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  1. You have just saved me another play-through. I was so angry when this happened, I also had an issue with my save file and lost an hours worth of play.
  2. 9 different worlds, one of which was a friends world and still no trophy.
  3. No character specific trophy this time.
  4. This is my recap of my "7 day" run, Hopefully it can help you on your way to the Platinum trophy. You should be Level 50 and have unlocked The Mega Buster. I can't see anybody doing this challenge without those. This trophy requires you to survive for 7 days, Each day in Dead Rising is 2 real life hours, That's right 14 hours of playtime. However you can pause the game and leave it overnight to resume it in the morning. Keep yourself occupied but not too distracted, I died on day 4 when zombies jumped over the counter of the hardware tore in Al Fresca. Frank will starve every 20 minutes at full health, to maximize effectiveness of the food you eating wait until Frank is near death. Zombies still are an ever present threat so take care and avoid if possible. Survivors can be found throughout the mall at specific times, They are hostile toward you and can be a bit of a threat (Survivors will be Marked in Red) Survivors, when killed will drop an item box and this can contain food and weapons or useless items like Frisbee's or plants, if you leave an are without picking up an item box it will never be seen again. Maintenance tunnels are open as well as the shortcuts through the mall. There are three books with drastically improve your foods effectiveness (these will be listed in Green) DO NOT ENTER THE FOOD COURT AFTER DAY 4, it has been known to cause an infinite loading loop. also the amount of zombies is supposed to increase after day 4. Dead Rising Food Map. Infinity Mode Wiki. Start the game, Grab the Mega Buster, Exit through the Vent and Kill Otis Grab his Uncooked steak as well as the other food on the roof, enter the warehouse and Susan should already be dead, take her cookies and go!. Now in Paradise Plaza go to Jill's sandwiches and cook Otis's Steak. Once cooked leave and go to the Entrance Plaza. Paul is on the upper level and has remote control car bombs. you can take him out from a distance with the mega buster, take his well done steak from his item box. Go to the Sinister read book shop and pick up Health book 1. Head back into Paradise plaza and use the bathroom short cut to get to Wonderland plaza, once there go upstairs to the book shop and pick up Health book 2. head to north plaza to the empty storage room beside Crislip's hardware store and grab the Survival book. Collect all food in the area and put keep it in the same room as the survival book,This is your North plaza safe spot, stay here until you can fit all the food in your inventory, I also grabbed a couple of katana's from the sword shop. Next go into Crislip's, Equip your mega buster and start shooting! Bill Will be aiming at you imeadiatly and start shooting at you, kill him and jump behind the counter or on top of the shelves, Collect all food in the area and put keep it in your safe spot. you should also pass Day 1 in here. Once all food fits in your inventory, Exit Crislip's and the North Plaza and go into leisure park. The Hall Family is on top of the gazebo, shoot them with your mega buster and take care not to get shot. The Halls drop a cooked pizza each as well as some cookies and an Orange. Collect all food in the area and put on top of your safe spot witch is the gazebo roof. also note that there are 3 apples not listed on the food map, one on the ground by a tree in the center, One in a three by Wonderland and one facing North plaza. the two in trees have to knocked down with thrown items. certain food will roll from the roof of the gazebo so be careful when placing your foods. Day 2 should pass while in the park. when all food fits in your inventory you can leave. Head for the food court. For me Carlito Was here. If you are following this guide then he should be for you too. kill Carlito, Take his snack, yogurt and Steak and store all food on top of the balcony he was standing on, Day 3 should pass while you are here, When all food fits in your inventory you can leave. are you noticing a pattern? Head to Al Fresca Plaza, Gather all of the food in the area and put it in the gym by the mirrors, be sure not to break a window in the gym, the zombies cant open the door but they can follow you in. Day 4 should pass while you are here, When all food fits in your inventory you can leave. Now head to the Entrance Plaza, Gather all of the food in the area and put it in the downstairs bookshop, When all food fits in your inventory you can leave. Paradise plaza is next Lily is upstairs but does not pose much of a threat Gather all of the food in the area and put it on the ledge outside Colombian roast masters,Day 5 should pass while you are here and the trophy for 5 day survivor. When all food fits in your inventory you can leave. Head to Colby's theater Gather all of the food in the area and dump it in one of the screen rooms,Day 6 should pass while you are here. Leave the Theater, Go to the paradise plaza bathroom and take the shortcut to Wonderland, Gather all of the food in the area and dump it on top of one of the kiosks, I chose the one with the grapefruit on top, Day 7 should pass while you are here and unlock the trophy and hopefully the platinum. I finished with just under 80 mins of food left it is worth noting that there is food in the tunnels and lots of other survivors to kill and take their food.
  5. On the main menu hold L1 + R1, and press down, right, triangle, down, left, triangle, up. If done correctly Penta will say something.
  6. I don't have any, i actually have no interest in football. However I admire the dedication you put into the series. Congrats
  7. Basically what the title says. I want ti know is it like Borderlands 2? is their more or less work involved?
  8. For This Trophy you need to play your own music from files stored on system memory or usb, As Ps Now dose not support this feature the trophy is Unobtainable unless you buy the ps3 version.
  9. Very quick, thanks dude
  10. •The Simpson's hit and run •Tony Hawk's pro skater 1-4 and then underdround 1 & 2 •Gta liberty/vice city stories •Resident evil outbreak 1 & 2
  11. Thanks for the tip, i used this last night and it worked.
  12. Just started this game, don't know if I will need this glitch yet, but thanks for posting
  13. Hopefully it is real. I'd love a physical release but I doubt that will happen.
  14. I have never played ff12. I do have some experience with the series having played 7, 8, Most of 9 and 14. Realistically how much time and effort will I have to put in to get this platinum?