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  1. For This Trophy you need to play your own music from files stored on system memory or usb, As Ps Now dose not support this feature the trophy is Unobtainable unless you buy the ps3 version.
  2. Very quick, thanks dude
  3. •The Simpson's hit and run •Tony Hawk's pro skater 1-4 and then underdround 1 & 2 •Gta liberty/vice city stories •Resident evil outbreak 1 & 2
  4. Thanks for the tip, i used this last night and it worked.
  5. Just started this game, don't know if I will need this glitch yet, but thanks for posting
  6. Hopefully it is real. I'd love a physical release but I doubt that will happen.
  7. I have never played ff12. I do have some experience with the series having played 7, 8, Most of 9 and 14. Realistically how much time and effort will I have to put in to get this platinum?
  8. I had no idea this was one of your previous games. I looks fun, challenging but fun.
  9. Nikoli Sudoku games aren't available in Europe unfortunately. Luckydonut if you have a list could we possibly see it? Or make suggestions? Apart from sudoku, A Connect four style game would be high on my list
  10. I have actually really been wanting for a Sudoku or a Crossword games for the Vita. I'll get this day one
  11. Now. do you have any tips for Fully charged?
  12. What I did was recalibrate by pressing start, setting my height to smallest then crouching and leaning into the rock/memorial plaque. You can easily shoot at the aliens but they will keep hitting the rock. Hope this helps.