinum as I love the game on my phone.


    Score from your own half & direct from a corner look very luck based to me (although I’ve done the corner one on my phone version).


    As for the grind, I’m 2 days play time on the phone and haven’t built up enough to get black star players (bronze,silver,gold,black), so expect this to be a lengthy plat. :)

    Nice! Although I think it will be a little faster than the phone version because it doesn’t have micro transactions 


  7. 8 minutes ago, diogolsoares said:

    Will this be free like the mobile version?

    No, it will be around $15 USD. No microtransactions though, they reworked the system a bit so you don't have to wait huge amounts of time or spend real money to progress faster. 


  8. I earned the platinum about two months ago and the update that shows the stats wasn't available at that time. Now I only have like 26 nuggets so I need to catch up. The ones found by the farmhands don't count though, unfortunately. So basically it doesn't matter how much you have at the moment, just go to the stats menu on extras and you will see exactly you progress towards the trophy.


  9. :platinum: #98 - Lego Avengers

    Peace In Our Time 






    It took me way longer than expected. This is my 4th or 5th Lego platinum, when I played a couple of levels I was like "omg what have I gotten myself into", it was so boring that I was avoiding playing it. The last couple of days I went all in though because I wanted to finish it asap. I think this is my last Lego game, they have good humor and all but the gameplay and grind are too boring to keep me interested.


  10. 3 hours ago, Elvick_ said:

    No idea since when I got it, I had like 2 of them since I was constantly spending them. So I could have had a lot more than 500.

    How long did it take for the 100,000 and 50,000 tiles trophies? It takes forever :( and with no stats, it's even worse