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  1. hello i saw you joined to G_B0mb--8 session (gta mastermainds trophy) but you've got only 2 people.G_B0mb--8 is in my session. i've got 3 people including me and still i need one more player. Would you like to play with us?

  2. i killed by martini henry but no trophy so i'm going to try with that sword. Can i ask you where you found the information? okay i've found guide case closed
  3. no. In tsar dlc i didn't have to use mlee weapon but i can try. I found out in dlc is a martini henry gadget so i will kill some people, but i don't know if gadgets count for trophy
  4. i don't know what's going on but trophy can't pop. I did everything what was required i killed an enemy with all 8 weapons. I downloaded the latest software update and i reinstalled game. Other trophies pop normally in bf1.