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  1. I reached the golden spatula at the giant acorn but I can't leave the level, somehow it didn't register the first box so I can't return. Anybody had the same glitch, I can't find another way to go back 😢 EDIT: Nevermind, I just found out you can fast travel via the main menu
  2. My opinion, it's lame, just plan your plat screenshot beforehand, way more impressive that way. Personally I don't care about my trophy screenshots and I couldn't care less about other people's trophy screenshots haha. But yes, faking them sounds pretty lame to me
  3. You can feel yourself getting better with each race, it's crazy. Besides a couple of tracks that can mess up your time trials with random moving objects, it's an excellent hard platinum trophy to go for. Hard and challenging yet fair and fun.
  4. If you are lucky enough to get players that put strategic ziplines that will show in your map and you add your own, the final deliveries towards the platinum are basically Zip-Line Simulator lol
  5. I would love to have it!! I just finished Avatar The Last Airbender for the first time since I was a kid and I feel so empty 😢😢
  6. Do a couple more and it should pop, it's not glitched so maybe you miscounted.
  7. That sucks, looked like a good game
  8. omg I just realized it's from the same guys that made the tennis one, I had that one on my wishlist since forever haha
  9. Oh, I don't know I just assume it will be the same as Tower Of Dragonasia. Stay tuned to IbadDriverI Youtube channel, I'm sure he will make a guide
  10. Looks fun, might get it if the price is good
  11. LMAO what the hell is this, It's from the same developers that made Tower of Dragonasia so I'm guessing it has a debug mode and it is like a 5 minute platinum. Those trophy descriptions also, hilarious. IbadDriverI will post about a video about this game this weekend for sure.
  12. You are right, just did
  13. Tbh I don't think they will release it at full price. As you said, I think it will be a short game where you play as Miles while
  14. If the price difference is noticeably good I'm getting the digital one, if it's not too much then the disc version