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  1. No,just start a race.If I correctly remember 4300 XP in 8 minutes (Not a clean race)
  2. Hi,guys.Are there any news or answers from the GWENT team?
  3. I used it in the beginning,but always felt asleep,so that’s why I prefer Red Bull X race in Le Man,it quite faster (8 minutes) and not boring + I watch some streams,documentary films or listening podacsts at same time.It’s very good support to stay focused in the game & helps a lot.
  4. I thinks it wouldn’t be a big problem for asking them to surrender
  5. Personally, I’m using this one and preferring Red Bull X Series Le Man Race.
  6. Are they still ignoring us?
  7. Did anyone open a thread on GWENT forums?
  8. The trophies are also a part of the game and game mechanics.Many of people buy games just for trophyhunting.Yes,I can agree with you in some points if thats unnormal,but it is their choices and developers are not against it.So,yes,we cans say that we are robbed them,cause they delete some game features without any warning.Yes,you right in the example of MHO,but on the other hand it closed,because a whole game comes into shutdown of the corporate DISNEY reason.Yes,thats was absolutely unfair,but the games becomes dead in speccific moment and not beacuse the developer decision.Here we have abosuletly differen situation. P.S.In addition for Marvel and also GWENT (but for second it less relevant),Hi-Rez announced about Hand of the Gods shutdown at least six months before this thing happened.
  9. That was might be okay,if they warned about extinction of the arena and ranked leader at the same day,when they announced about console future.And in this last five days I might be busy by closing trophies in the arena,but without any information I was playing ranked matches to collect a metiorite powder.So,is it okay,that they just robbed us?
  10. Guys,if anyone has a 10 posts on CDPR forums,please,open a thread.Unfortunately,I have only three posts(
  11. We should try it.If someone can make this kind of staff as soon as possible it will be perfect.I personally will be able do it in nearly 7-8 hours.
  12. Guys,maybe we should hack this trophies?)
  13. So,finally i wrote a small thread about this situation to Pawel & Gwent team.Hopefully,they will answer.If they not,I will try again.Thats whole week was absolutely unfair & we must bring a justice.
  14. How I said earlier I will try to write a thread about situation,beacuse this is really weird & annoying that they didn’t answer on anything
  15. I will write a tread to Gwent team tommorow,because it’s late to do it today.This is disgusting,since 9 December they haven’t give ane answer on our questions in twitter and their own forum & still ignoring us.It is so difficult to write something like “We are discussing about your request & will give you an answer in near future”,“Ok,we will bring it in January while next season will start on IOS”,”We won’t bring back the arena,because that’s impossible of the techincal issues” or ”We will change the requirements or delete trophies which are unobtainable”?